How to Find the Nearest Gas Station on Google Maps

When your car gas indicator turned red that you need to refill you either need to visit the nearest gas station to refill or find the nearby gas station to your home. But, if there is none available in your location, you can turn into the Google Maps app on your phone to find the gas station that are to you using Google Maps.

Google Maps can be of help when you are stranded and don’t know where to turn to. Google Maps can be used for a different purpose other than using it to find a nearby gas station for refilling.

With Google Maps on your phone, you can find the nearest cafe. find the nearest restaurant, find the nearest shopping mall, find the nearby park, find direction to work with less dense holdup and shortcut to beat the traffic to work.

However, with little explanation, you will get familiar with Google Maps and use it to find nearby gas stations from any location around the world.

Find nearest Gas station on Google Maps

How to Install Google Maps

The Google Maps app is supposed to be a preinstalled app on your phone. But if the app wasn’t preinstalled, follow the steps below to download and install the Google Maps app on your Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad).

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android phone.
  • Enter “Google Maps” into the search box and select the search box.
  • Scroll down and select Google Maps with Google LLC.
  • Tap on the “Install” button or “Update” if the Maps app is already installed on your phone.
  • Wait for Google Maps to install or update to the newest version on your phone.

Once you have the Google Maps app installed on your phone, then proceed to find the nearest gas station on the Google Maps app is not far fetch.

Turn on your Phone Location

Google Maps make use of your location to track nearby information such as nearby gas station. Therefore, to before we proceed to find the nearest gas station using Google Maps, here is how to turn on your phone location.

  • Unlock your phone if you are using a lock option such as pattern, PIN/code, and fingerprint lock.
  • Swipe down your phone notifications.
  • Tap on the “location” icon.
  • The icon will change from grey to blue.

Once you have done that, then, you are sure that your location is accessible by all the apps and services that need location access on the device to function.

Find the Nearest Gas Station on Google Maps

To use your Android with the location turned on to find a nearby or nearest gas station just follow the steps below.

  • Open Google Maps on your phone.
  • Scroll the navigation menu from work to restaurant, to Hotels, and select Gas after it.
  • Once you click on Gas the Google Maps app will show all available gas stations with pump indicators and all in read. The gas stations also display the gas station’s name and location.
  • Click on any of the gas station icons that you think are close to you and a popup with the name of the gas station will appear below.
  • Select the direction to see how far the gas station is from your location.
  • At the same time, you can also filter the search result by using Google Maps filters.
  • Select “more filters” and sort by relevance or distance. Relevance will show relevant gas stations. And the distance option will show the gas station based on the distance in kilometres.
  • And since you are interested in a working gas station and not just stations that are close. Switch to open now in the Hour option and select Apply.
  • Google Maps will remove the list of gas stations that are closed at the moment and show only those that are open.
  • To view the list of all opened gas stations elect to view the list and find through the list to know the gas station location, access to the phone number, address, and tab direction on your chosen gas station for Google Maps to show the direction and how long it would take you to get to the gas or filling station.

How to Find the Nearest Gas Station on PC

Just like you did find the nearby gas station using Google Maps on your Android you can also do the same to find the gas stations that are close by.

  • Go to on a web browser on your Windows or macOS computer.
  • Click on the Gas representation along with the search Google Maps.
  • All nearby gas stations will appear to the right and the names of the gas stations to the left. Scroll down your mouse control to reduce the size of the gas station result to be able to see them in full.
  • Use the filter option to filter the list of gas stations that are currently open and select the Apply button to save changes. At the same time, you can also use similar techniques to find which of the gas stations do open on Sundays.
  • Click on the gas station you would love to visit for more information. To the left of the screen, you will see customers’ reviews and ratings, directions, nearby, service hours, and directions.
  • Click on the direction indicator, select the car icon on the navigation, type your address or choose your location for Google Maps to decide where you are at. If Google Maps doesn’t have permission to access your location, enter a known location on the location column, and select the nearest location from the Google Maps suggestions.
  • Instantly, Google Maps will show you the direction to the gas station, the kilometre from your location, and how many minutes drive to the gas station.

How to Send Gas Station Location Direction to Phone

In case you do not want to repeat the same process to find the nearest gas station on your phone if you are using a computer or PC to find a gas station that is nearby, follow the steps below to send the nearby gas station address and directions to your phone.

  • Find the nearest gas station using the method we shared above.
  • Click on send directly to your phone.
  • Select the phone from the popup or select your phone number to send the gas station location to your phone as a text.
  • The gas station location will be sent to your phone instantly.
  • Now, click on the nearest gas station direction that Google sent to your phone from the web.
  • The gas station address and location will be opened on your via Google Maps.

With this guide, you should be able to find the nearest gas station on your phone and PC and send the gas station address to your phone.

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