Xender Web Application to transfer Files on Android & iPhone

Xender web is a web-based file transfer app to transfer apps, videos, photos, documents, and valuables from Android and iPhone to a computer using a web online platform.

If you are craving for a web application to transfer files and apps from Android phone to your computer without installing another Xender app, ShareIt, FlashShare or without the use of Bluetooth, then, you should consider the web Xender platform.

I am here to introduce you to Xenderweb, a web application to transfer files between Android and a computer, and, an iPhone and a computer.

The Xender app for Android phones and web Xender version are used to transfer huge files from one device, such as an Android phone with Xender app installed and another device with Xender app installed.

You can also Xender web iPhone if you successfully install the online web file transfer on your iPhone.

However, the case of Xender download for iPhone web application requires Android or iOS user to download and install Xender APK on their device while they use the “Connect PC” option and scan mobile Xender direct to “Web Xender” application to transfer files between the two devices.

You can also download Xender App from the play store. It’s a free app without ads. Before we proceed, you should know that the Xender file location iPhone is different from Xender file location in Android.

However, this post will teach you how to send files to a computer using Xenderweb app and how to send files from a computer to an Android phone or iPhone without an app. So, you don’t need to download Xender for PC to use this method.

All you need to do is follow this tutorial to learn how to use the new Xender Web application on your PC.

Xender Barcode

There is no need to scan Xender barcode to use Xander web. Once your devices are on the same network, the Xender barcode is not necessary.

Therefore, we’ll not make use of the Xender barcode to transfer files using the We xender platform.

Xender web for PC

There are various approaches to use Xender web for PC. You can download the PC client to use the web scan to scan your phone and your PC using the barcode.

You can also download and install Xander web for PC using Android emulators for PC. In another dimension, you only need to visit www.web.xender.com to scan the QR code using Xender app to start using Xender on your PC.

Xender Web Scan

One of the easiest ways to use the Xander app is Xender web scan. The QR code does the job once you have successfully scanned the QR code.

It’s stress-free though but it requires bringing the two devices together to scan the barcode for recognition to work.

This is unlike the webxender approach to only use a web address generated by your phone hotspot to bring both the phone and the PC together using the same network IP address.

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Web Application Requirement

The Xander web app is different from the app. Unlike the app for Android phones where you do not need an internet connection to explore, to use the web application there is a need for internet access on your PC.

You only need your phone Hotspot working fine.

The internet access bridge the gateway between the two Xender apps so that you will be able to scan your phone Xender barcode to your Xender online application to connect the two devices together.

Although, there are two ways to use the web transfer application. You can transfer without the internet and you can also transfer files between the two devices with an internet connection.

How to Use Xender Web without an Internet Connection

Here is how to transfer files from an Android phone to a computer using a Xender web-based application. You can also use this for Xender iPhone download procedure.

This approach will teach you how to connect Xender to PC without internet and use the xender online transfer feature.

1. Launch Xender app on your Android or iPhone and click on your “Profile”

2. Scroll down the panel and click on “Connect to PC”

Xender Web

3. Open your computer browser and visit “web.xender(retired)

Xender Web

4. Place your phone on your computer and click on “Scan” below the “Scan the QR code”

Xender Web

5. Close the welcome popup by clicking on the “X” icon

Xender Web

6. To transfer videos click on “Video” folder or image to transfer “image” or songs to transfer “songs” 

Xender Web

7. Click on the send button to start transferring the selected files on your phone to your computer.

Note: This must be done from your phone Xender app

Unable to Connect Xender Web to Phone

The above procedure to use Xender web with a smartphone requires both devices to connect to the same Wi-Fi connection.

The Xender download iPhone, iPad, and iPod also work in a similar approach. If you have the Xender app installed on your iOS device the steps above work.

Here is an alternative way to connect and transfer files between your phone and your computer.

Launch mobile Xender APK on your Android phone. Click on the Menu to the top left and click on connect to PC and then click on Wi-Fi Settings 

Xender Web to Phone

Connect to your Hotspot and enter the Wi-Fi password and click on Connect

Xender Web to Phone

Once you have successfully connected to the internet the connection will establish between your phone and computer Xender app.

How to Send Files to Android Phone from a Computer using Xender Web for PC

Here is a description of how to transfer files such as audio, videos, documents, apps, and other files from your computer to your Android phone.

Scan your Android Xender app to your Xender for the web on your computer

Xender Web for PC

Click on the Home button and click on either video or documents or audio or app button and click on the upload button.

Xender Web for PC

Click on Upload on your computer and select the file you want to transfer from your computer to your phone.

Xender Web

Click on the confirm button to start transferring the select file or files

With the Xender web web-based program you can upload unlimited file size when both apps are on the same Wi-Fi network connection or when you make use of the offline mode.

However, if you have a limited file size under 10M to transfer from your computer to your Android. then there is no need to think otherwise.

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