4 Free Email Alternatives Apart from Gmail you Should Consider

We all know that Gmail owned by Google is currently the most used free email service in the world due to its security and reliability.  But Gmail is only limited to 1500MB i.e over 1GB of storage for everyone. Google is not just sought out for but is the best service out there.

Since Gmail is limited to 1.5GB internal storage, you may reach your email storage capacity without even noticing it. If you are a businessman receiving over 7 emails containing files like Videos and audio, your storage capacity may be limited.

However, there are reasons why you would want to consider another service apart from Google Gmail service offering the same security level.

Most Gmail alternatives out there offer even more security than Google Gmail itself. It may interest you to know that some free mail services offer encryption for your emails, and what that means you get 100% security.

Today we are going to show you over 4 free email alternative to Gmail out there you should consider using.

Four (4) Free Email Alternative to Gmail

  1. Yahoo Mail
  2. AOL Mail
  3. Mail.com
  4. Yandex Mail

Yahoo Mail.

Free Email

Some might say Yahoo mail is dead, but I can boldly say that, since the security breach some two years, Yahoo has re-enforced there security level by adding extra security features.

Yahoo search isn’t that popular anymore, more of their attention was shifted towards Yahoo mail because it is there a source of revenue.

Don’t get caught offside because I said it is their source of revenue. I said so because they show  Ads whenever you log in. But these ads are not intrusive and they are compliant with global Ad standard practice.

Features of Yahoo Mail

  • Theme: You can change the layout of your mailbox with different colors in the settings tab. Instead of using the old layout, you can switch between different colors.
  • Stationery: With the introduction of Stationery, you can create emails in a fun way that people would like. Mail isn’t just the same old white background any longer. Stationery make’s more fun.
  • Filters: Allows you to sort incoming emails to folders.
  • Inbox: An improved folder for your new emails. You can store as many as you like.
  • Archive: With the archive, you can move emails to a safer location without deleting it. The archive contains old emails for reference purpose.
  • Views: You can view emails based on the specific like ‘football’. You can set it to display new emails based on your favorite topics.

Other features include Message layout, Inbox spacing, Conversations.

AOL Mail

Free Email

Another Gmail alternative out there that you’ve never heard about is AOL Mail. AOL was once like a search engine but over time became a news/email service after a takeover by Oath Network.

AOL Mail offers lots of service to users. AOL Mail also offers ads as a source of revenue, although their Ads are complaints to industry specifications.

AOL mail features news articles about entertainment.

AOL mail allows you send messages to any other service even customize the email. You can also use your company email address with AOL mail including mail forwarding.

Major features of AOL Mail

Email attachments: You can send email attachments up to 25MB without any interruption.

Enhanced security: AOL uses an advanced security module to secure your messages both incoming, forwarded and outgoing messages.

Inbox: You can store up to 250 GB worth of messages in a single account. You can receive over 1000 new message plus 4000 older messages within your mailbox.

But do well to read new email so that you receive new messages.

Protocols: Due to its advanced level, AOL Mail offers SMTP,  POP3, and IMAP which fully supports email forwarding.

Email Linking: You can link your old Gmail or Hotmail account with your AOL Mail account to receive messages sent to those accounts.

Encryption: AOL Mail supports SSL and HTTPs protocol format to fully protect your messages and mailbox. More features of AOL Mail service: Spam protection, Virus protection, Spell checking.


Gmail alternatives

A class on its own with some unique features incorporated in Mail.com service.  It is a standard free email service that operates more like a web publisher aggregating news from other sources. Mail.com offers rich features for its mail service like Authentication, Captcha, encryption, etc.

Mail.com features:

Mobile: Mail.com offers a separate version for mobile devices and what that means you can log in into your mailbox even on mobile devices.

User-Friendly Interface: Unlike Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Mail.com offers one of the easiest users interface out there that even an elementary school pupil can have access to the mailbox with ease.

Mail Collector: Mail collector is a unique feature Mail.com offers to help collect emails from different accounts in one place.

File Storage (2GB) Mail.com offers one of the best in the industry, however, it only offers 2GB storage. What that means you’ll need to free up some space for more emails to come in.

Mail.com offers ads that are compliant with industry global specifications.

Yandex Mail.

Email Like Gmail

Yandex Mail owned by Yandex search engine offers another rich set of features for your needs. With Yandex mail, you can log in into over four Yandex service like Documents, Yandex videos, Yandex news and Yandex drive with ease.

Trust me, Yandex is easy to use Mail service out there.

Yandex mail features:

Mail Storage: Yandex mail claims to offer over 10GB worth of storage (unlimited) which you can step up to 11GB if you want.

Protocols: Yandex mail features POP and IMAP access i.e can be used with other email services both on desktops and mobile devices.

Encryption: Yandex features SSL and HTTPs protocol to help protect your messages via a secure connection. You can also log out from remote clients from any web interface.

Translator: Yandex Mail come’s with inbuilt translation feature that is capable of translating messages in a different language to your desired language preference.

Reminder: It has a feature that can be used to remind users about an unsent message saved in the draft folder, sent and not seen messages.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Offers easy access with special keyboard shortcuts.

The above mentioned are top secured Gmail alternatives you can choose from that are free and secure.

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