Book zz eBook Download Site is Shut Down Officially

It’s official, the world biggest eBook site, book zz is shut down. We all know that this eBook site allows users to download popular and premium eBook for free across the web without paying a cent.

However, it’s known to most of us that sites that offer premium services without the right to do so are often shut down due to one reason of the other. And without premonition, the information reaching us now and confirmed when we visited the world’s largest eBook site,, is that the site is officially shut down.

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Book zz is  Shut Down Officially

This is not the first time popular websites will be shut down for different reasons. The most common among this reasons include policy violation and sharing of private content to the entire public without a permit.

Until now there has been no other private eBook website for download all kind of eBooks for free. Just the same way sci-hub eBook website for scientist research paper free download was shut down for sharing copyright research papers.

The book zz website announced their shut down via a direct message to their subscribers that they are gone for good. However, in the message sent, it was revealed that the world largest eBook download database moved to b-ok.

Below is a copy of the message of the old world’s largest eBook download site.

Hi, Username!
One more trouble. The last one. We hope
We have lost the bookzz domain and now bookzz have moved to
Please use instead of Also, we would be grateful if you tell to your friends.
You login details on are same as on BookZZ.

Book zz
World’s Biggest eBook Site (Book zz) is Official Shutdown

As we can see, the reason why they shut down was not stated in the official message. However, we can say and all agree that the eBook site was shut down because of pirated contents. This could be because academia and other academic professional bodies noted that their eBooks, research paper, etc, are being shared for free on this platform.

The new website has stated in the email is working but we cannot say whether it’s safe to download books from the site. That is the more reason why we advise the use of VPN such as ExpressVPN to mask your IP address whenever you want to download a pirated content or a paid content you didn’t pay to download.

And now that the world’s largest eBook site, book zz is shut down officially and the new website URL is still a doubt whether it’s safe or not, what other websites do you use to download paid eBook for free online?

Do you use websites like BookFi, ManyBooks, FeedBooks, Books4You and the rest of them? Please share your best book zz alternatives in the comment section.

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