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How I Use Copy my Data from my Smartphone to Another Device

There is nothing bad in having a duplicate of all your files on another device.It doesn’t harm your files. Ii only helps to provide an alternative source of bringing back all your phone files at the right time. Its keep your mind at rest in case anything happens to your phone. A copy of your phone data can be saved it on an external drive like flash drive, pen drive, computer hard drive, and even store it online. However, there are apps for Android phone and iOS devices that can be used for transferring data from your phone to another device. You can even do phone-to-phone transfer using apps like App cloner, xender, ShareIt, and a host of them. Other these apps and way of transferring files from your device here is how I often copy my data from my smartphone to another device and to online web storage.

How I Often Copy my Data from Android Phone to Computer

This was used to copy all my data from my Infinix Note 3 to my computer without any problem. So, here I am sharing the same procedure. There is nothing special in it. All you just have to do is follow the tutorial as detailed below.

If you don’t have a computer of your own you can do it using your friend’s computer. Within five minutes you will be done copying your data to a computer.

You first need to install an app on your phone. We first consider for Android here and later talk on how to copy data from iPhone to a PC.

So let’s start the tutorial right away.

Open play store app on your Android phone and search for “copy my data” with the quotes. If you are reading this post from your PC you can learn how to install apps from play store to your Android phone directly here.

Go to your Android app to launch the new app you downloaded from the step above. For the first time, you will see the screen below. Just click on next button to continue.

Also, launch your Bluestacks emulator for PC and install copy my data for Android on your PC. If you don’t know how to use Bluestacks emulator to run Android apps on PC you need to read this post.

You need to choose how to copy your data from your Android phone to another device, probably to another phone you know you will always have access to. Click on To or From another device over Wi-Fi.

Make sure you are connected to the internet on both devices. This time you will wait for copy my data app on the phone you want to transfer files from to identify the second phone running the app. And in this case, copy my data will identify your PC through the use of Bluestacks emulator.

How to copy phone data

Select the list of files you want to transfer on your Android phone to another phone and click on next button. Accept the notification on the other phone’s end and you are done.

Once the file transfer is complete from the second phone you will then have access to it on the second file. For Android phone users, you can use this simple procedure to copy photo, contacts, movies, and other files on your Android phone to another device [phone or computer].

How to Copy iPhone Data to Computer

If you are an iPhone/iPad/iPod user the above procedure will not work for you. Since we strictly used Android app to move the data from your phone to another phone. However, here in this section, we’ll take a look at how to transfer iPhone data to Windows PC.

Download and Install any trans PC software to your chosen Windows OS.

Any Trans copy my data

Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod to your computer with any trans using a working USB cable.

Your iOS list of data will be displayed just like on Apple store page. Click and select all the data you want to transfer from the page and click on send to computer icon on your any transfer software page.

Copy my data

A new popup will show, select the location you want to save your iPhone/iPad/iPod files and click on save button to the bottom right of the page.

With this, you can clone your Android and iPhone to another phone or to your computer. If you like you can also use apps like App cloner, dual account to copy data on an Android phone.

How I Use to Copy My Phone Data Without Apps to Computer

Here is another method to copy phone data to your computer. Copying phone data is the same as backing up your phone to another device.

You can backup your phone using phone backup feature and save a copy to your computer, and also to another phone of your choice.

However, here I am going to show to you how to copy all your phone data to your computer without any app

Download and install Android recovery software for your OS [Windows or Mac], it is a free software so there is no need for you to pay. After successfully installation launch the software and connect your phone to your computer via USB cable.

Copy my data

Once you have connected your phone to your computer. Your computer will detect all your phone files. Select all files you want to copy your computer from the list of options and click on the backup button to the bottom right.

Copy data from phone to computer

Once the backing up is complete you are good to go. You can click on view backup on the next page to see a copy of your phone data. This make takes a while depending on your data size.

This exactly how I use to copy my phone data to a computer whenever I don’t want to use apps. While they’re much software to copy your phone to a computer out there, the one shared here is tested and trusted.

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