Best cheapest Perfume Under $100

Getting a signature fragrance for yourself without spending so much seems a bit daunting to do on your own.

With the countless, brands of fragrances, body sprays and lotion that are out there, it can be easy to settle for a strong scented perfume with a very disturbing and cheap scent 

But then, is it possible to get one of the best cheapest perfumes Oozing out a luxurious scent without being cheap

Is it?

Maybe you feel $100 is a negative budget for a premium scented perfume and you feel you can’t get anything good if you are not spending around $300, or $400.

Well, I am here to debunk that.

And since you are here to discover some of the best cheapest perfumes, this article will be showing you 9 of the best cheapest perfume you should get if you are looking to get a nice and appealing scent with a long-lasting smell.

Before that, let’s look at some deciding factors you need to look out for when picking a good yet affordable perfume

Deciding on a Perfume

One of the things you are not aware of is that the scent of a perfume is not fully dependent on what ingredient is used to create such perfume.

Although, the ingredients matter obviously but how you mix the ingredient is also a deciding factor on how the smells come out. 

However, settling for a perfume revolves around certain factors such as your taste, your budget, and the scent intensity which we will be delving into below

Personal Taste

Different perfumes are made with different ingredients. And these ingredients determine the kind of smell that would ooze out of the perfume.

Some fruits when mixed with alcohol can give out a strong smell, while some others have a classic, floral, modern or sweet smell. 

To a good extent, you might not know what you like until you test it. However, a good starting point for women is floral scented perfumes while men are more drawn to sweet and fresh scents.

But then, personal taste varies so you might have to discover what fits your style.

Think about a scent’s intensity

This also falls under preference since the intensity of perfume also matters.

While some might prefer something very intensive that can garner attention, some prefer something light, especially asthma patients. 

There are two classes of perfumes namely called (EDP) Eau de parfum and (EDT) means Eau de toilette.

If you don’t know the difference between the two. Here is the difference

The EDP perfume usually contains more fragrance oil than EDT. Coupled with that it has more probability of lasting longer since the oil can seep into your skin since it is oily.

The EDT on the other side is usually mild and usually comes with an impressive scent. However, it is not oily and in most cases, non-oily Perfumes usually have a short staying power when compared to EDT perfume.

Spend within Budget

Here is the caviar, Just like when we write about the best and cheapest products. One of the things you’ll notice is that the cheapest product usually come with its share of issues.

If you are looking to get the best cheapest Perfume, there are some common downsides to it such as the staying time of the smell and how strong the scent can be.

While the majority of cheap scented perfume comes with a cheap scent.

Best cheapest Perfume

Below we have been able to get a list of some of the best cheapest Perfume for both men and women that are very affordable and come with a premium scent

That being said, let’s delve into the 9 Best cheapest perfumes you should check out in 2022

Vera Wang Princess by Vera Wang Perfume

best cheapest Perfume

Vera Wang is one of the top-rated Women s perfumes. It is a good match for someone looking to get someone thing light and cheap.

Coupled with that, it is not overbearing and it comes with a nice scent.

The Vera Wang consists of properties such as decadent guava, chocolate, and tuberose.

All these give the perfume a sweet and vanilla scent.

To a good extent, you feel some form of royalty feeling due to its rare scent.

But, it doesn’t have a long-lasting smell as the smell fades away after a few hours.

However, you can raise the staying time by spraying the perfume immediately after taking a shower

NB: You should ensure that the perfume is not sprayed close to your eyes. Also if you have sensitive skin you should avoid spraying directly on your screen


Elizabeth Arden White Tea Perfume

best cheapest Perfume

The Elizabeth Arden White tea perfume has a sophisticated floral scent that is very light. 

The scent comes out as a white tea scent which gives off a nice and appealing smell.

It is not strong and it is free of alcohol so If you are not a fan of alcoholic-based perfume, The Elizabeth Arden White Tea is a decent choice. 

Besides, it is pretty affordable at just $29 and it has decent scenes which don’t come out as cheap.

Although, one of the things that might not be soo pleasuring about this perfume is its short staying time

Within 1-2 hours the smell fades away

However, it is a cheap and decent choice for personal use or gifting.


