Best Cheapest Basketball Shoes

One of the things the majority of wannabe basketballers are concerned about is getting a quality basketball boot. Most basketball boots are a bit on the high side. However, you won’t want to use an old rickety shoe and you might not be able to afford the expensive ones. Also, if you are a fan of a particular basketballer you can get a low-budget basketball shoe of your idol.

If that is the case, you are in the right place since I will be breaking down some of the best cheapest basketball shoes you can get while keeping the budget under $150.

Pretty decent price right? After going through this article you will have more information on the best and cheapest Basketball shoes that will give value to your money.

But before that, there are a few prerequisites used in determining which of these shoes seem like a good buy when both the price and the quality are compared.

Let’s delve into how you can figure that out.

What to Check for in Choosing Basketball Shoes

There are a lot of things that basketball shoe companies add to make their shoes much more comfortable to use. While some are basically falling back on their popularity to sell more shoes and gain more returning customers.

Quality falls on some factors such as the Traction, the materials, how fit it is, and the level of support the shoe provides

Here is what each of them means for the best cheapest Basketball shoes list


One of the things most shoe companies watch out for is the level of traction a shoe has. If a shoe has a good level of traction, you won’t fall freely even while on slippery grounds. 

Also, there shouldn’t be easy fraying when the shoes are used on hard surfaces. Once a shoe has good traction a grip well, you will be able to move faster with it while on surfaces that are not rough. 


The cushion is what provides comfort for the shoes. Not all shoes are comfy to wear. Basic factors such as the material used to play a big deal in how comfortable the shoes will be.

Some shoes would cause some sort of havoc on your knees if you wear them for an hour, while you’ll wear some for a whole day, and you won’t feel a scratch. 

This feature is not readily present on low-budget shoes, But you can always get some shoes that are made with comfy materials such as a thick foam to prevent knee hits.


The material used to create the shoe is a huge determinant of how long it would last. While some material provides little to no support to stabilize the floor on the footbed. Some bend easily due to the cheap synthetics they are made of. This is very common with the list of best cheap basketball shoes I will be talking about.


In most cases, the level of fitness a shoe has is usually tied to the size of the shoe and the distance between the space above your feet. As shoes with a poor fitting will have a lot of space above your fit with a pretty slim footbed.


Lastly, another thing that is necessary to consider, is the level of support the basketball shoes provides. Some shoes are not very sensitive to your ankles while some are.

Also, some have poor arch support causing you to easily tweets your toes during the intense level of activity

While this might sound like a big deal to you a handful of low-budget shoes do come with this support, but they are not always on par

All these are being considered before this list was put together. But then one thing you have to put in mind is that a shoe that cost $50 but begins to wear in 3-4 months is more expensive than a shoe that goes for $100 and lasts for 1 year because you may end up buying more before the end of the season in the long run.

That being said, here are the top and best cheapest Basketball shoes

Best cheapest Basketball Shoes

This made-easy guide helps you choose the best and cheapest shoe you can spend a little on as a basketballer.

Nike Giannis Immortality

Best Cheapest Basket ball Shoes ft

The Nike Giannis Immortality is one of the best options for affordable basketball shoes.

One of the interesting features of this boot is its Herringbone traction that keeps your feet well gripped with the floor to enable you to move quicker.

In addition to that, it also comes with a cool phylon cushion which makes sit easy to put on the shoes. But then, it can be divisive sometimes. Also, it doesn’t offer good impact protection.

Although looking at the Nike Gianni’s immortality, it is safe to save it has all the necessary features to be called a good basketball shoe. It is one of the best cheapest basketball shoes on this list since it is made with cheap materials

Coupled with that, you can get these shoes within the range of $85 – $100 on amazon 

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 Li-Ning Wade All City 9

Best Cheapest Basket ball Shoes ft

The Li-Ming Wade All shoes are easy to work with notwithstanding the position or playstyle you are used to.

It works very well as an all-round sneaker while also maintaining a good grip on the ground

Lin-Ming Wade is made of Mesh upper which consists of some textile and synthetic materials. This material makes the shoes comfy and stretchable.

Coupled with that, you will rarely face any break-in period due to the nature of the materials the shoe is made of.

Also, it comes with Mindsole technology called Li-Nig Cloud which completely settles shock absorption.

The heel wrap is incorporated to improve the stability around sensitive areas while also providing excellent traction when you are using it both indoors and outdoors.

Another feature that makes this shoe remarkable is the cushioning most reviewers agree with the fact that it keeps the feet safe and is well suited for any style of play

You can get these shoes for less than $150 or lesser 

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Nike Precision III

Best Cheapest Basket ball Shoes ft 9

The Nike Precision III has been receiving heaps of great reviews from users online due to the Soft and comfortable feel it gives one’s feet.

The Nike Precision III is made up of mesh and synthetic upper plus it has a great design.

Another remarkable feature of the Nike precision 11 is the padded collar it comes with since it provides good support to the ankle. With this, you will less likely experience injury running on these shoes.

These here, provide a great deal of stability since these shoes have a wide base and thick outsoles. 

But then, it doesn’t look too fancy for the best cheapest basketball shoes category. However, it is above par when compared with its prices

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Nike KD Trey 5 X

Best Cheapest Basket ball Shoes ft

The Nike KD Trey 5 X is a signature Shoe from Kevin Durant. Most of the features that look new when compared with the Nike KD 14 is the foam midsole is Reactive, and there is also a rectangular forefoot Zoom Air unit in the forefoot.

That being said, the inspiration behind this design came from the Kike KD 14. But then the shoes have a pretty wide sole which helps with stability. It also comes with a decent heel counter and two rubber pieces on either side of your heel for added support. These features make for a great and comfy experience.

However, the shoes do come with a torsion plate which means the shoes can easily bend and the materials are not strong enough to keep your foot safe on the footbed. 

On the other hand, there is no torsional plate, so the shoe does bend easily.

Coupled with that, the materials do very little to keep your foot securely on the footbed.

Looking at the features, it is one of the best cheapest basketball shoes around with its $100 price tag

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Curry 3Z6

Best Cheapest Basket ball Shoes ft 9

Another budget-friendly shoe that comes with some decent features is the Curry 3Z6. It has a wide base just like most of the low-budget shoes mentioned above. 

But then, there are some of its features that are below average.

In addition to that, the curry 3Z6 is made of mesh upper and is more open-celled. Aside from that, the backside and front side is made with leather including the medial side. But then, it’s easy to notice the cheap synthetic eye stays are made of.

In addition to that, the shoe has a decent griping on the ground and it is perfect for indoor activities. And it is stable and you’ll rarely experience any fraying.

Although the shoes still need a considerable level of improvement when compared with models like the Curry 9.

However, it is a cheap shoe coming at around $80 

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Addidas Harden Stepback 3

Best Cheapest Basket ball Shoes

The Adidas Stepback 3 isn’t very glamorous in terms of the level of support provided. However, The materials used are basic, but they are fairly comfortable to use. 

Aside from all that, one of the remarkable features of the Adidas Harden Stepback 3 is the level of Grip and traction that it provides.

The under-sole pattern under the shoes deserves some credit since I don’t see it fraying for a while.

But then, it might the cushion is not very comfy for someone that is used to basketball shoes with thick foam

Another concern you might experience with this shoe is that the material doesn’t come from the synthetic overlays coupled with the fact that, they are not well lined or stitched down.

What that means is you might experience some discomfort while moving around with it. But the shoes seem on par when these features are added up together with the cost

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This list of the best cheapest basketball shoes should equip you to make better-informed decisions on the next shoes to get while also looking at your budget.

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