How to Fix Roku Error Code 009

Roku error code 009 appears on your screen when your Roku device cannot connect to the internet but is connected to your router. This implies that your device is unable to establish a connection with the internet despite being connected to the router.

The error code 009 message on Roku usually occurs while a user is streaming content, and it is primarily due to a problem with internet connectivity. In some cases, the error code can also appear whenever your Roku device has problems with authentication.

In simpler terms, when your Roku is connected to your wireless router but unfortunately cannot establish a working connection or get a stable internet signal, the Roku 009 error code will occur.

roku error code 009

Causes of Roku Error Code 009

Now that you know what a Roku error code is and the primary cause, before proceeding to how to get rid of the error code, take time to understand and familiarize yourself with the other causes should in case it keeps happening regularly over time.

1. Issues with Roku Device Configuration

Your Roku device could be having some certain issues internally, which ultimately prevents it from connecting to the Roku servers. These internal problems are different, but in most cases, it is due to a problem with your Roku device’s system software. System software can get corrupted over time, and this, in turn, limits some of the device’s functionalities after corruption, which in the long run leads to error code 009 messages on your Roku.

2. Corrupt DNS Cache

It is possible that the error occurs because the DNS configurations that the router has cached to use in connecting to the internet are corrupt. When this happens, there will be an interruption during the process of establishing a proper connection because some of the DNS servers will not be able to establish a connection.

3. Regular Internet Disconnection

In addition to a corrupt DNS cache, your internet connectivity could be getting disconnected way too often for the Roku device to establish a stable connection. This, in turn, means that Roku will have trouble establishing a connection with its database.

The Roku service needs a proper, fast, and stable connection because it is being used to stream content. Therefore, with regular disconnection from the internet, the Roku error code 009 is inevitable.

4. Loose Cables

Asides this causes, it can also be one or more loose cables causing the Roku message error code 009 to appear. Some cables that are responsible for connecting your devices might already be loose or not properly connected to each other.

Therefore, the error will be triggered. It is, then, necessary and important that you make sure that there are no problems with your cables and all cables, both data cables, and power cables are properly plugged-in and in the right way as well.

How to Fix Roku Error Code 009

Well, now that you know the possible reasons why you are seeing this error, what now is the way forward? How then do you fix the Roku error message code 009? It is important for you to know that there have been hundreds of complaints about this issue, and you are not alone. These steps and solutions are also easy to follow, so pay attention, and you will be able to fix the error code 009.

1. Power-cycle Devices to Fix the Error Code

Usually, a conflict in the launch configurations causes the error, and this is because they have been corrupted (as stated earlier). Therefore, you will need to power-cycle your devices. In power-cycling, we will clear the device’s cached data and as well as the router’s DNS cache. To perform power-cycling, follow the steps below:

  • Unplug the power cable from its power source. This concerns all devices; unplug that of your Roku device and your router.
  • For at least 15 seconds, long-press the power button for the devices involved.
  • Plug the devices’ power cables back and switch them on with the power button.
  • Wait patiently till the devices are back on and check to see if the Roku error code 009 has been fixed.

2. Reset your Roku Network Settings

If, after the first solution, Roku error code 009 has not been fixed, don’t worry, there are other ways. As a result of corrupt system configurations in the Roku network, you may need to reset your network settings. To this end, below are the steps to perform the operation:

  • Open Roku
  • Log into your account
  • Navigate to settings
  • Select the “System” tab
  • Choose the “WiFi” option
  • Click on “Setup New WiFi Connection Option”
  • Choose your preferred WiFi, and when prompted, select the “I am at home.”
  • Click “Automatic” in the options that proceed
  • Enter your password.
  • Immediately connection is established, check to confirm if the error code 009 has been cleared on your Roku.

3. Reset Software

Should in case the steps above do not work, you may need to reset the software. The following are the steps to reset software.

  • Open the Roku app
  • Log in to your account.
  • Navigate to settings and click on Settings
  • Next up, click “System Restart.”
  • Select “Factory Reset”
  • Wait patiently till your device restarts and check to see if the error code has been fixed.

What we shared above are the steps we took to fix the 009 error message on your Roku when it’s giving us a headache. You should be able to achieve the same result with your Roku when the error 009 code occurs.

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