Xender App Download for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

Xender app is an application to transfer files from one phone to another in a matter of seconds. Xender app is faster than Bluetooth to transfer huge files from phone to phone, phone to PC using Xender web, PC to phone using phone hotspot, and to transfer apps installer from one phone to another.

Xender app provides the easiest way to transfer files such as apps, movies, music, MP3, MP4, doc, docx, picures, photos, and other items present on your smartphone to smartphone and from smartphone to your PC and vice versa.

Instead of spending the whole day to transfer a huge file using a Bluetooth feature on your phone, Xender brings a handy way to transfer the file within a couple of minutes.

The use of Xender to transfer files on Android and iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod killed the traditional method of transferring apps, games, documents, applications, etc using Bluetooth and Infrared.

In fact, no one uses a USB cable to transfer files from a PC to a smartphone again.


Transfer apps like Xender, ShareIt, Flash Share, and other popular apps to transfer files between smartphone have their stand in apps world now.

In this Xender app review, we’ll walk you through the entire process to download Xender on Android, iOS, Windows phone, use Xender web, and how to transfer app from PC to Android/iOS using the Xender app on your Android/iOS and Xender web.

Features of Xender App

Xender is a platform to transfer apps, games, music, contact, photos, and videos between two users without using mobile data.

Xender app truly uses phone hotspot to connect to each other but it doesn’t need data or an internet connection to work. Whether you have data or not on your phone, the transfer app will work as expected.

 It requires at least two users to work. It means that to be able to transfer app using Xender app, the two phones in question must install the app and enable hotspot to connect to each other

It works within a reasonable range to transfer apps or other items. However, it works faster when the two phones are closer to each other

You can use your picture as your profile picture and change your name phone the default name.

It supports phone to PC using Xender web and vice versa to transfer apps, games, contacts, photos, movies, etceteras.

To use Xender web and mobile Xender together, the two devices [PC and Phone] must either be connected to the same WiFi or connected to the same network.

To use Xender, one user will create a connection and the other user will click on join from its own end to join the connection created.

The Xender app doesn’t store transfer information. Once the connection is broken, all information about the connected device will disappear.

Xender APK vs Xender Play store

You can download Xender APK and you can choose to go with Xender app from the play store. However, since the transfer app is available in the play store, it’s advisable to download the app from the play store.

Xender App

Why? Here is why you should consider the play store app first for your Android phone.

There is no need to enable install from unknown sources which are required to install apps that are not downloaded from the Google play store.

Apps download from the play store and secure and fully protected by the Google play protect feature which scans apps and checkmate whether the app is free from a virus or malicious code.

APK app may contain malicious code which can harm your phone and steal your data. However, some APK app features are far more than the official app which can be downloaded from your phone OS apps store.

You stand the chance to get the first-hand update as on release to stay ahead of a hacker who could use the loophole to steal your credit or debit card, steal password and username from your phone, and even inject a popup virus on your phone.

Xender Web

Xender web is a special feature on Xender app to connect the app to your PC and be able to transfer files from your phone to your PC and from your PC back to your phone.

Since the transfer app doesn’t have computer software that can be used to transfer a huge file from PC or Mac back to phone and vice versa, the Xender web is a rescue root to use Xender on PC via the internet with the two devices connected to the same internet connection.


While you create the connection on your phone by going to Xender menu option and click on connect PC.

Following the two options, select create Hotspot and the app will generate a link to follow on your PC while you connect to your phone internet service via WiFi connection on your phone and then find the files you want to transfer select then using CTL button and upload to your phone.

The same approach can be used on the phone as well to move multiple files at the same time as your phone to your PC.

With this approach using Xender web, you can transfer files worth 20GB at a  time from your phone to your PC and back from your PC to your phone.

How to use Xender App on Smartphone

Thus far we have described all you need to know to understand how to use the file transfer app. The basic requirement and the entire features of the app for better user experience. However, here is a guide to using the app to transfer the app successfully.

Xender app

Download and install the latest update on your Android, Windows phone, and iOS devices. You can download for Android from the Google play store, Windows phone from the Microsoft apps store, and iOS from the Apple apps store


The app is ad-free, so you won’t be disturbed with intrusive ads while using the app. To transfer from phone to phone, you must make sure the other phone has the app installed.

You can share the latest version installed on your device with your friends and family via Bluetooth or WhatsApp.

Now, click on create connection and ask the second person to launch the app and click on join and tap on the name of your phone when it pops up on the second phone.

Select the list of items you want to transfer from your phone to the other person’s phone. It could be movies, apps, games, utility, documents, contacts, and the rest of them.

To transfer multiple file at a time, just press and hold the item to enable a mark option where you can mark more than a single app and tap on send thereafter.

With these procedures, you can transfer a huge file from your phone to another phone. However, you can also access the other person’s phone on your phone via the Xender app so that you can simply copy and paste your desired app, movies, photos, picture, and others to your phone without disconnecting the initial connection to re-connect again.

Use Xender Web to Transfer Files to Phone

The approach is a bit different from the approach shared above. However, a similar result is achieved. However, I will detail every step you need to follow to be able to use the app transfer on your phone alongside your Windows and Mac computer.

It’s doesn’t call for the Newton third-laws of motion. Also, you don’t need to download and the app and install it on your PC using an emulator like GenyMotion, Nox App Player, or Bluestacks.

The web service covers the entire process and all you need to do to make sure you are able to transfer apps or files from your phone to your PC without A Bluetooth and from your PC to your phone.

Launch the Xender app on your Android or iOS device and click on the menu option where your profile picture is located.

You will see connect to the PC or the PC icon and click on it. Thereafter, two options will come up where you are to select the means of connection to your PC.

Now click on create a hotspot and a link will be generated. Launch your computer browser and type the URL into the browser. This will bring up a similar interface like the one shared above.

Then, click on upload, navigate to the directory where you want to transfer files from your PC or Mac to your phone and click on open after selection.

As simple as it is, you can transfer unlimited file size from your computer to your phone or from your phone to your computer using the approach we share here.

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