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7 Way to Contact Airtel Customer Care Support

Airtel is a leading Telecommunication company in Nigeria with million subscribers on voice calls and data plan. Millions of customers reach out to Airtel on daily basis for complains and suggestions on how to make the service better.

However, how do you contact Airtel customer care support for suggestions and complains? Airtel has a minimum of 7 ways to contact their support for complains, suggestion, questioning and answering, and more information about the service.

Here is this guide, we’ll discuss the various means you can use to contact Airtel customer support.

Airtel customer care

Reasons to Contact Airtel Customer Support

There are various reasons to contact Airtel support. Some of the popular reason to look out for the customer support number includes the following.

  1. To complain about the network service
  2. To ask about Airtel data plan
  3. To ask about how to check Airtel balance
  4. To ask about Airtel bonus
  5. To as about how to check data on Airtel
  6. To ask about Airtel data subscription
  7. To ask about Airtel USSD code to check airtime balance and check data balance
  8. To check for Airtel bonus
  9. Airtel special bundle
  10. Airtel special offer
  11. If Airtel wipe your data or you are charged unnecessarily you may contact Airtel
  12. To stop unwanted messages

The reason can go online like that and like that. I can keep mentioning reasons why you need the Airtel customer number.

Contact Customer Care Support

Here, we share 6 direct ways to contact Airtel customer support team at the comfort of your home

Airtel Customer Support Number

The easiest way to contact Airtel customer care is dialing the customer care mobile number on your phone. This is the most annoyed means to contact Airtel support.

This means of contacting Airtel might put you on hold for hours depending on the number of customers on the queue waiting to be answered.

1. Dial 121 or 111 on your phone dialer. This will put you on hold until the next available customer is available. This must be from your phone using Airtel SIM

2. Dial 08021500111 or 08021500121 to contact Airtel from another network such as MTN and Glo Nigeria.

3. Dial +2348021500111 or +2348021500121 if you are calling from outside Nigeria.

Airtel Twitter Handle

The best platform to contact Airtel is on Twitter. All you need to do is log on to your Twitter account, explain your complain and tag Airtel Twitter handle @airtel_care.

Airtel will reply to you and provide a means to fix your problem If there is a need to follow Airtel on Twitter while they follow back so you can discuss the issue via DM.

Feedback Form

Another easy way to contact Airtel customer support is to fill the Airtel feedback form to lodge your complaint. You can do this on Airtel official website or on Airtel mobile app.

Go to Airtel feedback page, fill the form accordingly and explain exactly what happens. Afterward, Airtel will get back to you on how to fix the issue or how long it will take them to fix it.

Airtel Local Office

If you leave in a very big city like Ibadan, Lagos, Portharcourt, Akure, Abuja, etc you can simply work into your nearest Airtel outlet to talk to the customer service agent directly.

Airtel Facebook Page

This is another means to contact Airtel customer care support on the social network. All you need to do is go to the Airtel Facebook page timeline and lodge your complaints.

In no time, Airtel representative will address the complain or guide you on how to resolve the issue yourself.


Although this is an old means and it may take a longer time than expected. So, if you are in a hurry for a response I’ll not recommend you contact Airtel support via email.

This may take more than 48 hours to be resolved. Just launch your browser, log in to your email service provider, send the complaint to customercare@ng.airtel.com and wait patiently for a respond from Airtel representative.


This is currently the fastest way to contact Airtel customer care support and get a response instantly.

Firstly, you need to add Airtel WhatsApp contact to your WhatsApp list using either of these phone numbers “07010000116, 07010000117, 07010000118, 07010000119 & 0701263111” and then send a message on your complains to Airtel representative.

Airtel will call to clarify it once they received your WhatsApp message and provide a possible solution to the problem.

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