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Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton for Women Perfume

best cheapest Perfume

Paris Hilton kickstarted her beauty entrepreneurial journey by starting a perfume brand.

The perfume consists of a blend of frozen apple, peach nectar, freesia, mimosa, jasmine, sandalwood, ylang ylang and oak moss.

With all these ingredients, it gives out a fresh and scintillating scent. 

The Paris Hilton perfume is a perfect choice for casual outings if you are a lady.

Although, one of the things that you might find less impressive about the Paris Hilton perfume is its short staying time.

Besides, it’s cheap 


Clinique Happy Heart Spray Perfume

best cheapest Perfume

The Clinique Happy heart perfume comes with a blend of fruits such as Orange, cucumber, carrot and hyacinth which gives it a classic smell for a perfume that cost just $35

Coupled with that it has a wonderful crisp & clean scent and it is alcohol-free. 

Depending on your skin type, it goes with any skin seamlessly and its smell is not too strong.

With all these features, the Clinique Happy Heart Spray works best for casual wear. 

Also, It has a decent staying time when compared to the Perfumes listed above.

Lastly, it is for women, making it the first among the best cheapest perfume with decent staying time.


Clean Classic Eau de Parfum, 1 Ounce

best cheapest Perfume

Rank: best cheap long lasting perfume

The Clean Classic perfume oozes off a fresh and classic scent which makes you comfortable anywhere.

Since It is free of sulfates and free of artificial dyes, the scent is non-irritative although it gives out a strong scent

The strong scent aids its long-staying time as you only need to spray a few amounts while the scent can last for hours on you.

It can literarily last for the better part of your day. But not too long as you might wish.

But then, it is a plus, since cheap perfumes with long staying time are very handful. 

That said, one of the things that might feel dissatisfying are the small bottle it comes with when compared to its pricing. But then its smell is impressive


Vera Wang Embrace Eau de Toilette Spray

best cheapest Perfume

The Vera Wang is a “One size fits all” perfume since it is well suited for any type of outing. 

It comes with a subtle hint of musk and sandalwood coupled with some other ingredients to give it a clean, fresh and floral scent

The smell is great and mild, coupled with that it basically embodies confidence & sophistication in women

At a selling price of $24, it shouldn’t surprise you that the staying time of this perfume would be pretty short. 

But then, you can get a boot in the longevity if you spray it on damp skin than when worn on moisturized skin


White Diamonds, Eau De Toilette EDT Spray

best cheapest Perfume

Rank: best perfumes on amazon 2022

Among all the Perfumes that have been listed above, The White diamonds stand out as a luxurious Floral Chypre fragrance.

It is one of those perfumes that has a multilayered scent but it still appears to be subtle. 

It has been regarded as one of the classic bestselling perfumes since it oozes off a radiant, glamorous outlook when you wear it.

In addition to all these features, another reason why the white diamond stood out as one of the best-selling Perfumes is the long-staying time it possesses. since its price is under $30


LUCKY You Perfume Eau de Toilette Day or Night Spray

best cheapest Perfume

Rank: best affordable perfumes for women

If you are a lady and you are looking to increase your level of appeal. The Lucky You Perfume is one of your best bets on this list.

This perfume brand has been around for quite a while and that hasn’t stopped it from having a crisp, fresh fragrance and modern scent

According to reviews from women, they reported they tend to get more compliments from both sexes when they sprayed the perfume.

In addition to all that, it’s staying time is pretty average but its scent comes out strong since it is made up of 70% alcohol and 30% oil perfume.


Raw Chemistry Pheromone Cologne 1 oz

best cheapest Perfume

Rank: best cheap perfumes for men

The raw chemistry Pheromone is one of the best cheapest perfumes for men on this list. 

It was made with a patented blend of scents and oils to entice and attract.

The perfume smells like cool sweetened water making you smell fresh.

Also, the Raw chemistry men’s perfume is an oil-based spray which means it has a long staying time when sprayed on your skin

The initial smell might smell cheap but as it settles, you begin to feel fresh and comfortable in it



After going through this list. You should be better informed on which among the best cheapest perfume you should go for and what to look for in a perfume. 

If you feel there is any of your favourite perfume we have left out, feel free to drop it in the comment

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