How to Activate Paramount Network on Samsung Smart TV

If you have a Samsung TV and a paramount network account; here is a post for you. Here in this article, you will learn how to activate paramount network on Samsung TV.

In March 2021, Paramount Plus was launched to replace CBS All Access, with diverse series of shows and movies, exclusive originals, and sports. The single show is mostly associated with the Paramount name Yellowstone and not Paramount Plus. You need to understand and follow the paramount network activation on Samsung smart TV steps carefully.

One important thing to carefully note about streaming Yellowstone is that there’s a difference between Paramount Plus and Paramount Network, which is where Yellowstone premiered on its fourth season Sunday.

So, with this, we will be talking about Paramount network activation on Samsung smart TV. 

If you are interested in streaming the rest of the episodes of Yellowstone’s fourth season as they air, the very first place to stream them will be on Paramount Network’s channel, app, or website.

Only registered online viewers will have the access to stream the Yellowstone episodes. Registered online viewers imply to the people who can log in with their live-TV service details to prove they already subscribed to a plan for Paramount Network.

Note that you can’t stream Yellowstone on Paramount Plus either old or new episodes or new.

Paramount Network is a conventional cable channel accessible to people who subscribed to it through a live-TV provider such as cable, satellite, or a live-channel streaming service like YouTube TV or Philo.

The shows and movies of Paramount Network include the new episodes of Yellowstone, which are readily available to stream on the web at or on the Paramount Network app itself. 

Does Samsung TV have Paramount Network?

Samsung TV support paramount network and paramount+. The downside is that you need to install the app on your TV yourself and Samsung does not preinstall the Paramount network or paramount plus app on the device just like they did for Netflix, Spectrum, and other streaming services.

Meanwhile, whether does Samsung TV have paramount network or paramount+ may depend on your region.

So, if you are not seeing the Paramount network or Paramount+ app in the TV apps section it could mean that the app is not available in your region at the moment.

Does Samsung TV have Paramount?

No! Samsung TV doesn’t have paramount+ and paramount network installed by default. But, all Samsung TV owners that’d need to use the paramount app will need to download and install the Paramount app from the Samsung store provided the app is still available in the store.

Samsung TV Paramount Channel

Paramount has a different channel on your Samsung TV to access free content on Paramount Network or connect to your TV provider’s network to access the premium service you already subscribed to. Therefore, here, we will discuss how to access Samsung TV paramount channel.

  • Press your “Samsung TV” menu button.
  • Navigate to “Apps.”
  • Select “Paramount Network” or “Paramount+.”
  • Sign into your account or sign up for a new account if you are a new user.
  • Choose “Browse” or “Live TV” channel.

Note: Paramount does not have a commercial channel at the moment and the Samsung TV paramount channel can be accessed via the app browse section or live TV.

What Channel is Paramount Network on Samsung TV

Paramount Network doesn’t have a channel on Samsung TV. So, if you are searching for what channel is the paramount network on Samsung TV you are probably mixing things together. Samsung TV and paramount Network are two different services.

We all know that the Samsung TV is a visual device that supports media output via the internet or from a supported app like the Paramount network or via a webpage.

However, Paramount network does not have a channel on Samsung TV but has an app that can be installed on the TV. With Paramount on Samsung TV, you can easily browse through different categories and live channels on it via the paramount network app or the paramount+ app.

On the contrary, there are over 180 channels on Samsung TV and still counting that cut across entertainment, news, movies, events, diary, and a lot more.

Is Paramount Network on Samsung smart TV

It’s unfortunate that Paramount Network is not on Samsung Smart TV. I have a Tizen-powered Samsung smart TV  but the Paramount network app is not available in the apps store.

So, if your concern is; is paramount network on Samsung smart TV before committing to the service you’d be disappointed that at the end.

On the contrary, you can use Amazon Fire TV or Roku with your Samsung Smart TV to enjoy Paramount Network content on the platform at no extra cost from your TV provider’s service.

