Flash Share File Transfer app, How to use, and Alternatives

Flash share is an Android app used to transfer files such as music, apps, videos, etc from one phone to another phone without Bluetooth enable. It works as a file transfer that uses phone hotspot and WiFi.

Flash share app file transfer works using phone HotSpot to create while the other end user join using WiFi to make file transfer possible. You can also use QR barcode to connect the two devices when you want to transfer files between them.

The best way to transfer huge files on Android is by using Flash share app you can use the APK. But since you can download flashshare app from the Google play store for Android, there is no need to download APK flash share.

FlashShare can be used on smartphones like Blackberry, Android OS, iPhone, etc. With the help of Flash share APK, you can transfer a media worth of 10GB in less than 10 minutes.

While you were thinking how to transfer files from Android to Android or from Android to iPhone, FlashShare app would have done the job for and transfer mega files within seconds.

Flash Share Website

www.flashshare.com is not the official website of the app.  if you open your browser and visit flashshare.com you’d discover that the site URL is no longer active.

Therefore, I will advise you to download the file transfer app from the Google play store or settle for the APK file.

Download Flash Share

There are two ways to download flash share app. FlashShare app is a Google play store and Apple apps store app. At the same, you can download flash share APK for your Android phone.

To download FlashShare app from Google play store you must first sign in to your Google play store account. Here is how to install Google play store app.

For FlashShare APK for Android, you have to enable install from unknown sources to be able to install the APK without encountering the APK file you are trying to download may contain unsafe contents.

Flash share

How to Transfer files using Flash Share

Do you want to transfer apps and others files on your phone using the flash share app? Here is a quick step to follow to connect, copy, and transfer files from your phone to another phone using the flash share for Android app.

  1. Open the Flash share for Android
  2. Click on create and enable hotspot, location, and app draw over
  3. Select all files from your folder directory
  4. Ask the other end user to enable WiFi and click on receive
  5. Select the files on your phone
  6. Click on the forward button to the top right

Wait and see as all the selected files is copied from your phone to the connection phone.

Flash Share Alternatives

Here is a list of FlashShare app alternatives. Some are APK and some are not. Just pick your choice from the list.

1. Xender

Xender app is similar to Flash share in all ramification. Most Xender users don’t really bother to get flash-share once they have Xender installed on their device to transfer media from their phone to another phone.

It works just like Flash share file transfer app and there seems to be no significant difference between the two apps.

The same way you transfer files on a phone using flash-share you can equally transfer files using Xender on your phone without Bluetooth. The major tool you need to use Xender effectively is your phone Wi-Fi.

Suppose the phone you want to transfer a file to a phone doesn’t have Xender installed you can easily transfer a copy of Xender app to the other phone and start to transfer or send files to your family and friends phone at the speed of light via Bluetooth or send the Xender download link to another phone via Whatsapp.

2. ShareIt

ShareIt is Lenovo phone file transfer and it’s the best alternative to flash share file transfer which happens to skyrocket on Tecno phone which now turned what the entire Android users love to use to transfer files.

As an alternative to flash-share, the Lenovo mobile phone transfer app is not really popular like flashshare but it works exactly like flash-share.

The benefits of shareIt are that it supports copying of several files at the same time on another phone and clone it to your phone directly.

Instead of transferring files from one phone to another you simply connect to the other and clone the entire apps, media, etc on the phone to your phone.

3. Bluetooth App Sender

Bluetooth app sender is best to flash share when it comes to transferring apps directly from your phone menu. Meanwhile, it uses phone Bluetooth to transfer phone media to friends with and outside your reach.

Bluetooth app sender simply helps to transfer files to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Whatsapp, WeChat, and other popular social media network with just a single click.

In a way to find flash share alternative, you may want to consider Bluetooth app sender to transfer files on your smartphones.

4. ShareCloud

ShareCloud is my second best alternative to Flash share after Bluetooth app sender. It works exactly like Bluetooth app sender but with file backup enabled.

If you don’t want to have too many apps installed on your phones such as Backup app you can simply install this app like flashshare to help take your file backup to SD and even Google Drive with just a single click.

This app is available to download directly from Google store with good users review and recommendation for others to use as one of the apps like flash-share.

5. APK Trader Sender

APK Trader sender is another app like Flash share to send and receive apps from one phone to another phone.

APK trader sender arranges apps on your phone in alphabetical other so that you can easily identify the app you want to send to your friend using APK trader sender with just a click.

APK trader sender has both APK file and non-apk file that can you can easily download and install directly from Google play store.

6. Bluetooth File Transfer

Bluetooth file transfer is not the same as Bluetooth app sender but they work the same way. But Bluetooth file transfer and Bluetooth app sender are similar to flash share and can be used to transfer files from one phone to another.

The Bluetooth file transfer app features amazing features that let users browse phone file managed when the Bluetooth is on with or without the owner’s consent. Meanwhile, for you to be able to use Bluetooth file transfer your device must be added to other phones’ trusted and Bluetooth authorized the device.

In fact, if you are looking for an app similar to Bluetooth app sender you really need to check out Bluetooth file transfer

7. CloneIt APK

CloneIt and ShareIt are similar and they work exactly the same way Flash-share works. CloneIt makes copying large files from one phone to another extremely easy and within a limited time.

Clone It clones the whole phones’ and display them on your own phone to tick and click on clone it to copy the ticked apps or media to your own phone. Clone-It is fast and easy to use.

Just like Flash share file transfer app, it uses phone Wi-Fi to establish clone connection between your phone and the other phone you want to clone its entire file.

Clone it as Flash share alternative is yet another way to back up your phone to your friend’s phone without losing data irrespective of your phone data volume.

8. XShare Mobile

Xshare is another popular mobile app similar to Flashshare to transfer media from one phone to another phone. With Xshare files can be transferred at a minimum of 20m/s without Bluetooth enabled. If you are searching for another similar app like flash share.

9. 4 Share Apps

4 Share apps deal with sharing of phone apps just like Bluetooth app sender and Bluetooth file transfer from one phone to another. 4 Share apps is extremely easy to use when it comes to transferring just like flash share file transfer mobile app

10. MyAppSharer

MyAppsharer is yet another favorite mobile app transfer from one phone to another. MyAppSharer is yet another phone app which is an alternative to flash share to transfer files from one phone to another using Wi-Fi.

Which is this flash share transfer apps is your favorite to replace flashshare without a second thought?

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