Austin McBroom Net Worth, Age, House, Car, and Bio

Austin McKinley McBroom is an American social media personality and vlogger. He was formerly an NCAA basketball guard who played for St. Louis University men’s basketball group in Missouri. He also played other sports including baseball and soccer. 

He began dating his spouse, Catherine Paiz in 2015, they became vloggers when they were still in college after some friends suggested vlogging to them because they lacked funds. She gave birth to their daughter Elle McBroom the following year, however, they got engaged in 2017 and eventually got married in 2019. 

Their first child a girl Elle Lively McBroom was born on May 28, 2016. Their second child and daughter Alaia Marie McBroom were born on October 17, 2018.Their third child a son Steel Boy McBroom born on June 20, 2020.

A company Social gloves owned by Austin McBroom hosted a boxing event between YouTubers against Tiktokers on June 12, 2021, at hard rock stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida, United States.

However, the event generated lots of controversies and different lawsuits were filed against McBroom. Several lawsuits claimed that the investors and fighters were not paid.

He initially estimated that the event would generate around $200 million to $500 million, however, he could not generate up to that as the event only sold 136,000 subscription packages.

I guess Austin was trying to fool everyone with his fight, nobody wants to watch a boxing match that looks fixed. Everyone wants to enjoy what their money is spent on to be real he should have gunned for a bigger dawg and better fighter like Jake Paul.

The main investor was NBA star James Harden, he was seeking to recoup his $2 million investment and he sent several legal letters to McBroom. His streaming and marketing partner LiveXLive, also sued Mcbroom for nearly $100 million for various offences such as defamation, breach of contract, and fraud, amongst several other charges.

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After the birth of his son, Austin and his wife Catherine launched a new website which they called the Ace Club. It had exclusive content which cost about $20 a month. However due to a lack of subscribers and other reasons the pricing and terms were changed. They later stopped updating contents on the website and it was later shut down when he claimed they were scammed.

To know more about Austin McBroom’s Net worth, Age, wife and family, keep reading this article.

Austin McBroom

Austin McBroom net worth

Austin Mcbroom is worth around $2 million, he makes so much from his youtube channel and promotes different brands. His Youtube Channel “The Ace Family” currently has 18.9M total subscribers.

He is the owner of Social Gloves, a boxing promotion company that hosted the Youtuber against Tiktokers fight in Miami, Florida.

He lost over $10 million worth of profit because he could not sell enough tickets as he expected. LivexLive sued him for $100 million for publicly blaming them for the failure of the event.

His wife Catherine was also sued for $30 million by TBL Cosmetics.  Austin however filled for bankruptcy just to avoid paying his debts.

Despite the legal problems he faced with his company and wife, Austin still lives a very lavish lifestyle. He purchased a $50,000 a month house in Tarzana, Los Angeles, California in 2021.

MacBroom’s Car Collections

The McBrooms have 6 collections of exotic cars in their garage. Their collection of rides ranges from $250,000 worth Lamborghini, $200,000 worth Range Rover, $40,000 worth Jeep Wrangler, $30,000 worth Chevrolet Camaro, and a $400,000 worth Blue Rolls-Royce. He was recently presented with a 2022 Cullinan Rolls Royce SUV worth $599,996 for his 30th birthday.

Austin McBroom Age

Austin McBroom is 30 years old, he was born on 20 May 1992 in North Hollywood, California, United States.

How old is Austin McBroom 

Austin McBroom is 30 years old, he was born on 20 May 1992 in North Hollywood, California, United States.

How tall is Austin McBroom

Austin Mcbroom is 6 feet 0 inches (183 cm or 1.83 m) tall 

Who is Austin McBroom 

Austin McBroom is a dad, husband, sportsman, social media personality, and vlogger. However, he recently participated in a boxing event but he is yet to turn into a pro boxer.

How much does Austin McBroom’s weight

Austin McBroom weighs 172 lb (78 kg) and he has so many tattoos on his body.

How to Become a Millionaire Austin McBroom

Austin Mcbroom and the Ace family launched a new business venture “How I became a millionaire”. He claimed it will teach his fans the secret to social media and also help them achieve their dreams.

Austin McBroom Parents

Austin McBroom’s parents are Michole and Allen McBroom. They are both divorced. However, Allen is remarried to Erica McBroom. His parents have made several appearances on his show Ace Family.

Austin McBroom

Austin McBroom Wife

Austin McBroom is married to Canadian actress and YouTuber Catherine Paiz and they have three kids Elle McBroom, Alaia McBroom, and Steel McBroom together. Catherine McBroom was born on August 24, 1990, in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

She believes in God, past lives, and the power of crystals. She is also an avid believer in psychics. She has a phobia of the ocean and she had abusive parents when she was young. She appeared on screen in Lilin’s Brood (2016), Monday Nights at Seven (2016) and You Can’t Have It (2017).

His first Elle Lively McBroom is 5 years old, his second Alaïa Marie McBroom is 3 years old and his third Steel McBroom is a year old. Before Austin got married he previously dated singer Jasmine Villegas while Catherine used to date actor Michael B. Jordan

Austin McBroom

Austin McBroom House

The Ace family lived in a mansion in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California which was worth $12.9 million. The 1.84 acres of mansion included 12 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. It includes Interior spaces for throwing huge events, the Walls are made of glass which floods the interiors with natural light, a swimming pool, and a nearby basketball court for sports.

Although they lived in the mansion for over two years, the family never received a certificate of occupancy from the city of Los Angeles. The McBrooms bought the property for about $10.1 million. It was backed up by more than $9 million and high-interest loans.

The entire estate falls into foreclosure, with more than $9.3 million in principal and interest, remaining unpaid by the family. The couple’s lenders eventually seized control of the property and the family moved out at the end of that month.

After Mansion Foreclosure, the Family finally then Moved Into a $50,000/Month Rental House which is located in Tarzana, Los Angeles, California. The mansion has a Lot Size of 0.98 acres, 6,200 square feet of rooms, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and a guesthouse.

Austin McBroom

Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom 

Bryce Hall is a Tiktoker and he fought Austin Mcbroom in a boxing match that was booked by Social Gloves and was broadcasted on LiveXLive. Hall is from Ellicott City, Maryland, United States, before the fight he measured 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm or 1.75 m) and he weighed 165.4 lb (75.0 kg).

While Youtuber Austin Mcbroom is from Los Angeles, California, United States. He measures 6 feet 0 inches (183 cm or 1.83 m)  and Weight 172 lb (78 kg).

Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall 

Youtuber Austin McBroom defeated Tiktoker Bryce Hall by technical knockout. The event took place in a Youtuber vs Tiktoker boxing event that took place on June 12, 2021, at Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida, United States. The fight was booked by Social Gloves and was broadcasted on LiveXLive.

How is Austin McBroom Rich?

Austin McBroom got rich through his YouTube channel and by partnering with many brands including Tesla to do giveaways.

Why is the Ace family rich?

The Ace family is rich because they have lots of views on their YouTube channel and they have sponsorship deals with various brands and people.

How did Austin and Catherine meet?

Austin and his spouse Catherine Paiz met when they were in college.

Is the ACE Family broke?

No the Ace family is not broke, they have so many sponsorship deals which won’t make them go broke for now.

NameAustin McKinley McBroom
Date of Birth 20 May 1992
Age30 years old
Place of Birth North Hollywood, California, United States.
Net worth$2 million
WifeCatherine Paiz
ChildrenElle Lively McBroom, Alaia Marie McBroom, and Steel Boy McBroom
Occupationbusinessman and vlogger.

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