How to Fix SIM Not Provisioned MM#2

It is straightforward to fix SIM not provisioned MM#2 when you buy a new phone and a new SIM or clone your contact from the SIM to the new SIM.

First, you will see “SIM not provisioned MM#2 with an option to make an emergency call only. With the error on devices like AT&T, Samsung Galaxy phones such as Galaxy 9, you won’t be able to make a voice call to your phone contact except for number 911.

However, other features of the phone will be working as expected. You will be able to use the phone camera and other features. But, your access to the internet and voice calls will be restricted pending the time “SIM not provisioned MM#2” error will be fixed.SIM not Provisioned #MM2

What Does SIM not Provisioned MM#2 Means?

Like I said above, the idea to fix this error is straight talk. However, when you see the “SIM not provisioned MM#2” when you insert a new SIM into your phone or move contacts to the new SIM, it means that the SIM hasn’t been activated or it has been suspended.

So, if your SIM is new and you see the SIM not provisioned MM#2 error, it means that the SIM hasn’t been activated. On the contrary, if the error occurs on an old SIM, it means the SIM has been suspended.

You can also liken this error to a dead or inactive SIM card on your phone if it hasn’t been blocked by your service provider’s network.

How to Fix SIM not Provisioned MM#2

We already know what “SIM not provisioned MM#2 means.” Now, I will detail how to fix the error on your new phone or a new SIM with your old contact from the old SIM.

These fixes are not limited. It works on Android and iPhone.

Remove and Re-Insert the SIM

If the SIM card isn’t well placed on the SIM tray before inserting it into your phone, you will run into this error. So, remove the SIM tray from the phone using the PIN for SIM removal, place the SIM property with the SIM chip facing the right direction and insert the SIM tray into the SIM port.

It’s always good to restart your phone afterwards. The reason is that some phones won’t recognize the SIM until the device is restarted.

Now, see if the error persists. If it does, it means that the error has nothing to do with the SIM lid and SIM insertion.

Activate the New SIM

If you bought the SIM card and inserted it straight to your phone, it will not work unless activated. In most cases, activation takes 24 hours to complete, but it can go as far as 48 hours before the activation will be done.

Therefore, once the activation is done, don’t be in a rush, give it at least 24 – 48 hours before inserting it into your phone.

Contact Your Service Provider

Your SIM tray isn’t wet, the SIM is properly inserted, and the lid is working fine, yet, you can’t make calls on your new phone and new SIM except for the emergency number, then, you need to contact your service provider.

There are two things to discuss when you contacted your network service provider.

  • Ask why you can’t make calls with your SIM except for the emergency call if the SIM is deactivated, request to re-activate it. You can call the network customer care number using a 3rd party phone while you dictate the faulty SIM card number to help you check while it’s not working.
  • Now, if the faulty SIM is beyond repair, then you should request a new SIM. If this is the option that is available, it means that you will have to appear in person at the network office nearest to your location.

How to Fix SIM Not Provisioned for Voice

Google Fi and Google Pixel users are complaining that the SIM not provisioned for voice is emerging of late. This error wasn’t recorded on Google devices before, but since e-SIM has emerged, the error SIM not provisioned for voice has started occurring, so how do you fix it.

The symptoms of this error are different from device to device. However, fixing this depends on your device, and here is how.

  • When the SIM is not provisioned for voice msg showing up on your phone screen, but, the device works normally for making calls, receiving messages, and doing all sorts on your phone, a quick restart will fix it or by disabling the Fi VPN.
  • If there is no headway yet, consider ordering for new Fi SIM  from Google.
  • Back up your phone to an external device and do a factory reset of the device.

Network Major Carrier Phone Number and Contact Hours

Below are some major network carrier phone numbers and the best time to contact them for complaints.

Verizon: Call 800-711-8300. If you’re using a completely new SIM card, you can activate it by calling 877-807-4646 from any phone.

Sprint: Call 888-211-4727 or start a web chat. Note: Sprint’s network operates on CDMA technology.

AT&T: Call 800-331-0500. Alternatively, on their website, you can start the SIM activation process in the section “I’m ready to activate my SIM or eSIM”.

T-Mobile: Call 877-746-0909 or start a webchat.

Boost Mobile: Call 888-BOOST-4U (888-266-7848). Note: Boost’s network uses CDMA technology.

Virgin Mobile: Call 888-322-1122. Note: Virgin’s network operates on CDMA technology.

Cricket Wireless: Call 800-274-2538 or start a webchat.

MetroPCS: Call 888-863-8768.

U.S. Cellular: Call 888-944-9400 (for 3G SIM cards) or start a webchat. Hours: 07:00 am to 10:00 pm CT. Note: U.S. Celular’s network operates on CDMA technology.

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