Fix: This APK File Might Contain Unsafe Content

If you rely only on apps downloaded from play store when you can download and install a 3rd party apps on the open source you are missing a lot except you are been restricted with the error message “this APK file might contain unsafe content”.

When installing APK app as a novice you’d probably run into a problem of unsafe content due to restriction from Google protect your device and its own protect from a virus infection and to make sure your OS and phone contents are safe.

However, when you are encountered with the error message that the APK app you are trying to install may contain unsafe content. This might really not result from a virus rather it comes from installing an app not approved by Google.

This warning message is to stop you from installing apps Android OS doesn’t recognize which might cause a problem with your phone. However, there are steps to solve the “this apk file might contain unsafe content”.

What to do When App Installer Says APK not Safe

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with the app you want to install. The error message doesn’t imply that the app contains a virus. It’s just a warning message to make sure you play safe.

You will also notice that this kind of error message doesn’t pop up when installing apps from Google play store. This is because can trust the source and sure of it that it doesn’t contain any line of a suspicious code.

If the “this APK file might contain unsafe content” has really gotten to your head and would love to fix it, this is what to do first.

Fix APK File Might Contain Unsafe Content

To fix this error message follow these procedures

  • Go to Phone settings
  • Click on Security
  • Scroll down the security interface and tap on Unknown sources

This will grant your phone a direct access to install apps that are not downloaded directly from Google play store.

You May Not Have a Proper App for Viewing this Content

Fix: This APK File Might Contain Unsafe Content

This error message pop up on your Android when you are trying to install an app from a third party site or using a third party app like Uptodown APK app.

This error is as a result of Android system installer unable to validate the app content and even if, the App system does not trust the app and thus popping you may not have a proper app for viewing this content.

How to Fix ‘You may Not have Proper App for Viewing this Content’?

There is no special skill required to fix the error message. Once the error message popup, acknowledge it and disregard the notification provided the app is downloaded from a trusted APK site.

To fix the “you may not have proper app for view this content follow this procedure

  • Go to Phone app icon
  • Tap on App Manager
  • Click on download folder  directory ( Internal or MicroSD) depending on where your downloaded files are kept
  • Click on the app
  • And install

The error message will not show up and you are done.

This method is tested and trust. If you have difficulties fixing this message do leave a comment so that we can be of help. But, we are very sure it fixes it.

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