WhatsApp Disappearing Messages: How to Turn it On/Off

First, it’s a disappearing story on Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, and now it’s WhatsApp disappearing messages. After a couple of months, Facebook, WhatsApp parent company has finally made available 7days disappearing messages on WhatsApp. The feature to clear WhatsApp chats after 7 days was first launched in some selected regions such as India. But, after quality feedbacks, all WhatsApp users, Android, iPhone, iPad, and WhatsApp web can now turn on and turn off disappearing messages on WhatsApp.

So, if you are still in the dark and don’t know how to enable WhatsApp disappearing messages features on Android, iPhone, and WhatsApp web here is a guide for you.

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages

Download WhatsApp version

If you are running a WhatsApp version older than version you will need to update your WhatsApp messenger to enjoy this new feature.

How do you do that? Since WhatsApp doesn’t send notifications that there is a new WhatsApp update via the messenger interface, then, you’d need to do a manual check for the newest WhatsApp version.

For Android users go to the Google play store >> hamburger button >> my apps & games >> WhatsApp >> update.

For iPhone users go to the Apple app store >> tap today at the bottom >>tap on your profile icon >> scroll down until you see pending update >> click “Update” on WhatsApp icon.

Now, the new WhatsApp version will be downloaded and installed on your device to replace the older version.

To check your WhatsApp version just to WhatsApp settings >> Help >> App info.

How to Turn on Disappearing Messages on WhatsApp

This is probably the hardest part of the tutorial. To turn on/off the disappearing messages feature on Android and iPhone, follow the procedures below.

  • Launch the WhatsApp messenger (version
  • Click on the “Contact” you want to turn on “Disappearing Messages” on.
  • Click on the three dots to the top right and select “view contact.”
  • Scroll down and click on “Disappearing messages.”
  • Click on the “Next” button after the warning message.
  • Choose “ON” from under the “disappearing messages.”
  • Click on the “back arrow” button.
  • Done.

How to Enable WhatsApp Disappearing Messages on WhatsApp Web

If you prefer to use the WhatsApp web to read and send messages on WhatsApp you can as well use the web app to turn on and turn off the disappearing messages feature.

  • Go to web.whatsapp.com and sync your WhatsApp mobile to your WhatsApp web.
  • Click on the contact name to enable disappearing messages on.
  • Click on the three dots to the top right and click on “Contact info.”
  • Click on “Disappearing messages” on the popup on the right side of the contact info screen.
  • Check “On” to enable the feature.
  • Then close the contact info page by clicking on the back arrow button.

How to Enable Disappearing Messages on WhatsApp Desktop Client

With WhatsApp desktop client you can turn on the feature to disappear messages on WhatsApp after 7 days.

If you have not downloaded the desktop client you can download it from this source.

  • Launch the WhatsApp desktop client and sync your WhatsApp with it using the QR code option.
  • Click on the name of the contact you want to make disappearing messages to work.
  • Click on the three dots that are located at the top right after the search box and click on “Contact info.”
  • Scroll down the contact info page and click on the “Disappearing messages” tab.
  • Click on “ON” and click on the back button.

That is all. The disappearing messages feature will be turned on across all platforms.

How Long Would it take WhatsApp Messages to Disappear

When you turned on disappearing messages on WhatsApp all new messages will be deleted after 7 days. This will not affect previous messages before the feature was turned on. But once the feature is enabled, all new messages will automatically disappear after 7 days.

How to Enable WhatsApp Disappearing Messages on all Contact

There is no single-to-do button to turn on disappearing messages on all WhatsApp contacts. To prompt WhatsApp to clear chats after 7 days on all your WhatsApp contacts you have to repeat the same steps as shared in this guide on all concerning contacts.

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