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How to Backup Phone Contacts to Google

You need to backup your phone contact to save place often. There is a limitation to how you can trust yourself from keeping your phone from unexpected occurrence. What I do is I always back up my phone contact online automatically so that I can have direct access to it anytime anywhere. For this I do not only use Google contacts backup, I also use Backup apps.

If you are smart enough, I can convince you that you have all the facilities you need to backup your phone contacts to your Google account such as Gmail, Google drive, and many other online platforms. Both Android and iPhone users can back up their phone contact to Google, transfer their phone contacts to Windows computer or Mac PC. Also, the number of Android and iOS apps that are available to save a copy of your phone contacts to an online store or Google cannot be accounted. And for these reasons, there should be no record of contacts lost when your phone is damaged or when lost it to a pickpocket. Here in this post, I will share with you all possible ways to do a Google contacts backup of your phone to the online store, as well as on your computer.

We’ll consider this in various ways such as using third party software to backup your phone contact to your computer, and possibly restore it when you need it, also talk about how to backup phone contact to Google and crown it with best Android apps to backup phone contact automatically.

Google Contact Backup Overview

The basic idea of backing up of your phone contact came into being the possibility of you losing your phone or of your phone getting spoiled without prior notification. While some will talk about phone backup feature, it’s a good way to start backing up your entire phone. In such a case, you can backup phone contacts, messages, photos, music, videos and lot more.

But, while using the default backup option in your phone your phone contacts and other valuables on your phone will be backed up to your MicroSD which cannot also be trusted. If you save a copy of your phone contact backup into a MicroSD and the memory card got caught by the cold hand of a virus, you will likely suffer the lost more than when you don’t have a copy of it at all.

So, what it entails is just to automatically copy your phone contact to Google or other online services such as Google drive. With this in mind, you will learn how to use Google contacts backup feature just the way I do my contacts backup to Google and at the same time to my computer using a software.

How to Backup Android Phone to Google [Gmail]

The easiest way to backup your phone contacts is to push it to Google database. Google is so generous that it offers a feature in your Gmail Google account to auto sync your phone contacts to your Gmail account and store it for future reference. However, on this first approach, we’ll look into how to backup contacts to Google account which is popular called ‘Google contacts backup.

This is preliminary to check whether Google has already backup your phone contact. Follow the steps below to check for your Google contacts backup in your Gmail account.

Note: This procedure will check for your Gmail contacts list saved by Google and not your phone contacts. Although this section may contain some mobile phone contacts, it may be limited though. When I checked my contacts backup in my Gmail, it only showed Gmail backup contacts and few mobile phone number.  Just follow this post you will as well see how to backup your phone contacts to Google for future use.

Fire up your browser and visit your Google account [Gmail]

Take a close look at the list of options available on your Gmail account under Gmail icon and click on contacts

Google Contacts Backup

This will open a new window which is supposed to contain all your phone contacts if Google has already done that for you. In most cases, it will contain only Gmail contacts. This feature literally helps to backup Gmail contact and some phone numbers.

Google contacts Backup

To view phone number click and other Gmail contacts which are not on your contacts list but have one time or the other send a message to you. Click on all contacts.

Google Contacts Backup Directly from Your Android Phone

The above showed you that Google also cares about you. As it helps to back up your Gmail contacts without permission. And here is how I backed up my contacts to Gmail and able to restore it to another device. This procedure is only applicable to Android phone without using apps.

Go to your phone settings and click on backup & reset under System

Google contacts backup

Click on backup my data from under backup & reset and toggle “OFF” to “ON” your phone backup feature. Now go back to the previous page.

Gmail contacts backup

Click on backup account in the list of options and click on “Add account

Google phone contacts backup

Follow the on-screen requirement to add your Gmail account to your phone. Once you have successfully added your Gmail account you should see the Gmail added in your backup account section.

Note: If you have a Gmail account associated with your phone already you will have the Gmail under backup & reset. However, you can as well add a new Gmail account to backup your phone contacts to in case you don’t want to use the primary email or you are interested in saving a copy of your phone contacts to two accounts.

This will backup your phone and SIM contacts to Google account you choose.

Note: You must accept Google terms of service and privacy policy condition by clicking on accept.

Google Contacts Backup to Google Drive on Android Phone

Another valid way you may want to try to backup your phone contact is to Google drive. Google drive is Google iCloud service where you can save your valuables online and access it at will. Although, registration is required but it is better than losing all your phone and SIM contacts when your phone got damaged or is stolen. Following this procedure, you will be able to backup your phone contacts to Google drive.

Go to your phone menu and location your contact icon. Click on it and select all contacts on your phone including the one stored on SIM and on phone.

Save phone contacts to Drive

Click on the ellipsis [3-dots] to the upper right of the page and click on shareGmail contacts backup.

A list of options will pop up. Scroll the page until you get to where you see “save to Drive” and click on it. Make sure you allow all pop up if you are using this feature for the first time.

Google contacts backup

Create your contacts backup document name, select your Google drive associated Gmail account, and select your Google drive name. Then click on save button!

Google contacts backup

Note: Google drive backup file is in .vcf, so take note

Congratulations you have successfully backed up your phone contacts to Google drive. Next, we’ll take a look at how to use Google contacts backup feature to backup your Android phone contacts to your Gmail account.

How to Backup Phone Contacts to Gmail Account on Android

Another way to backup your phone contacts is to back it up straight to your Gmail account. You do not actually need to sync your Gmail account on your phone to use this feature. Meanwhile, the only demerit of backing up your phone contacts to Gmail is that it cannot be done automatically without the use of apps.

Unlike Google contacts backup that’ll sync all your phone Gmail to your Google Gmail account upon sync. However, following the procedure below you will be able to backup your phone contact directly to your Gmail account.

Locate your contact menu and select all your phone contacts. You can also select network service contacts as well. Click on the three dots to the left side of the screen and click on share button.

A list of options will pop up, select Gmail from the options.

Google contacts backup

Another window will pop up, enter your Gmail account and receiver’ Gmail account, the subject of the email and click on send. See the image below for clarity.

Google contacts backup

 This will forward all the select contacts to your Gmail account and it will be accessible on your Gmail account. You can download it and view it on your computer using a software that can open .vcf file.

How to Use Google Contacts Backup on iPhone

There are various ways to backup iPhone contacts. Backup to Gmail is one of the ways. You can backup your iPhone contacts to iTunes and you can also transfer your iPhone contacts to iCloud and vCard. So, here we’ll share with you how to transfer iPhone contacts to Gmail account.

Firstly, you need to sync your iPhone with your Gmail account. The guide below showed you how to sync your iPhone to Google account so that you can easily backup your iPhone contacts.

  1. Set up your GMAIL account on your iPhone for calendar sync:
    • on iPhone open Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Add Account> Google
    • Enter your credentials
    • enable ‘Contacts’
    • OR follow Google’s instructions.
  2. on the iPhone, open Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars
    • scroll to section ‘Contacts’
    • open Default Account
    • select your GMAIL account

How to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Gmail

This procedure is direct on iPhone but can only be done on SIM contacts. This means that, if you have contacts stored on your phone you will not be able to back it up to Gmail directly unless you moved it to your SIM.

Just do this on your iPhone.

On your iPhone, open Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Import SIM Contacts. Choose to import SIM Contacts to “Google Mail Calendar”.

Congratulations, you have successfully backed up your iPhone contacts to Gmail account. While Gmail is not popular among iPhone users, yet it’s still a reliable way to backup your Google contacts and access it at while and all for free. Next, on this episode, we’ll share iPhone and Android apps to carryout Google contacts backup automatically and at a regular interval.

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