How to Download Google Play Music on Android

Google Play Music is a private service owned by tech giants Google which provides access to lots of music via online streaming. Google Play Music is a service provided free of charge and low priced subscription to all users both on Android, iOS or even users with the plugin on Google Chrome Browser.

Today at Gadgetswright, we’ll teach you how to download Google Play Music on Android and iOS. Google Play Music cuts across the two major mobile operating systems Android and iOS, for KaiOS users, no sign of Google play Music available for you.

Google Play Music

How to download Google Play Music for Android & iOS

Here we gonna discuss Android tips to download music from the Google play.

For Android

Remember I told you earlier that Google Play Music is a free service (with a paid plan) provided by Google to help people stream their favourite songs on the go. You can download it on your Android smartphones using these procedures below.

Step 1: On your device, click on the Google Play Store icon, Connect your Google account with Google Play store on your device.

Step 2: Head to the search bar located at the top bar inside the Google Play Store App.

Step 3: Typing in the Query “Google Play Music” once it shows, click on it and wait till the next windows open.

Step 4: Check the requirement, then click on Install Button located just below the review stars and Download count. You will see a green button with a white text description.

Download and enjoy your favourite music from Google Play on your Android smartphone. You can also add it up to your wishlist.

Google Play Music Information for Android Users

Review: Google Play Music is a service owned and operated by Google. Google display  Ads on the Free package, but users on subscription-based packages see no Ads.

You can start radio stations based on songs, albums, genres. Google Play Music claims that you can upload over 50,000 of your own songs.

Features (Free Package)

  •  Radio on your Android Device
  • Sorting Channels According to your taste
  • Allow your store over 50,000 of your own songs

Features (Subscription)

  • On Family Plan; six family member get to enjoy  Google Play Music at a low price.
  • Access to over 35 Million songs
  • Automatic Youtube Premium membership
  • Ad-free
  • Download and Listen to Music offline.


All Android Versions

How to download Google Play Music for Android and iOS

Because you cannot download apps for iOS from the Google play store doesn’t imply that you cannot download Google play music on your iOS device.

For iOS

iOS users still have a chance to enjoy there favourite songs, radio stations and even Youtube Premium membership on Google Play Music offers.

Downloading Google Play Music for iOS devices is pretty simple. Follow the steps below to download the Google Play Music on your iOS Device.

Step 1: Head to Apple App Store

Step 2: Click on the search icon, when it collapses, type in the query “Google Play Music” then select the app when it pop-outs.

Step 3: Click on it to see more information about the app, then click on the download button.

Getting Started with your Google Play Music for Android and iOS users

Google Play Music is a super alternative to Spotify users because it offers free music streaming, songs, radio stations and more which also includes uploading over 50,000 of your own songs to your cloud.

Google Play Music comes with a Free and Subscription-based package with lots of features. Google Play Music is a killer service that offers over 5 Million songs than Apple and Spotify and that’s a lot more.

The Free Plan

The free plan offers over Radio Stations that were added by Google Experts for your listening pleasure along with over 50,000 of your own songs in your personal music collection.

You can subscribe to podcasts and listen to your Radio stations directly on your smartphone. Contains Ads

The Paid Plan (Subscription)

The subscription plan has more unique features compared to the free plan. Here, you can upload over 5 Million songs even more than Apple and Spotify music.

Google came out tops when it comes to this, outsmarting the rest. It has an option called the Family Plan that allows six family members to enjoy Google Play Music for one low price. It also gives you access to Youtube Music Premium Membership.

You can download music and listen offline at any time. Contain no Ads.

For iPhone users, please take of this before you proceed;

Before you install Google Play Music on your device, it is recommended that you go sign up for a free trial:

Note: You need to need to have a google account ready in place, but if you don’t have you can still create a new Google (Gmail) account.

First signup for Google account, then continue with the signup process and after that, you can start using the free trial for 30-days period.

You can continue with your subscription after the expiration.

Some Google Play Music Customizations

Here some of the play music personal configuration you can perform on your own,

Recent Activity

This tab displays albums you recently listened to, or music added to the library. You can still view more activities by clicking on the More button.

Recommended For You

Shows most listened songs ao radio stations. It shows radio stations or songs according to your listening habits i.e the number of times you listened to a particular song or radio station.

Search Menu

Google Play Music has a Hamburger Seach menu that allows you to search for virtually all songs with a single click. It shows auto-complete or auto-suggest key terms that make it easier to navigate through Google Play Music.


Google Play Music is a service by google offering lots of features comparable to features found on Apple and Spotify Music. It, in fact, Google Play Music is the second largest after Spotify and Apple Music.

Google Play Music is available on Web, Android & iOS devices. It is available as a plugin for Google Chrome Browsers. Here we were able to show you how to download Google play music on Android and iOS smartphones.

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