Download SP Flash Tool for Windows and Linux OS

SP flash tool is for MediaTek, TGDP tool is for Qualcomm, and Odin is for Samsung users to flash a custom ROM or stock ROM to a Smartphone using a Windows and a Linux computer. The similarity between the SP flash tool, TGDP, and Odin is that they are all used to flash a custom ROM or stock ROM on a smartphone. They are different because this flash tool supports MediaTek and TGDP supports Qualcomm.

However, the SP flash tool has different versions. There is a v3 and even a v5. Therefore, in this article, you will have direct access to all SP flash tool versions for Windows and Linus OS.

SP Flash Tool all versions

SP_Flash_Tool Features

Smartphone flash tool has a lot of features for Windows and Linus OS users. The program has more features than YGDP tool. YGDP only supports Windows while the flash tool supports Linus OS. Other features of the Android custom and stock ROM flash tool include the following.

  • It’s used to recover ROM on Android when things go wrong with the flashed custom ROM
  • It only supports MediaTek device. If you own a Qualcomm device consider using the YGDP flash tool.
  • It supports all Windows OS (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10) and Linux. For Mac OS users, you should consider Virtual Machine when you want to flash a custom ROM on your Android.
  • Unbrick Android during rooting.

How to Install SP Flash Tool

When you want to flash a custom ROM on your device with MediaTek, SP flash tool makes it very easy and less complicated. However, if you already have v3 and there is v4, kindly uninstall the v3 and install v4 as the latest version often fix bugs and remove complications.

To install the flash tool for smartphones, follow these procedures.

  • Download the latest version SP flash tool from the link below
  • Unzip the tool into a new folder
  • Open the new SP tool folder and open SPFLASHTOOL EXE and Load the Scatter file
  • Done

You can load the scatter file by just clicking on scatter loading.

Download SP_Flash_Tool for Windows

Here is a direct link to download the latest version to flash a custom ROM or stock ROM on your Android device.

SP Flash Tool for WindowsDownload
SP_Flash_Tool v5.1804 – Latest VersionDownload
SP_Flash_Tool v5.1752Download
SP_Flash_Tool v5.1744Download
SP_Flash_Tool v5.1736Download
SP_Flash_Tool v5.1728Download
SP_Flash_Tool v5.1724Download
SP Flash Tool v5.1720Download
SP_Flash_Tool v5.1716Download
SP_Flash_Tool v5.1712Download
SP_Flash_Tool v5.1708Download
SP Tool V3.1216Download
SP Tool V3.1220Download
SP Tool V3.1222Download
SP Tool V3.1238Download
SP Tool V3.1248Download
SP Tool V3.1304Download
SP Tool V3.1312Download
SP Tool V3.1316Download
SP Tool V3.1328Download
SP Tool V3.1332Download
SP Tool V3.1344Download
SP Tool V5.1343Download
SP Tool V5.1352Download
SP Tool V5.1424Download
SP Tool V5.1436Download
SP Tool V5.1452Download
SP Tool V5.1504Download
SP Tool V5.1512Download
SP Tool V5.1516Download
SP Tool V5.1520Download
SP Tool V5.1524Download
SP Tool V5.1528Download
SP Tool V5.1532Download
SP Tool V5.1540Download
SP Tool V5.1548Download
SP Tool V5.1552Download
SP Tool V5.1604Download
SP Tool V5.1612Download
SP Tool V5.1616Download
SP Tool V5.1620Download
SP Tool V5.1624Download
SP Tool V5.1628Download
SP Tool V5.1632Download
SP Tool V5.1636Download
SP Tool V5.1640Download
SP Tool V5.1644Download

If you have any difficulties downloading from the link shared above kindly leave a comment below to fix it.


If you have any difficulties downloading from the link shared above kindly leave a comment below to fix it.

Download SP Flash Tool for Linux

Follow the link below to download the latest SP tool for your Linux computer.

SP Flash Tool for LinuxDownload
SP_Flash_Tool v5.1752 – Latest VersionDownload
SP_Flash_Tool v5.1744Download
SP_Flash_Tool v5.1728Download
SP_Flash_Tool v5.1724Download
SP_Flash_Tool v5.1716Download
SP_Flash_Tool v5.1712Download
SP_Flash_Tool v5.1708Download
SP_Flash_Tool v5.1648Download
SP_Flash_Tool v5.1644Download
SP_Flash_Tool v5.1640Download

When you want to download the custom ROM tool do not mistake Windows version for Linux version otherwise it will not work. If you have any difficulties downloading from the links above do leave a comment below and we’d fix it.

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