How to Fix Cannot Find PS4 SU-41350-U Error Code

SU-41350-3 is a PS4 error code when the PS4 cannot find the update file or the update file is not recognized on the USB drive. And when error SU 41350 3 on PS4 occurs the file will not be executed.

As a result of that, you will not be able to use the PS4 file on the drive to update the PS4 console to the latest version or the version on the USB drive.

However, to be able to proceed further and install or update the file that returns the error code SU-41350-3, the SU-41350-3 PS4 must be fixed.

Therefore, in this guide, we will discuss how to fix SU-41350-U on PS4 when the updated file cannot be recognized.

How to Fix Cannot Find PS4 SU-41350-U Error Code

Causes of SU-41350-3 on PS4

What are the possible causes of the error code PS4 SU-41350-3 on your console? When you see the PS4 SU 41350 3 error code it implies that the update file cannot be found or the update file is not recognized.

However, from research and people searching for how to fix cannot find the update file SU 41350 3 error code the following are the reasons why the error SU-41350-3 code occurs.

Update File not in the USB Drive

If the file update is not recognized or the file cannot be found in the drive the PS4 device will return SU-41350-3 as an error code. Therefore, if you want to scale through this error code you must make sure that the file is contained in the USB drive.

Corrupt PS4 File Update

If the PS4 file update is corrupt during the download you would likely encounter a file cannot be found SU 41350 3 on your PS4 console. So, check the PS4 update download and make sure that the file is not corrupted.

Bad USB Drive

If the PS4 update file is not corrupted and file is available in the USB drive but the update file returns cannot find SU-41350-3, then, the USB drive might be a concern. Therefore, we recommend that the USB drive be changed.

Update File is Stored in a Wrong Pather

If the PS4 update file is stored in the wrong path then the error code SU-41350-3 is liable to occur. The file path defaults to PS4/UPDATE. However, if the path has been changed the error cannot find file will occur because you choose the wrong file path or location.

How to Fix Cannot Find PS4 SU-41350-U Error Code

There are a few ways to fix the PS4 SU 41350 3 cannot find update file online but most didn’t work. However, what works for me is what I will discuss in this guide.

Connect your PS4 Console to Wired Ethernet]

If you are using Wi-Fi before to connect your PS4 to the internet and you encountered the SU-41350-3 PS4 error cannot find the update file, then, switch from WiFi to wired [Ethernet] as the error code result from a connection problem.

That may look really strange but it works. If the network connection is poor with wireless, the ethernet connection should solve that.

Delete the PS4 Update File

If the PS4 file is causing the error code SU 41350 3 on the PS4 it could mean that the file is corrupted or malfunctioning. Therefore, it’s advisable to delete the file from the PS4 device and re-download the file from the download source.

  • Go to your PS4 function area and select “Notifications.”
  • Highlight the “PS4 Update File” that returns cannot find file update.
  • Press and hold the “Option” button.
  • Choose “Delete” to delete the file from your device.

Now, you can proceed to the file download source to re-download the file.

Update your PS4 System Firmware

If the error code SU-41350-3 is not fixed yet, updating the device firmware to the latest update could help fix all pending errors. And here, we will consider how to update the PS4 firmware manually.

  • Create a folder named “PS4″ on your USB drive formatted as “FAT32.”
  • Download the PS4 Firmware Update file and save the update file name as “PS4UPDATE.PUP” without the quotes on your USB drive.
  • Insert the USB drive into your PS4 console.
  • Start the PS4 console in Safe Mode.
  • Press and hold the PS4 Power button and let it go after the second beep.
  • Select option 3 (Safe Mode) and then  Update System Software.
  • Choose Update from USB Storage Device > OK.

The PS4 console will locate the file name PS4UPDATE.PUP and update your PS4 console with it. However, if the PS4 console returns the PS4 SU-41350-3 error code then the file cannot be found on the drive. 

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