How to Fix MSVCR110.dll not Found on Windows 7/8/10

Msvcr110.dll not found is an error you encounter when you are trying to install an app on your Windows computer or after you have installed the app successfully and you try to launch the app it returns .DLL file is missing.

The Msvcr110.dll missing file doesn’t stop you from installing apps on your PC but the app will not work. I encountered the Msvcr110.dll error on Windows 7 when I installed Windroy emulator. Although the emulator was installed successfully it returns .DLL file is missing whenever I click to open.

But, the .DLL file is missing doesn’t occur on Windows 8 and Windows 10 when I installed the Windroy emulator. However, this is not to say that the Msvcr110.dll error will not possibly occur if your Windows 8/10 computer configuration is wrong and if the error has to do with your PC’s registry.

Msvcr110.dll not Found

What could trigger Msvcr110.dll not found or missing? The Msvcr110.dll could pop up because of your PC registry problem, when a virus or Trojan finds its way into your PC, malware issue, and even when there is a problem with your PC hardware.

Msvcr110.dll not Found Message

The Msvcr110.dll error message below could popup when you are trying to install software on your PC or when you make an attempt to sleep or shut down your PC. To worsen the situation, the error will not stop you from installing the app.

All Windows program working on Microsoft Visual C++ will need the .DLL fill to work. However, when encountering the Msvcr110.dll not found it means that the program needs Visual C++ to work and the needed .DLL file is not found.

However, when you have successfully installed the app the error Msvcr110.dll file missing will popup when you are trying to launch or use the app. The app can stop working in the middle of its functions. So, there is no way you can escape it than to fix.

Msvcr110.dll Not Found

This application failed to start because msvcr110.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

Cannot find [PATH]\msvcr110.dll

The program can’t start because msvcr110.dll is missing from your computer.

The file msvcr110.dll is missing.

Cannot start [APPLICATION]. A required component is missing: msvcr110.dll. Please install [APPLICATION] again.

Windows Architecture

Windows architecture isn’t a dependent variable. Whether you PC is Windows 32 bit or 64 bit the .DLL file missing could popup at any time if the .DLL File is not available in your PC or it’s faulty.

How to Fix Msvcr110.dll not found

When you encountered Msvcr110.dll file not found when you are trying to install an app on your Windows here are the steps to fix it.

1. Download and Install Msvcr110.dll file

When the Msvcr110.dll not found or the .DL file is missing the first precaution measure you need to take is to download Msvcr110.dll and install it on your PC.

Whether you know your system architecture (32 bit or 64 bit) or not you will be able to fix the Msvcr110.dll not found when you download and install the .DLL file on your PC to fill the position of the missing .DLL file.

  1. Download Msvcr110.dll file from client
  2. Go to your download folder
  3. Double click on the clientsetup_demo.exe file to run the DLL-files app
  4. Type MSVCR110.dll  into the search box and click on “search for DLL File”Search for .DLL file
  5. Click on msvcr110.dll when the result appears with Microsoft runtime descriptionMsvcr110.dll not found
  6. Click on the install button and register to finalize installing the missing .DLL fileMsvcr110.dll not found
  7. Once the missing Msvcr110.dll file has been installed successfully the .DLL file not found will be restored and the issue will be fixed.

This is a recommended approach if you don’t know where to face when the Msvcr110.dll not found appears when you are installing an app or trying to use an app on your PC.

However, if installing the missing .DLL file not found isn’t fixed after you have downloaded and installed the .DLL file from the approach above you could try the next approach.

2. Download and Install Windows Visual C++ Redistributable Packages

If the program you are trying to install requires Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2012 you may need to reinstall the Windows Visual C++ redistributable packages to fix the Msvcr110.dll file not found.

  1. Go to Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable download centre to download the required file.
  2. Select the Microsoft Visual C++ download language from the drop menu and click on the download button.Download Msvcr110.dll IS MISSING
  3. Choose the download you want and click on the Next button. There are three Visual ++ available to download which are: VSU_4\vcredist_x64.exe, VSU_4\vcredist_x86.exe, and VSU4\vcredist_arm.exe. The file size ranges from 1.4 MB to 6.9 MB.Microfost Visual C++
  4. The Windows Visual C++ will start downloading automatically or click on the manual download link to download the Visual C++ for your PC
  5. Now, go to your download folder and search for the name of the Visual C++ downloaded and follow the on-screen instruction to install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable file.
  6. Restart your PC and load the app to see whether the Msvcr110.dll file not found has been fixed.

Copy the Missing .DLL File from a Trusted Source

Another way to fix .DLL file is missing is to copy the .DLL file from a trusted source to your PC. You can copy it from a different Windows version say, Windows 7 to Windows 8. You can also copy the .DLL file from Windows 8 to Windows 10.

Note: Windows architecture must be the same. If you are copying from 32 bit you must be sure that you are pasting it on Windows 32 bit. Windows 64 bit .DLL file will only work on 64-bit.

  1. Find a computer with a valid .DLL file you need on your PC
  2. Press the “Win + E” together to open the Windows Explorer and go to C:\Windows\System32 to copy the  msvcr110.dll file if available.
  3. Insert a flash drive into the PC and paste the  msvcr110.dll fileWindows Explorer
  4. Remove the flash drive and insert it into your PC and navigate File Explorer >> C:\Windows\System32
  5. Copy the .DLL file from the flash and paste it in the directory.

If the Windows architecture is the same the pasted msvcr110.dll will help to fix the missing msvcr110.dll.

Reinstall the App Again

If the app is still not opening after the approaches shared above. Try to uninstall the app from your Windows computer and reinstall it again. Meanwhile, while installing the app, the .DLL file may be missing. But, with the above approaches, the missing files will be made available and reinstalling the app will help to fix the corrupt .DLL file.

Note: When you uninstall the program from your PC make sure you restart your PC to clear all caches before you decided to reinstall the app again.

Check for Windows Update

The msvcr110.dll. not found may occur if you are running an outdated Windows OS on your PC. So, updating to the latest version might help to fix the missing .DLL file.

  1. Go to Windows settings
  2. Tap on “Privacy & security”
  3. Tak on check for update
  4. Click on “download and install”

If updates are available the above steps will help to download and install the available Windows update and fix the .DLL file not found or missing.

Do a System Restore

If you think the missing .DLL file is caused by some changes made to your computer files or configuration, doing a system restore will help to restore the missing msvcr110.dll file.

The Windows system restore will not delete your files but would clear off all recent changes you made to your PC. I’d advice you restore your system to the last time you made the changes in other not to lose so many files.

There are other approaches to fix the msvcr110.dll not found or missing, however, they are just a bonus approach to fix it. With the above suggestions, the .DLL file not found should be fully fixed.

  1. Run a virus scan
  2. Test your hard drive memory
  3. Repair Windows installation
  4. Clean your PC registry to fix issues
  5. Perform a clean installation of your Windows if none of the steps above fixes the msvcr110.dll file is missing.

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