Chloe Schnapp Net Worth, Age, Height, Life, Family, Brother

Chloe Schnapp is popularly recognized as the Twin sister of famous American actor Noah Schnapp. She and her twin brother Noah Schnapp were born to Mitchell Schnapp and Karine Schnapp family, they were born on the 3rd of October 2004, in Scarsdale, New York City, New York, United State.

However, she holds Canadian and American citizenship, her Canadian citizenship was from her parents, and she has also been described to have a Jewish background.

Chloe Schnapp is currently enrolled at Northeastern University, While her brother Noah Schnapp is enrolled in the University of Pennsylvania after he was accepted in 2021 and he shared it through a Tiktok video.

Her twin brother Noah Schnapp is an award-winning actor and he got his Hollywood career breakthrough when he got cast to play a role as Will Byers on the Netflix TV series “Stranger Things”.

Noah Schnapp first developed an interest in acting at a very young age therefore his parents enrolled him in an acting program.

Chloe Schnapp Net worth

Chloe Schnapp net worth is currently estimated to be worth $1.45 million and she is surely enjoying the fame and success of her twin acting brother. She makes most of her income mainly from her Instagram career and endorsement deal which involve advertising for different brands.

Judging from Chloe’s Instagram posts, she has been having so much fun lately travelling and touring with her friends and families.Chloe Schnapps net Worth

Noah Schnapp Net Worth

Noah Schnapp the Twin Brother Of Chloe Schnapp has a net worth estimated at $3 million. He earned most of his net worth from his movies and he got the big back from starring in the Netflix movie “Stranger Things”.

Noah Schnapp earned $10,000 per episode in season 1 of stranger things. He collected a pay rise of $20,000 per episode on season 2 and he earned $250,000 per episode in season 3 of stranger things.

Chloe Schnapp Age

American social media influencer Chloe Schnapp is currently 17 years old, she was born on the 3rd of October 2004, in New York City, New York, United States.

Chloe Schnapp Height

Social Media influencer Chloe Schnapp has an average height and she is 5 feet 6 inches ( 170 cm or 1.70 m) tall.

Chloe Schnapp Movies and TV shows

Chloe Schnapp is not interested in acting and she has not yet appeared on any TV show or movie. Maybe she might eventually develop an interest someday, we never can tell.

However her brother Noah Schnapp is an actor and he has appeared in movies and TV shows including “Stranger Things” from 2016 to the present as Will Byers, “Hubie Halloween” (2020) as Tommy, “Waiting for Anya” (2020) as joe, “Abe” (2020) as Abraham / Ibrahim, “We Only Know So Much” 2018 as Otis Copeland, “The Circle” (2016) as Lucas, “Bridge of Spies” (2015) as Roger Donovan, “Liza on Demand” (2018) as Evan / Trevor.

Noah Schnapp has appeared in music videos including “LA Devotee” (2016) by  Panic! at the Disco, “In My Feelings” (2018 by Drake, and “See You” (2020) by Johnny Orlando.

Noah Schnapp Height

Popular actor Noah Cameron Schnapp measures 6 feet (1.83 m or 183 cm) tall. He is tall and lanky with dark Curley hair.

Chloe Schnapp birthday

Chloe Schnapp often celebrates her birthday on Oct 3, 2004, her twin brother Noah Schnapp even posts pictures on his Instagram page to wish his twin sister a happy birthday.

Karine Schnapp

Karine Schnapp is the mother of popular actor Noah Schnapp and his twin sister Chloe Schnapp. Karine is married to Mitchel Schnapp and they are from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Karine Schnapp is of Moroccan-Jewish descent while her husband Mitchel Schnapp is of Russian-Jewish descent. She and her husband Mitchel are very loving parents to their twin children.

The parents understood their kids and let them pursue their dreams. As a little child, Noah wanted to be an actor and they sponsored him and put him in an acting school.

However, Chloe is also schooling and she is presently enrolled in Northeastern University and Noah is studying at the University of Pennsylvania

Chloe Schnapp Twin

Chloe Schnapp’s twin brother is the popular actor Noah Schnapp who is popularly known for starring in the Netflix TV series movie “Stranger Things”

Chloe Schnapp Relationship

Chloe Schnapp is currently single, although she keeps her relationship private away from the media. she is really beautiful, she has dark brown hair and dark eyes. She seems to be enjoying her career and her University life with her friends.

Chloe Schnapp Children

Chloe Schnapp is not yet married and she does not have kids yet as she is still focusing on her education and she’s livening life to the fullest at such a very young age.

Noah Schnapp Twin

Noah Schnapp was born Noah Cameron Schnapp, he was born a twin. His twin sister is a social media and internet personality, Chloe Schnapp. Although Chloe is not an actress, she is enjoying her brother’s acting success and she seems very happy with her life.

Noah got his big break in Hollywood when he got cast in TV movies and series, stranger things along with Hollywood stars like Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, and Winona Ryder.

Chloe Schnapp’s Social Media

Chloe Schnapp is a very popular figure on the internet, her TikTok account has gained over 1.8M followers and 26M likes.

Her Instagram account has about 912k followers and you can find her through her handle @chloeschnapp.

Noah Schnapp Social Media

Noah Schnapp is very active on social media platforms, he can be found on Instagram via his handle @noahscnapp, he currently has 20.1m followers on his Instagram account.

Noah Schnapp’s social media account has about 20m followers and 349.3m likes on his Tiktok. He also has 4.05M subscribers on his YouTube channel and he currently has 842K Followers on his Twitter account.

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