How to Start a Successful YouTube Gaming Channel

If you have passion for playing a different type of games and you are planning to start a game channel on YouTube to show your skills, here, we’ll share with you everything you need to start a successful YouTube gaming channel.

We’ll take a look at the various way you can start your Channel in game section and successful within a short period of time. When you want to start a YouTube channel most especially in the game section you should bear what we’ll discuss here in mind so you won’t fail in the niche.

Millions of people want to know how to play games and watch how experts play it live on YouTube so they too can become an expert. However, flopping in your niche will amount to a potential failure.

But, ability to give what your subscribers need will keep the channel growing.

How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel

Here is how to build a successful YouTube channel sharing with your audience how to play.

1. Narrow Down to Niche

YouTube gaming niche

There are millions of games to play every day. And there are millions of people outside there to learn the new trick and how to play it better with colleagues.

However, if you are set to build a successful community sharing your game tricks with your YouTube subscribers you need to concentrate on a single niche.

It’s very important to know your audience and give what they really wanted to learn. Avoid from sharing different gaming tutorial with your subscribers in your channel.

If you are really inclined to playing PS4, do not share how to play Pubg in your channel.

This is a point you have to spend time researching. Jumping into start your YouTube channel in any niche without a proper will narrow down your success in the niche.

However, research extensively and see if you can cover whatever it requires in the niche and be ready to be able to give any tutorial in your niche.

Do not change or move from one niche to another. When you concentrate in your niche, see what others are doing and do it better your channel will grow with time and you will head for success.

2. Choose your YouTube Channel Name

YouTube Channel username

I love unique and you must embrace it if you want to stand out among your competitors. Uniqueness is not only when you publish unique content it also extends to choosing a name that is unique for your channel.

From the start, you must treat your channel as your business otherwise it will end toward no success.

You must carefully select your Channel username to simply define what your channel is all about. Some will advise using your name as your channel name, that is cool, but, don’t forget that you are targetting people from different location and region that interested in your channel.

However, using your name as your channel name may not be so easy to remember for most visitors who are not ready to subscribe for the first time they land on your channel.

So, if you are concentrating on how to play PES or FIFA 2020 you can let your Channel name reflect FIFA which will, from the start tells what the viewer is about to learn.

3. Big & Good Monitor & Camera

YouTube Gaming Channel

Before you start sharing your gaming skills in your YouTube channel you need these resources for a start. You need a very good and big monitor and a good camera to cover your playing skills.

One thing that contributes to your success when start a YouTube channel is the graphics of your videos. Nobody will care to know what you pass through to put the piece together and upload it.

Your subscribers are only interested in watching you play and see how you perform all the stunts. With the big and good monitor coupled with your camera with at least 5MP with perfect contact lens, you will be confident in the clarity of your video.

If you don’t have a big monitor to connect your game console with, you can use a projector. All you want is to make sure no single trick your follow miss on each video. And a big screen can help you achieve that.

However, another alternative to this is to use a tool to record your PC screen while playing the game tutorial for upload. However, this may require that necessary as you will need a PC with high configuration such as 8GB RAM and a 1 Terabyte hard drive.

4. Learn Video Editing or Hire an Editor

YouTube Gaming
Fstopper image

If you want to start your YouTube game as a professional you need the skill of editing your own video or hire an editor to do the job for you.

You would probably make a mistake when playing the game to teach your subscribers or when you are practicing in other to combine the video together, cut off mistakes and replace it with the appropriate clip.

You don’t have to learn how to use all the video editing tool. With a basic Photoshop skill, you can achieve this. However, if you do not have all the time to do the editing yourself, you can hire a professional to do the job for you.

However, if you don’t have the fund to sponsor the editing, then, you can turn to services like Udemy, Lynda, etc to learn the basic of video editing for just a token.

Once this is done, you are no longer far from making your first video game tutorial.

5. Create your YouTube Gaming Channel Intro & Outro.

Create Intro and Outro

What do you want your viewers or subscribers to see first when they click to stream your videos? If you want them to start streaming direct you can skip this.

But, if you want to inform your upcoming subscribers what they’d see and learn in the video, appealing to them to subscribe to your channel, and click on the notification bell to receive all the upcoming updates you probably need to create your YouTube channel intro.

However, if you have taken your time to learn how to edit YouTube video from Udemy or Lynda or using a video editing tool such as Photoshop, Microsoft word, etc, you can use this to see if your skill is better than before.

Another thing you need to know is that creating a captivating intro will boost your YouTube subscribers.

When you are creating your intro video do not forget to finetune your information and what they will learn. Use quality images and perhaps, show some gaming skills that are not common in other channels.

And after each tutorial, do not forget to end it with your outro video. This will help you stand unique in the niche.

6. Upload your first YouTube Video

YouTube Gaming Tutorial

Now, your YouTube gaming channel is about to start. You have decided your niche (the type of game you will be sharing tutorials on), choose your channel name, get a video editor ready, create your intro and outro, then, next is to create your first video and upload it to your channel.

If the above information is in place, you can go to your YouTube channel, click the upload button, and select your video.

However, while doing this, you also need to learn the basic YouTube SEO such as including your keyword in your title, tags, description and do the promotion.

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