Top And Best Sites For MP3 Music Download Without Using Any Apps or Software

There are plenty of sites for free MP3 music download if you search the internet very well. Some are based on local MP3 music such as naija latest music 2016 while some are global. Some are legal while some are illegal. Some are mainly for country music while some only have category for country music, some are naija gospel music and the like .

And I have search and search through these free MP3 music download sites so that you can find the best and most valuable and I have compiled the list of best sites for MP3 music download without the use of smartphone apps or software.

Here in this list of free MP3 music download you will have access to naija latest music 2016 ranking, Nigeria music videos, Naija gospel music download and lot more latest music you can download from these sites fro free.

At these free MP3 music download websites you will have access to latest music downloads legally that will play on your computer as well as your phone. However, you will not only be able to listen to these MP3 songs online you will also be able to save them on your phone and computer and they will remain yours forever.

All these MP3 music download sites we share here are legal where the domain name are either public domain or have the copyright to share. Which implies that you can start listening to this music and enjoy the good work of the artist behind the scene producing this amazing MP3 songs.

When you are done downloading your MP3 songs from any of these MP3 music download sites you can then go ahead to start listening to it at will and can even be play them publicly since it’s legal when you download them and use them without fear.

Most importantly, naija gospel music are popular on these sites for download with copyright right to re-distribute them after download.

Best Free MP3 Music Download Sites

Below are the list of recommended music sites to download MP3 songs such as Naija Gospel music download, and latest music downloads which are available legally with the right to share with your family and friends.

1. Jamendo 

MP3 music download

All MP3 music available for download on Jamendo are made through creative common licencing which means that the artist are willingly giving out their music for the public to enjoy. Mp3 songs are arranged according to category on Jamendo based on most popular, most downloads, most played, and latest releases of the free MP3 music download. Also, you can use Jamendo search box to search for the artist that you want to download his or her songs legally

Another great way to find Mp3 songs on Jamendo is via listening to Jamendo on radio channels where you can easily find the name and songs of artist you have been waiting for.

If you want to download latest music such as Naija gospel music download and latest Naija music free download you have to start with Jamendo.

2. NoiseTrade 

MP3 music download

You are free  to download unlimited MP3 songs from NoiseTrade for free without facing any law enforcement wrath or artist wrath since it’s legal to download your favorite free MP3 music from this site legally. Artist allowed NoiseTrade to share their music legally because they want to get into the limelight sharing their hard work with the public and if the general public like they can help them promote it or put an advise through to them. The list of artist that allowed users to search and download free MP3 music download also include Nigeria music video download at no cost.

When you search for MP3 music you want to download you will be required to input your Gmail and the MP3 songs will be mailed to you in zip format for you to download and enjoy on your computer and phone legally respectively.

3. Free Music Archive 

MP3 music download

This is another amazing site for free MP3 music download with legal right to do so. Free music archive grant access to user to search and download MP3 songs free legally under creative common licences. Without thinking twice you have the legal right to download MP3 songs from free music archive as directed by free-form radio station WFMU.

The best and easiest way to search and download Mp3 music on free music archive is you use the browse option search for your favorite music name, or artist or album name.

4. PureVolume 

MP3 music download

Pure volume is another upcoming MP3 music download site where you can download all sorts of free music including videos for free that give artist option to let users download their MP3 songs legally. And once artist opted in for the option for users to search and download their music for free you can then download it legally.

Mp3 songs on pure volume free Mp3 songs download can be view on top songs, top downloads, featured songs, artists, and most popular or newest albums. Another benefits of PureVolum site is the privilege to download MP3 songs without account

5. Amazon

MP3 music download

There are thousands of free MP3 songs that can be downloaded on Amazon. In fact, Amazon is one of my favorite free MP3 music download sites I first visit whenever I’m looking for a new songs to download legally. On Amazon you will have access to all music when you click on popularity, genre, release date, length of the songs, title, review and alphabetical order.

Amazingly, you can listen to your favorite Mp3 songs on Amazon before downloading it to your computer. And when you are ready to download just click on save button to add the song to your cart. And you can then checkout as if you are purchasing by clicking place your order button and you will be taken to download your free MP3 songs.

6. Soundclick 

Sound click is an amazing website for MP3 music download directly from the artist official website . Once the songs producer and the artist reach an agreement that they want their fans to download their MP3 songs for free then they upload it for free for legal download. This include both sign and unsigned musician.

While you are on soundclick music download site you can browse through the site charts and genres to listen to your favorite MP3 songs before you go ahead to download it. With soundclick free MP3 music download site you can meet other Mp3 lovers and interact via soundclick forum.

The list of free MP3 music you can download from sound click is not limited to foreign music alone you can also download some popular local music from local categories. You can search and download free music such Naija music playlist created for Nigerian fans and also, for top-notch countries like India, USA and the like.

7. Last Fm 

Last fm is a popular free music download site like the one previous mentioned above. Last fm contains hundreds of pages of free MP3 songs to search and download. You can browse this free MP3 music download site using the category or looking closely the whole website to search for your choice of MP3’s.

Other than free Mp3 music download you can also live stream music and get free music recommendation base on your interest.

8. SoundCloud 

MP3 music download

SoundCloud is another popular music site that let you search and download free MP3 music legally. Some of the contents on soundcloud are uploaded by artists themselves while the rest are shared by independent musician.

You can download free Mp3 songs on Soundcloud though but some requires you to like their Facebook fan page first before you can get access to the MP3 download link.

Other than that, MP3 songs on Soundcloud can be downloaded instantly without registration once you can identify the download button close to the music your searched for.

9. ArtistDirect 

Free MP3 music download

Artist direct is nothing but a media entertainment company that offers free music download and free music streaming. It’s worth to note that not all music available on artist direct can be downloaded freely. However, the link to the site shared in this post to artist direct gives you free access to download MP3 music free of charge and it’s legit.

With Mp3 music download access on artist direct, you can still get your hands on the indie rock, Latin, pop, country, and blues on the site free of charge.

10. MP3Juices 

MP3 Music Download

MP3Juices is yet another music entertainment home for music lovers to search and download MP3 music for free. This MP3 Music Download site is not just a music website but an MP3 music search engine where you can search for your favorite music and download it free.

However, when you search for certain MP3 songs on MP3Juices it searches 7 music search engine for your result and gives the best match keyword search for your music.

11. Pandora 

Pandora MP3 music download

Pandora is a popular internet radio and one of the most widely used MP3 music download site to search and download MP3 songs for free. The popular radio and music streaming site is a fantastic music site for a fanatic music lover like you and to discover new and trending music on the internet.

Pandora MP3 music download site and radio streaming site is regionally based and it may not be available in your region yet. Nevertheless, pandora is a popular music website headquartered in the US.

12. Jango

Jango free MP3 music download

Dreaming of another popular MP3 music download site for both desktop and smartphone? Then Jango is another popular MP3 songs download site to search and download free music. Jango is not only a free music download site, it is also a radio live streaming site to listen to both radio online and stream live music online smoothly.

13. TuneIn

MP3 Music Download Sites

TuneIn is another popular online free radio station and free music download site. TuneIn is popularly known for browsing favorite music and listening to them online other than the primary goal which is to bring close to you online local radio. Another fantastic thing about Tunein MP3 music download and the online radio site is that its available on mobile and computer, and you can also store your favorite music in your playlist on TuneIn.

Jango free music site is well built in such a way that you can download free songs and stream radio live without registration. However, Jango is another recommended radio and music songs download website you can use without registration.

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