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If you are a Cricket game fan using CricBuzz you’d be following game schedule, game fixtures, players updates, live scores, and injury updates whether on the sport today or on the internet. But, it’s really amazing how technology and the internet have revolutionalized our lives and make everything available at the tip of our fingers.

There are different apps to follow up cricket games update, when the next season begins, previous season recap and best performing player, next big player come next season and lot more. To this is why Piyush Agrawal, Pankaj Chhaparwal, and Pravin Hegde created an app around cricket games update in three different languages, English, Hindi and other Indian Languages.

Within a few years, the cricket app has grown all over the world and was sold out in 2014 to Times Internet, a subsidiary of Times of India. And currently, the popular cricket game app has over a billion active visitors both on the site and on the app with an average worth of $7,800,000 in revenue and still growing.

CricBuzz is a website based on cricket update only. There is no other information other than cricket live score, goals update, players information, season and pre-season updates, players injury, commentators update, and lot more.

CricBuzz app download

How CricBuzz Works

You’d probably want to know how the CricBuzz app works? You can be at home watching live cricket game on your TV when you subscribe to a cable. And you can also follow up cricket update online and on a mobile app. However, it’s this convenience that you enjoy using the CricBuzz app on Android, Windows, and Apple OS.

This is how CricBuzz works. CrickBuzz officials have speculators at cricket playing center updating the backend officials on the current situation and information on what to update. If it requires a video coverage, CricBuzz reporter does that to make sure the information they give and release to their fans and visitors are a first-hand information and genuine information.

For instance, they have a lot of part-time works in different countries to help cover an event and bring in the first information they need on time to keep their visitors on their website and on the mobile app.

So, with this, the backend officials use the company application to update their database often to make sure the followers are giving what they are looking for.

CricBuzz vs Livescore

Livescore is a popular website based on update all kind of sports including cricket, basketball, baseball, football, volleyball, and many more. However, the case is different when it comes to CricBuzz website and mobile app.

CricBuzz is a website that is based on cricket sports update. The updates include live score, players stand, the team stands on the table, team review, team and player news, and many more than has to do with cricket game.

You can say that CricBuzz is a sub of However, the Indians and other countries show their love for cricket through the CricBuzz.

How to Access CricBuzz

There are two ways to gain access to Cric Buzz cricket sports website. First, on mobile and browsers.

The simplest way to gain access is by using the CricBuzz app. This will be shared below and how to download it. However, you can also use the website URL at to access the cricket website and follow your favorite team and games.

The website flexibility is what to consider when you choose web pages over the mobile app. Although both serve the same purpose for a quick access, the mobile app is recommended.

Unable to Access

By default, there is no single restriction from access the website except you are blocked from accessing it on your IP address. Or, the website may be blocked on your IP address if you are using school or office network.

Don’t bother yourself much, there is a way out that will not let the network provider knows you are using CriBuzz to follow IPL league table or teams points on the table. While you have to keep it personal so that you will not be caught that you bypass the network provider’s firewall you can be assured that no trace of your activities will be known except you share it verbally.


What you need is a VPN (virtual private network) to change your IP address to a location different from your real IP address. This will grant an unrestricted access to the website and you can follow all the games and fixtures update, you can also watch videos and follow up the news update.

For a mobile VPN, download opera VPN. If you are using Chrome browser, check out these popular VPN extensions for Chrome.

Use Proxy Sites

This is almost similar to a VPN but it works in a different way. Unlike VPN, you do not need to change your IP address, rather, you’ll follow a website to access on your browsers rather than going straight to the website in the address bar.

What most proxy sites does is to help unblock you from a website you are already blocked by the network provider or internet settings. If you are blocked from access Youku website, you can check this article, and here is a list of proxy websites to unblock CricBuzz.

Download CricBuzz App

You can download CricBuzz app for all mobile following the link below. It supports smartphones like Samsung (popular brand), iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, and an iPhone XL. For java user, it requires an additional procedure to download and install CricBuzz APK.

Android Download | iOS Download | Windows Phone Download

Install CricBuzz Chrome Extension

Of all browsers, CricBuzz extension can be installed directly on Chrome to follow IPL updates, live score, points on the table, leading team, injury team, crickets game videos, and cricket news and other information.

You can also use this extension on your smartphone if you like. Follow this guideline on how to use PC plugin on a mobile browser for free.

For PC users, you can download and install the Chrome browser extension here. The plugin has over 33,000 users already so you can be part of the fun and share the story with your friends to be part too.

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