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Youzik APK is an Android app to download YouTube videos and convert them to MP3 directly with a single click. Youzik MP3 downloader simply converts YouTube videos to MP3 without downloading the YouTube video.

All you need to do to download YouTube as MP3 is to download Youzik APK app for Android device and tablets.

Similar apps like Youzik Android include Tubemate, Vidmate, Tube-downloader, and YouTube to MP3 converter. Youzik, a standalone website is used to search and download YouTube video as MP3 with a single click. There is no need to download YouTube as video or MP4 and then convert it to MP3.

Youzik offers an effortless app to search and download YouTube video with a single click. If you have not used Youzik APK, here in this article I’ll share with you how to download YouTube video as MP3 using Youzik APK app for Android phone and how to convert YouTube to MP3 with Youzik standalone website.

Youzik APK

Is Youzik APK Safe?

Youzik APK is a safe YouTube to MP3 converter for Android from Before the APK file is released, it has gone through a thorough check to make sure that the APK app is virus free. So, Youzik virus app not.

However, it could be surprising why Youzik APK is not in the Google play store for download.

It’s official that YouTube does not support YouTube video download for an offline watch or convert to MP3 except you have the YouTube Red or YouTube premium access.

Therefore, due to this violation, Youzik app is probably kicked out of the play store app. However, the APK app still remains the best APK app for an Android device to convert YouTube to MP3 and download as MP3 with a single click.

Youzik APK vs Youzik Web

The two procedures are best to download YouTube as MP3. However, Youzik web requires that you launch your browser and visit and paste the video URL from YouTube you want to convert to MP3.

You can even search for the title of the video to search YouTube video database directly before you can download MP4 as MP3.

With the Youzik APK, there is no more reason to launch a web browser before you can download YouTube MP4 as MP3.

Once you have installed the YouTube MP3 Youzik app converter on your Android or tablet, all you now need to do is launch the app and search for the video you want to download as MP3 and click on the download button.

Features of Youzik APK App

Here are some of the features of the Youzik YouTube to MP3 converter for Android

  • A friendly user-interface
  • Its convert YouTube to MP3 with one click
  • Easy navigation
  • No web browsers’ feature
  • Lack of excess ads
  • Easy to use

The above features are few of the two features of the Youzik YouTube to MP3 Downloader. There are still some others which include lack of popup and pop-under ads.

Enable Unknown Sources

Since Youzik MP3 download is not a play store app then you can’t download and install the app directly without instructing your Android or tablet to install from an unknown source.

This will tell you Android or tablet that the source you downloaded the Youzik music app from is a trusted source even though the source is different from the Google play store.

  • Go to phone settings from your phone menu or via the notification tray
  • Scroll down a halfway and click on security
  • Tap on “unknown sources
  • Enable

Don’t mind the warning message just accept it. Youzik APK doesn’t access require admin access to work on your Android or tablet. Therefore, there is no reason to get scared about the right you grant the app.

Install Youzik APK

Here is how to install the Youzik-MP3 converter on Android and tablets. The easiest way to install the app is to swipe down the notification tray and click on the .APK file downloaded from above. In some cases, the downloaded APK app may not show up in the notification tray, then you have to dig deep into your phone download folder to find the app and install it.

  • Go to the file manager or File Explorer if you have one
  • Click on the download folder location storage (Internal memory or MicroSD)
  • Locate the YouTubemp3.APK file
  • Tap on it
  • Click on the install button to the bottom right
  • Install and click on done or open

Once the app is installed successfully you can start using it to download YouTube MP4 as MP3.

Youzik APK not Working

If the Youzik app crashes and it’s showing, unfortunately, the app has stopped working follow these procedures to fix it.

  • Find your way to your phone settings
  • Scroll down to apps or applications manager
  • Scroll down to YouTubeMP3 i.e, the Youzik APK app you installed
  • Tap on the app
  • Click on storage below the app icon
  • Tap on clear caches

Make sure the whole caches are cleared before you restart the app again. Once this is done, the app will reset to default settings and it’ll start to work fine.

Download Youzik Add-ons

Before you do not need to visit Youzik website at to paste the copied video URL from YouTube before you can convert it to MP3. The Youzik Addon does the job perfectly and makes it easy to download YouTube as MP4 and as MP3.

However, it’s, unfortunately, the feature has been retired and you can no longer download the Youzik Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browser.

Video to Convert YouTube to MP3 Using Youzik

Watch this video to know how to convert YouTube video to MP3 using Youzik. In the video, you do not need Youzik APK. All you need to do is go to and follow the procedure share in the video.

Update: YouTube removed a video guide to using YouZik to download YouTube videos because it violates terms and condition of YouTube or the video was reported to YouTube.

However, with this guide, you should be able to use YouZik to download and convert YouTube videos to MP4.

Download Youzik APK

Here you can download and install Youzik APK app for YouTube to MP3 converter below. The download link contains a link to the latest version.

Note: Google Youzik to download the latest version.

Download APK

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