Digg Reader Officially Shut Down Operation After 5 Years

Digg reader app was launched 5years ago when Google reader was shut to solve the problem of Google reader’s alternative and where webmasters can import their RSS from Google reader and export it to the new reader app.

A good alternative to both Google Reader and Digg reader is Feedly which try to take control of all RSS. However, a few weeks ago, Digg reader review revealed that RSS section of the app will be shut down, and the time has finally come that Digg announced the shout down of their reader.

This is indeed a bad news for those who dropped Googles reader alternative, Feedly for Digg Reader some 5 years ago.

Digg Reader’s Message that Broke the Camel’s Back

The Digg reader’s message that broken that camels back after 5 years reads…

If you were using Digg Reader, you can still download your feeds, Diggs, and saves by heading to digg.com/settings.

How to Backup Digg Reader RSS Feeds

The news is sad but it has a solution. The solution is to simply backup your Digg RSS feeds and exports it to any of the RSS alternatives you considered vibrant. However, here is the simple procedure to follow to backup your RSS feeds on Digg.

1. Log into your Digg account on any browser

2. Scroll down to “Digg Reader’s Settings” and click “Download”

Digg Reader

3. Your Digg RSS feeds will be downloaded to your computer or mobile storage.

Note: You can download your RSS feeds on Digg as .xml  or .HTML. After you have successfully export your feeds backup you can delete your feeds account on the platform.

How to Delete Digg Reader RSS Account

Since the platform is shut down you can delete your account and revoke the app authorization from access your Gmail or Facebook or Instagram depending on your login detail.

1. Log into your Digg account with your login detail [Gmail or Facebook or Instagram”

2. Click on your “Digg profile” and click “Settings”

Digg Reader

3. Click on “delete my account” under “Account”. You can also delete your account here “https://digg.com/settings#delete-account

Digg Reader

4. Click on”Yes, Delete my Account” from the pop-up

Digg Reader

How to Import Digg Reader RSS to Feedly

If you are using Feedly when Google shut down Google reader in 2013 you don’t need this section and you don’t need much about the Digg reader’s app. Nonetheless, for people using Digg as their RSS reader, here is how to import your RSS to your Feedly account.

1. Log into your Feedly account as usual

2. Click on your “Feedly profile“‘ icon and click on “Settings” from the drop menu

Digg Reader

3. Click on “Add Content” and select “Import OPML” from the pop-up

4. Select the “OPML” file you downloaded from “Digg”

Digg Reader

All your Digg Reader’s feed will be imported to your new RSS feeds aggregator. Meanwhile, there are other RSS feeds alternative to Digg, but Feedly is popular among the alternatives and it serves people better than the old Google feed reader.

With the Digg feed backup, you have nothing to lose except the bridge of trust that they may never shut down and be the best RSS feeds reader app when Google feed reader was shut down in 2015. However, 5  years in the business isn’t bad though, to survive the tides for 5 years is a great task. Here, we stand with Feedly what about you?

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