Download DJ Liker APK for Android

DJ liker APK is a Facebook auto-like and auto-comment on a public post to gain more exposure. DJ liker automatically increase the number of likes a Facebook post has. It can also be used to comment on a public post without getting your Facebook account banned or suspended.

DJLiker is an app design to increase the total number a Facebook post or page has on a smartphone. When you download DJLiker and log into your Facebook account and grant the app access to your Facebook account, you can use the APK app to increase your Facebook post like.

The app helps to reach a large audience by liking your own Facebook posts, pages, and increase the total number of comments a single post has using the APK app.

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DJ Like is an alternative to Hublagram if you have used the platform in the past to increase your Facebook fan page like and leave more reactions on your Facebook post.

Mg liker is also a platform to increase your Facebook page, posts, and comments likes. Mg liker is similar to DJ like to give your Facebook post, photos, videos, and live videos unlimited numbers of likes for free without putting endangering your Facebook account.


DJ liker is an auto-like-app to automatically like your posts on Facebook to a number of your choice. The app can also be used to leave numerous comment on your Facebook posts and increase the number your Facebook fan page has.

Features of DJ Liker APK

Here are some of the features of the DJLiker APK app. These features are not limited to these alone, as you spend time with the app you will definitely discover more features on your own.

  • An automatic process to help you earn plenty of Facebook likes
  • Simple and safe, the APK comes equipped with a handy tutorial to help you through the process
  • Works well for all kinds of users
  • Quick and effective
  • The app doesn’t put your Facebook account at risk
  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • A constant update to ensure loophole as block and bugs are fixed
  • The Facebook auto liker app can be used on all Android versions starting from Android 4.4 to Android 8.0

How to Install DJ Liker APK

DJLiker app is not available in the Google play store. Therefore, it requires a few tasks to install the app after download. However, in preparation to download DJ Liker app and install it on your Android phone here is the pre-preparation you should follow.

1. Go to your Android phone settings. You can access Android phone settings by swiping down the notification tray and click on the gear settings icon or click on the settings icon in your phone app menu.

2. Scroll down to security option and tap on it

3. On the new interface scroll down and click on “unknown sources”, this will bring a popup asking you to accept by clicking OK, just click on the OK button to enable.

4. Done! Now, you can proceed to download and install the Facebook post liker app.

Note: You can always disable these features when you are done installing your APK app. It won’t stop the app from working. However, to avoid difficulty while installing the APK app you have to enable the “unknown sources” feature.

How to Generate Facebook DJ Liker Token

You need a session token to activate the DJLiker app. This token will grant access to your login information to be able to auto-like your posts, comments on your posts, and leave more reactions to reach more audience on your Facebook activities.

1. Open your phone browser and go to this page to generate your session token.


2. Enter your Facebook login and click on continue to generate to sessions token to activate your DJ Liker account.

DJ Liker

3. Now, copy the entire sessions code by highlighting the entire code in the box and press CTRL + C

Facebook DJ liker

4. While you are still on the Liker page where you generated the sessions token, scroll down the page and paste the code you copied above into the box and click on the login button.

FB DJ Liker app

Now, after you access the page and activated the DJ Liker using the token you can start to explore the Facebook auto-liker APK app.

Note: You must set your Facebook account to allow everyone to see your post, comment, likes, and share your post. Check out this page to enable the feature.

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