How to Fix Turtle Beach Headset not Working

There have been a handful of complaints about the turtle headset unexpectedly stopping while in the middle of a game or other times you might be using it for a different purpose.

If that is why you are here, you are at the right place since I will be walking you through how to fix the turtle beach headset not working with ease in this guide.

Generally, the turtle beach headset is one of the best out there for gaming purposes

The exquisite design and impressive features coupled with the badass sound effects make it a big player in the headphone market.

But then, all electronics are prone to issues and one of the issues that you could face with your turtle beach headset is when a side of the headset ceases to work. For some, both sides could stop working and this can seem quite annoying if you’ve not used it for soo long.

And since that is the case, let’s briefly break down some points on what exactly has gone wrong as to why your turtle beach headset is not working before talking about what you should do about it

Why your turtle beach headset is not working

Why your Turtle Beach headset is not working

While there are a couple of procedures you can follow if your turtle beach headset isn’t working. 

Figuring out what could have gone wrong with your turtle beach headset makes it easier for you to detect where the problem could be coming from in case of next time.

That being said, here are the common reasons why your turtle beach headset not working

  • The Turtle Beach Headset has been Disabled On Your Personal Computer
  • The Audio drivers are outdated
  • Your Personal computer might not be granting your turtle beach headset the permission that is required
  • Your Turtle Beach Headset Is not firmly connected
  • One of the cables connecting the headset is either damaged or has broken

While the reason might not be limited to these alone, these are usually common with the turtle beach headset.

How to Fix Turtle Beach Headset not Working (Basic troubleshooting)

Now that you are aware of where the problem might be coming from, let’s break down the different troubleshooting steps you ought to take if you want to resolve any of these issues.

NB: We will be starting with the basic troubleshooting techniques you can go through by yourself to resolve these before delving into the harder ones.

Unplug Turtle Beach Headset

You cannot be soo sure that the turtle beach headset is well connected. Sometimes it might be loosely connected which in turn results in your headset not working.

Any time you notice these, the first thing you should check is if the wires are loose. Cause if they are, your headphone won’t connect.

But if your turtle beach headphones are not loose and it’s not working proceed to the next troubleshooting step.

Confirm the for any hardware issues

Sometimes, the reason why your headset turtle beach isn’t coming on is due to hardware issues.

And since that could be the case, let’s break down how to troubleshoot that.

  • Take out the Turtle Beach Headset From The USB Port. and plug it back.
  • In a scenario where you are using a Wired headset, clean the USB slot to ensure there is no dust there.          
  • After doing that, plug the headset back to see if there are any changes to the issue.

If there aren’t, check if the Headset Cables Are broken or in any way damaged.

Ensure you are not too far from it

Another part you might want to check is the distance between your Wireless Turtle Beach Headset and your game console. 

Connect it with another PC

If you’ve tried all these and there are no positive results you might want to try connecting it with another computer to be double sure that the problem isn’t coming from your PC.

If it isn’t and you dint mute the volume in any way. Try the advanced troubleshooting steps listed below

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How to Fix turtle beach headset (advanced troubleshooting)

How to fix turtle beach advanced troubleshooting

If none of the steps above is giving a positive response then you might have to try any of the troubleshooting steps listed below

  • Check if Headset is Enabled on the PC
  • Make Turtle Beach the Input Device
  • Update Sound Drivers
  • Give Access on your Window PC to use Headset Mic
  • Disable & Re-enable your Headset Mic

1. Check if Your Headset is Enabled

Initially, the first thing you want to check is if your Headset is enabled on your PC. If you are not sure about that. Simply go through the steps below to confirm that you’ve enabled the Turtle Beach headset mic.

  • On the Taskbar, right-Click On The Volume Icon
  • After doing that, click sounds.
  • Now, click the recording tab and right-click on your headset
  • Next, choose “enable”.
  • Once you’ve done that, you’ll see a Right Mark Inside the Green Color indicating that you’ve enabled the headset on the PC
  • Finally, click On Apply and click the OK

If your turtle beach headset is not working after doing this, try the next steps below

2. Set Your Turtle Beach As The Input Device

In some scenarios, the turtle headset might not be configured as the input audio device. If that is the case, the headset won’t work

You have to adjust the setting to set the input audio device to your turtle beach headset for this to work.

That said, here is how to do that on your Windows PC.

  • Navigate to the taskbar and right-click the Volume Icon
  • After doing this, select Open Sound Settings.
  • Below the Input Section, select your Turtle Beach Headset 
  • Now, click the app volume and Device Preferences.
  • After doing all these you will be able to set The Volume while also changing the Input & Output Device for any application

After doing this, check if your turtle beach headset is still working.

If it isn’t try the next step below.

3. Update Sound Drivers

While this might not be a very common issue, it could easily be written off. 

But if you meet yourself in a scenario whereby, it’s been a while since you’ve used the Laptop. There is a high probability that the drivers might not have been updated.

In scenarios like this, it is advisable to update both the advanced driver and the Software

If you are not sure how to do that follow the steps below.

  • Turn on your PC and press the Windows + R button
  • Now enter “Devmgmt.Msc” and click on it
  • On the Audio Inputs And Outputs right-click the available Microphone
  • Now click on Update Driver.
  • Select Automatic search to update the driver software while following the on-screen instruction that follows 

Once you do all that, restart the device and see if the turtle beach headset is still working

4. Give Access To Use Headset Mic

Generally, your windows PC would set the microphone access off. Making it impossible to use until you enable it.

If your turtle beach headset suddenly stops working. probably you might need to check the microphone access if it is turned on or off.

If the access is disabled here is how you can turn it back on your Windows PC

  • Click On The Start Menu and type “Microphone” in the search bar
  • Now, select Microphone Privacy Settings and go to the right side of the screen panel and select the “change button”
  • Now, toggle the button to turn on the microphone access to this device

After you’ve done that, check the Turtle Beach headset to see if it is now working fine for your gaming sessions.

If it isn’t try out the last troubleshooting step.

5. Disable & Re-Enable Your Headset Mic

If none of the above methods is working. Then you have to disable the headset mic from your PC and re-enable it back.

That should get the job done.

If you are unsure of how to do that follow the instruction below.

  • Press the windows and the “S” button simultaneously. 
  • Now, select device manager from the list 
  • After doing that, double-Click The Audio Inputs section and the Outputs Section too
  • Next, Right-Click The Headset and click on “Disable Device”.
  • Once you’ve done that, Right-Click Again On The Headset and click enable Device.

Once you’ve enabled the device, check if your Turtle beach headset is now working


Figuring out how to fix the turtle beach headset not working isn’t a big fuss.

You need to carry out some basic troubleshooting steps. such as the one listed above, However, you could be faced with a scenario where non of the aforementioned procedures cease to work.

If that is the case, It might be a technical issue and you might have to contact their customer to ask them to replace it.

If you still have a valid warranty with them, feel free to contact Turtle Beach Customer Support to get a replacement

But then if you’ve exceeded your warranty period you might have to purchase another one

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