I Got Scammed on Cash App What Do I Do?

A lot of people are asking for “I Got Scammed on Cash App What Do I Do.” So, we are going to address that here. This will include Cash App chargeback and how to cancel a Cash App payment.

Cash App has a lot to do to catch up PayPal with the chargeback feature if your think you have been scammed using the mobile app. However, to cashback on Cash App is nearly impossible because there is no guarantee that your money will be refunded.

Cash App chargeback feature is not guaranteed if you have successfully made the payment. However, here in this guide, we will discuss the possible approach on how to cancel app payment while it’s still pending and possibly get a refund.

What is Cash App?

Cash App is a mobile app or platform to send and receive money across the globe. The app was created in 2015 to ease money transfer from one region to the other. The app is formally known as Square Cash which was later rebranded to Cash App.

However, since the launch, Cash App has gathered millions of users globally recording more than 25 million active users daily. The Cash App app allows users to link their bank account directly to the money app, to transfer and withdraw fund from it.

In the same vein, Cash App provide users with credit and debit cards to make the transaction easy on the platform including Cash App ATM withdrawal.

Cash App as a PayPal alternative, both payment platform doesn’t support each other. So, there is no way to add PayPal to Cash App or add Cash App to PayPal.

I Got Scammed on Cash App What Do I Do?

Cash App Chargeback and Refund Policy

When you make a payment on Cash App the payment will be transacted instantly according to how the platform is designed. However, there is no guarantee that the chargeback option that is available in the Cash App will get your money back if you discovered that the cash App account you transferred money to have scammed you.

However, if the merchant you re dealing with is legitimate and the transaction was confirmed via the Cash App, the, you can initiate the refund process if you have been charged. But, if the money is still pending in your Cash App account you can easily click on the cancel button to terminate the transaction process.

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But, on the contrary, if you sent money to the wrong Cash App account, it is better to follow up the payment cancel option that to wait for Cash App refund policy. However, if this didn’t work, and you think you have been scammed on Cash App, it is better to dispute the charge on Cash App by contacting the customer care representative narrating your order to them and see what they can do about it.

I Got Scammed on Cash App What Do I Do

Come to think of it this way that “I got scammed on cash app what do I do.” First, you want to fall back at Cash App dispute file and refund policy, contact Cash App customer care and explain what happens to the representative to see if there is anything that can be done to get your money back.

However, if the payment is still pending when you discovered that you have fallen for the trick deployed bu the scammer, then, it’s better to follow up Cash App option to cancel the pending payment.

How to Cancel Cash App Payment

The reason to cancel a cash App payment varies and it depends on what you think has gone wrong with the transaction. However, to have a successful cancellation, you must cancel the transaction before the recipient receives the money that you transferred.

  • Open the Cash App on your phone and log in to your account.
  • Find the “Activity Tab” within the “Cash App” dashboard.
  • Under the “Activity Tab,” you will see all transactions that you have made both delivered and pending recipient.
  • Locate the “Cash App payment to cancel” that is still pending delivery and click on the more options “three dots” to see the list of options that are available.
  • Click on “Cancel a Payment” and click “OK” from the popup.

However, in a case where the cancel option isn’t available and you feel you have been scammed on your transaction, then, you need to submit a request for a refund.

How to File Payment Refund on Cash App

In case the option to cancel a payment on Cash App that is still pending on is not available, you need to pursue the option to request for a refund. But, in case you feel scammed on Cash App the refund policy might not work.

  • Open the Cash App “Activity tan” to view all transaction.
  • Find and click on the three dots to the opposite of the transaction you want to cancel and request a refund.
  • When you click on the refund option the process will be initiated and Casp App will send a message to the concerned Cash App account for the cashback that was submitted.

You need to know that when you have been scammed on Cash App, Cash App cannot force the refund if the customer is not ready to refund the money, however, the height of it all that Cash App can take against such account is to limit the Cash App account and eventually close the account if found guilty.

How to Chargeback on Cash App

Cash App offers the privilege to chargeback on Cash App if the need arises and you can do that online or using the official Cash App for mobile on Android and iPhone.

How to Chargeback on Cash App using App

Follow the steps below to chargeback on Cash App mobile app for Android and iPhone/iPad.

  • Open the Cash App and log in to your account.
  • Click on the “Profile” option in your dashboard.
  • Navigate to the bottom of the profile page and click on “Cash Support.”
  • In the available options click on “Something Else.”
  • Select on the issue you are currently facing.
  • Click on “Contact Support.”

Now, leave a message for the support requests a chargeback and detail the reason behind the cashback.

How to Request Cash App Chargeback on the Official Website

You can as well request a chargeback on Cash App via the official website following the procedures below.

  • Go to the official Cash App web portal.
  • Enter your Cash App username and password to log in.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Contact Support Link.”
  • Select the issue that you are currently facing.
  • Contact the support team on how to charge back your money on Cash App.

What we have discussed above is how to get money back on Cash App if you have been scammed. If you have been scammed on Cash App, a chargeback is not a 100% guarantee. But, if you have a pending payment, you can cancel it before it’s sent to the recipient. However, if you got scammed on Cash app the above steps might not work.

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