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PhoenixCard is a tool to create a bootable image of firmware on phone storage and internal storage when you want to flash a custom IMG firmware on Android. Apart from flashing a custom or stock ROM on Android using a computer, you can as well create an IMG bootable on microSD and phone storage using the Phoenix Card tool.

PhoenixCard tool is a small piece of a program developed for Windows to create bootable IMG on a storage device. The storage device could be a flash drive, a memory card, and even on phone internal storage and then flash it on your Android at your own convenience.

With the Phoenix Card bootable IMG creator, you only need to create a bootable IMG for Android once and store it on a storage that can easily be transferred and then use it on all available device. You can also use it to create a bootable IMG firmware on OTG flash drive and install it on your phone to flash the custom or stock ROM on your device.

PhoenixCard tool

PhoenixCard Tool Features

Here are some features of Phoenix Card that are of great benefits to all Android users.

1. It creates a bootable IMG of Android firmware that can be flashed on MicroSD or internal storage or on OTG drive. So, with the Phoenix Card, you can flash a bootable IMG firmware from external storage to an Android device.

2. The bootable IMG firmware for Android created is compatible with Allwinner A10 ARM processor

3. It is very easy to create a hidden disk on your MicroSD or phone internal storage using Phoenix Card with a direct access to formatting the partition without wiping off the entire storage.

4. Creating a bootable IMG on your SD or MicroSD can be read by RomBoot of the motherboard of your device. However, if after you have flashed the bootable on your device you can use the PhoenixCard too to format the storage back to normal and also erase all partitions.

PhoenixCard Tool Download

PhoenixCard ToolDownload Link
PhoenixCard v3.0.6_20110817Download
PhoenixCard v3.0.9_20121211Download
PhoenixCard v3.10_20130618Download

Apart from Phoenix USB Pro, PhoenixSuit, and LiveSuit, you can use the SP flash tool to flash custom ROM or stock ROM on a MediaTek device and QPST for a Qualcomm device. They are both tested and trusted.

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