How to Enable WhatsApp Web Dark Mode


WhatsApp web Dark mode which is only available on the mobile app is now Available on WhatsApp web and WhatsApp desktop app. If you are using the WhatsApp web UI or the Desktop app, the new WhatsApp web Dark mode is now available and you can now switch to the theme from light theme to dark theme. However, if you have been using a trick in Chrome browser to turn the WhatsApp web light theme to dark theme, you no longer need to use it as you can now easily switch to the dark theme on WhatsApp web.

The new WhatsApp web and WhatsApp desktop version also come with additional features such as WhatsApp stickers and QR codes.  So, since the Dark WhatsApp theme is available officially you should follow the simple path to enable it to reduce the brightness of your screen while chatting at night.

Note: WhatsApp web dark theme option is a new feature. Therefore, the dark theme is not available on the old WhatsApp desktop app. I will advise you to download the latest WhatsApp desktop app or update the existing one.

WhatsApp Web Dark Theme on Web Browser

The WhatsApp web has an official portal at web.whatsapp.com. So, to enable the dark mode on web WhatsApp we will go through the same site.

  • Go to web.whatsApp.com on your browser
  • Click on the “3-dots” beside the “status” icon.
  • Click on “Settings” from the drop menu.Settings on WhatsApp
  • Select “Theme” under “Notifications”.WhatsApp web dark theme
  • Select “Dark” from the pop-up and click “OK”.Enable Dark theme
  • Done.

Instantly, the WhatsApp web light theme will be changed to the “Dark” theme. However, the WhatsApp web dark theme is not automatic like on Twitter. So, every time you want to enable the dark them it must be done manually.

Enable WhatsApp Web Dark Mode on Desktop App

To enable the new dark theme on your WhatsApp on the desktop App follow the procedures below.

  • Go to the WhatsApp download page to download the latest WhatsApp desktop app for your OS.WhatsApp web dark mode
  • Launch the new WhatsApp with a dark theme. Click on Settings on your smartphone and select “WhatsApp web”.
  • Sync the two devices with QR code to log into your WhatsApp on the desktop app.
  • Click on the menu option.
  • Select “Settings” from the pop-up interface.
  • Select “Theme” to choose from a dark or light theme.
  • Select “Dark” and click “OK”.

Were you able to turn on the web WhatsApp and Desktop app dark mode? Leave a comment below.


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