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It’s very annoying when you are getting the pair stream authorization on your Kodi media player when you think you have done everything to fix this popup error. Here in this guide, I am going to explain the solution to fix and once and for all on your Kodi 17.6.

If you want to get the best out of your Kodi when streaming you need to make use of some add-ons that make the platform a great one. However, the moment you start to encounter pair error such as the error that pops up after 4 hours of your authorization.

However, you will also discover that in the past few days Kodi users have been complaining of and issue.

Due to high demand on how to fix pair and pair error, I have decided to provide answers to all the questions on how to best fix this error.

What are and

The pairing error you keep getting on your Kodi 17.6 is quite different from what you think.

Do not be surprised that and are not really the error you think. The popup error is the module-operand of the program. The program is designed to pop up and disconnect after 4 hours of steady connection. database is so huge that millions of movies are streams daily and to avoid congestion and heavy traffic on the server, so, the company came with a way to control and make sure the server stay awake at all time.

To prevent and abhor the activities of bots, you have to verify that you are human and then you will be able to pair or web servers, after which you will be disconnected after 4 hours.

Then, you will need to follow the normal procedure to pair with server again to enjoy the content for another 4 hours.

Openload Pair Solution

Here we provide a breakdown step by step to carry out a quick fix on opneload pair authentication. Just follow the tutorial.

Authorize Openlod Privately

You firstly need to consider that you need a stable IP address to enjoy and on your Kodi. That be in mind, you need a stable IP address. We’ll guide you on how to get a stable IP address.

1. Always connect your streaming device such as Firestick or Kodi through a VPN for a stable IP address. You can consider the Ivacy VPN or ExpressVPN, they are good at it.

2. Open your browser and visit and pair your IP address to enjoy a straight 4 hours of streaming without pair error.

The simplest way is to pair with your server successfully using an anonymous IP address that will stay for 4 hours without error.

We have tried this approach to fix error on Streamango,,,,, and and it was a success.

Block Access to Dialog Boxes

If you know how to do this it’s a valid approach to fix openload pair error on Kodi 17.6. With this, you can put a stop to services like openload, Streamango,,,, or other add-ons that require a captcha to prove that you are human and not a bot.

This approach will disable the openload pair dialogue box for paring from any of the streaming services you disabled OL pair on.

1. Click on the Kodi add-on you want to block and access on it.

2. If you are accessing the Placenta add-on you will see the tool. So, make sure you navigate to the exact streaming add-on you want to block.

3. When you are on the list providers page you will see all add-ons that require pair before use. Then click on tools. tool

4. First, select the playback settings

Pair and

5. Now, go to the options section and click on turn off Hosters with captchas. If you can’t find this, go to the individual add-on and turn off Hosters with captchas one after the other.

Hostler captcha

After you have done this the captchas pair will be turned off. However, we still advise making use of the VPN service so that you won’t run into a pairing error due to IP logs that have been kept on the server.

How to Pair Service Anonymously

The more reason why you should pair openload service anonymously is that you sometimes need to hide your location, mask your IP address, and hide your online identity.

If you may ask which best VPN service I recommend, I would say your choice of best VPN. But, at the same time, I will mention ExpressVPN, Ivacy, IPVanish VPN, and some other few.

Once you have your VPN service available and set up you can then proceed to pair your OL pair anonymously to stay secure with a steady IP address and enjoy 4 hours without error.

How to Authorize your IP Address

Authorizing a stable IP address will make your pair to stay for 4 hours without breaking.

Since there is no way to fix pair disconnection after hours, the next approach is to stay connected to the service for four hours streaming content on openload.

1. Make sure you connect to a VPN service that doesn’t keep users log so you won’t run into IP clashing with what the server has on its database.

2. Once you have masked your IP address open a browser on your device and go to You should see your IP address afterward. and

3. Click on the captcha verification and do the necessary thing to affirm that you are not a robot. and

4. After you have verified the captcha click on pair


5. Once the pair is successful, will pop up a message that the pairing is successful and that you can now use and that your connection is via a 3rd party.

Now, you can take a couple of coffee and stream contents on for 4 hours without interruption if the pair was a success.

How To Fix and Error on Firestick?

Let’s address this issue once and for all. We have said that this is not an error per say. But, we want to make sure you enjoy your 4 hours uninterrupted streaming.

1. Connect your Firestick to the power source and press the settings button on your remote control.

2. Proceed by selecting My Fire TV option in the settings interface.

3. Navigate to the Developer options

4. Click on USB Debugging and Enable Install from Unknown Sources

5. Click on Firestick Home button on the remote control to go back to the home screen.

6. Click on the Magnifying search option and type “Silk Browser” and click on the search button.

7. Download the Silk Browser and install on your Firestick

8. Enable your VPN service to hide your IP address and make sure you connect to a stable IP address.

9. Open the Silk Browser and visit on the browser

10. Verify that you are human and not a robot by verifying the Robot Captcha

11. Click on pair once you have verified that you are human and not a robot that is trying to pair with using

Once you are done with the above steps, navigate back to the Firestick home screen. Now, you will be able to enjoy uninterrupted streaming for 4 hours.

After 4 hours you need to repeat the same process to enjoy the service free contents again for another 4 hours straight.

How to Fix not Working

It’s possible that the pair will not work after the above steps if you are not conscious of some basic flaws.

The common reason why not working is often resolved to connecting to a different network. If you are connected to a mobile network and a WiFi, then, might not work as expected.

In fact, the 4 hours streaming might not be achievable after you have everything being put to place accordingly.

Therefore, the idea to enjoy smooth streaming is to make sure that both the Openload stream device and your browser are on the same network connection.

You are guaranteed that if you put all these into practice you will be able to fix and on Firestick, Kodi 17.6, and other streaming services.

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