Note: If you need a standalone premium service you should consider the Paramount Plus.

How to Get Paramount Network on Samsung Smart TV

If your Samsung smart TV was made in 2020 or it’s running on the Tizen OS instead of the Orsay OS you might not be able to get the Paramount Network on your Samsung.

Therefore, before we proceed with this on how to get paramount network on Samsung smart TV; I’ll walk you through how to check your Samsung TV OS.

Follow the steps below to learn how to check your Samsung Smart TV OS.

  • Press the “Menu” button.
  • Choose “Support.”
  • Navigate to and select “Contact Samsung.”
  • A new window will pop up containing your Samsung smart TV information such as the firmware version, serial number, and model code.

If your Samsung Smart TV OS is Orsay OS you will be able to get the Paramount Network app on it. But; if you are using the Tizen OS, you might not be able to install apps from other sources other than the official Samsung apps store.

So, you will learn how to get Paramount Network on Samsung smart TV by following the steps below.

  • Press the “Home” button on your remote to pop your Samsung smart TV menu.
  • Use the left arrow to navigate to “Apps” and press the “Enter” button to select it.
  • Search for “Paramount Network” and select install it once the result appears.
  • Click “Install” once you are moved to the app information screen.
  • Once the paramount network app has been installed successfully you can either close the app or open it or add the app to your smart TV home screen.

Paramountnetwork com Activate Samsung TV

There are two ways to activate Paramount Network on a Samsung TV via your TV provider’s account.

  • Using the official Paramount Network app.
  • Using Paramount Network activation code.

The second approach requires the Paramount Network activation portal and access to your TV provider’s network.

You will be asked to visit paramountnetwork com activate Samsung TV [to be discussed below] on a web browser and enter the activation code and sign into your TV provider’s account

The activation code varies though and expires with time. However, you can always regenerate a new activation code on the Paramount Network app on your Samsung smart TV.

How to Activate Paramount Network activation on Samsung smart TV

How to Activate Paramount Network on Samsung TV

To enjoy and watch different entertainment content you must ensure your Smart TV is compatible with the Paramount network.

Other devices that are compatible with your Paramount network are as follows; a smartphone, PlayStation, tablet, or computer but for this article, we are concentrating on Samsung Smart TV.

Follow the steps below for Paramount network activation on Samsung smart TV:

  • Download the “Paramount Network App” ( a channel streaming application of Paramount) from the Play Store or App Store. 
  • Open the “Paramount Network App”, and a welcome screen will appear.
  •  Fill in your login details (username and password of your Paramount account)
  • An activation code will be displayed on your screen after a successful login
  • Copy the code and write it down somewhere until the process ends for future use.
  • Open the web browser on your mobile device.
  •  Search for on the browser, using the search button.
  • You will be asked to provide the activation code of your activate account.
  • Fill in the seven-digit activation code number, and tap on the “Continue” button.
  • Once this step has been completed successfully, you will be directed to the login page.
  • Enter your login ID and password. Then, press the ‘Enter’ button.
  • Now you can access the Paramount network and can enjoy different shows and movies of your choice.

Don’t miss the step to activate Paramount Network on all smart and streaming devices.

Paramount Network app Samsung TV

Follow the steps below to learn how to download and install the paramount network app on Samsung tv.

  • Switch on your Samsung TV and connect it to the internet.
  • Press the “Home” button on the remote.
  • Navigate to “Apps” and press the “Enter” button to select it.
  • Search for “Paramount Network” using the search box.
  • Highlight “Install” and press “Enter” to download and install the paramount network app.
  • Once you have successfully installed the app you can choose to open the app menu or use the “Add to Home” button to add the app to your Home.

The steps above answer your question regarding “how do I get paramount network on my Samsung smart tv.”

How to Activate Paramount Network On Samsung TV

  • Go to Apps from the home screen of your Samsung smart TV.
  • Click on the search button to look for ‘Paramount Network’.
  •  Then, download the Paramount Network application.
  • Launch the Paramount Network application by opening the app.
  • Tap Sign In.
  • Follow the steps prompted to activate your account.
  • Sign in with your TV provider details after successful activation.

Paramount Network Activation on Samsung TV

To activate Paramount Network on your Samsung smart TV, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to Settings and click on Sign in
  • Click on
  • You will see an activation code displayed on the website. 
  • Go to on your PC or mobile device, enter the activation code, and tap “Activate”.
  • Your TV screen will refresh, now, you can stream on your Samsung smart TV.

How to Watch Paramount Network on Samsung Smart TV

How do you watch your favourite paramount network movies/series/shows? Once you have downloaded and activated the paramount network app on your Samsung TV  you can follow the steps below to learn how to watch paramount network on smart tv.

  • Open the Paramount network app on your smart TV. For a comprehensive guide on how to watch paramount network on your TV check out this guide.
  • Sign into your account using your login email and password. The username and password you use when creating your paramount network account.
  • You can navigate the paramount network homepage or check through the categories to find which series or movies to watch on your smart TV.

The steps above show you how to watch paramount network on smart tv in the United State.

However, if you are blocked from accessing the paramount network server from your location the next guide will guide you through how to watch paramount network on Samsung smart tv outside the United State.

How to Watch ParamountNetwork on Samsung Smart TV Outside the United States

Samsung smart TV apps store doesn’t support most VPN apps [Tizen OS] to watch content from geo-lock on the TV. However, ExpressVPN let you set up and use a media streamer on your Samsung tv.

The downside is that you cannot hide or change your location on smart TV including your Samsung TV.

Therefore, here, we will discuss how to watch paramount network on Samsung smart tv outside the United State using ExpressVPN media streamer.

  • Register an IP address on the ExpressVPN website. With this, ExpressVPN will be able to recognize the IP address and grant you access to use the MediaStreamer.
  • Alternatively, you can use the DDNS hostname. But, you must register the DDNS hostname on ExpressVPN.

If those steps are too cumbersome you can turn to mirror your phone to your Samsung smart TV using the ExpressVPN app on your phone to unlock the paramount network geo-lock on your phone and mirror it to your phone.

Note: You can only mirror your screen. You can’t cast your screen on your Samsung TV. But if your Samsung TV support AirPlay 2 you can mirror or cast your iOS or macOS to your TV.

  • Download and install ExpressVPN on your phone.
  • Open the app and connect to your preferred location.
  • Open the paramount network app on your phone.
  • Play your preferred choice of movie to watch.
  • Swipe down your phone screen and click on the mirror/cast icon
  • Choose your Samsung smart TV from the list.
  • Connect and instantly your phone screen will be mirrored to your Samsung TV using the VPN service.

With this Samsung TV paramount network guide, you should be able to watch paramount network movies anywhere in the world whether your region is restricted or not.

Unable to Access

In case you are having challenges accessing the activation code, follow the steps below doggedly to fix the problem:

  • Discard the activation code previously used.
  • Follow the procedure again to generate a new activation code.
  • Try to “Regenerate Code”. Do this by logging in to the activation code page to generate a “new activation code”.
  • Try accessing your account using the new code. Now, you can successfully stream Paramount Network Media.
  • Are you still having problems with the new activation code? Then try the incognito mode of your browser.
  • Try to access in this mode.
  • The alternate method you can try is to uninstall the Paramount Network App from your smart device.
  • Then, reinstall the app, and follow the same process for “Paramount Account Activation Steps at”.

Quite a large variety of HD videos can be enjoyed using the Paramount Network account. The caption that appears while playing the video can be stopped. It will amaze you to know that this network service is free.

All you need do is apply for the network with your TV service provider. Also, the seven-digit activation code at is very unique for every account holder in the sense that no one can access your account except you. Paramount network activation on Samsung smart TV.

I hope this article was quite helpful and it sure solved your Paramount network activation problems. Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below. For more articles on related gadget problems, click here.

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