How to get Water out of your Charging Port

Devices falling inside water or getting drenched in water must have happened even to the most careful person on Earth one time or the other, so quit the pointing accusing fingers, and let’s get to work. No one is above mistakes, it could have been anybody. As you follow through with this article, you will learn how to get water out of your charging port easily.  

Water entering into your device’s charging port can tamper with a lot of its functionalities especially if the whole device was submerged in water, this could lead to serious damage that might not be repairable. 

Although, most Modern smartphones in the market today are water-resistant. However, that doesn’t mean your phone can’t suffer from liquid damage. Note that water-resistant phones are not waterproof, which implies that the metal elements in your phone can still corrode and stop working effectively once they come in contact with even a drop of water. The metal pins inside your charging port are also not left out.  

There are several ways you can remove water from a charging port trending online that can cause more serious harm to your device rather than repair and solve the problem. If you can follow the step-by-step method stated in this article then you will be on your way to solving how to get water out of your charging port.

How to get Water out of your Charging Port

What happens when water enters your charging port?

At times, you may not even know that water has entered your charging port, it could be from a shower, sweat, the pool, and so on. Once you see any of the notifications or signs listed below then you should know that water has entered your charging port:

  • You will see an alert pop up on your phone, saying “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector”
  • This implies that your phone’s charging port or charging cable is wet or moist.
  • Charging your phone when the port is still moist can lead to damaged hardware components, like the pins and the cables.
  • The charging cable or port may stop working.
  • You can also get electric shocks in the process of charging your phone.
  • The electrical current could also cause the metal to corrode and the connector strip will stop working.

You will get to know how to get water out of your charging port as you read further down the lines of this article.

How to get Water out of your Charging Port

What to avoid while getting water out of a Charging Port

While trying to get water out of your charging port, there are several precautions you need to follow. Although some methods have been speculated to be effective which is not true, rather they have the potential of creating bigger problems than they solve. Here are some of the don’ts to avoid while getting water out of the port below:

  • Do not insert any foreign or sharp objects into the charging port, such as a cotton swab or paper towel. You only push the moisture deeper into your device or you scratch the internal components.
  • Do not use a hairdryer or oven to heat the device as this may overheat your device and even damage the metal inside the charging port. Some components like the battery, the screen, and seals are quite sensitive to heat.
  • Never leave your phone in a bowl of dry rice or some type of grains. This doesn’t dry out the water any quicker (it takes about 10 to 11 days to dry), and even small bits of rice can get stuck in the charging port and damage it.
  • Never blow air into the port as this can cause moisture to slide further inside the device. 
  • Never use isopropyl alcohol because it’s highly conductive and can transfer electrical charges made by the device. Isopropyl alcohol has also been diluted with water, adding it will cause even more moisture to the device. 
  • Do not use cat litter, silica gel packets, or any heat source.

All these drying methods listed above don’t work effectively, and in most cases even cause more damage to your phone in the long run! You will get to know how to get water out of your charging port as you read further down the lines of this article. How to get Water out of your Charging Port

Signs of Water Damage on your Device

Your device may show any of these signs of water damage which is even beyond just water getting into your charging port. These signs include:

  • The device won’t turn on: This sign is quite obvious, when your device won’t power on despite having a full charge, then the device may have water damage issues. 
  • Applications won’t load or go on: Once your device stops loading applications or if an app like the flashlight remains on despite all attempts to turn it off, then you may be having a water damage issue.
  • The speakers stop working: The speaker of your device may stop working and not produce any sound, even the microphones won’t pick up sound.
  • The device can’t read the SIM card or there’s no service: A device suffering from water damage may not be able to detect the SIM card or may not even be able to connect to the cellular network.
  • Your device starts getting hot: Once a lithium-ion battery deteriorates from damage like water damage, it can get really hot.
  • You will see fog under the screen: Once you start seeing fog or water droplets underneath the screen, this means that moisture has accumulated within the device over time.

Once you are familiar with the signs you will be able to know how to get water out of your charging port.

How to get Water out of your Charging Port

How to Get Water out of your Charging Port

Here’s how to get water out of your charging port easily, ensure to take note of the precautions stated in the previous section of this post. Follow the steps below:

Switch OFF your Phone

This is the first thing to do to avoid any further damage to your device. Most times, it’s not the water that damages the device but the shorting out the effect of an electric charge because of the water. You reduce the risk by turning off your phone.

Abandon the device in a well-ventilated area to dry

Leave the phone in a well-ventilated room where the air is actively circulating with the charging port exposed, or pointing down so gravity can help the drying process if possible.

You need to be patient and allow your device gets completely dry. You will be happy once the water is gone and it’s working well again.How to get Water out of your Charging Port

Allow the device dry for 30 minutes

This is similar to the previous fix, however, you can try leaving your device dry for at least 30 minutes, then go back and check the port. In case there is still moisture inside, or if you are still getting a “liquid detected” error, then you might need to extend the 30 minutes to hours. 

Carefully tap the device with your palm to remove water from the charging port

In case your device is portable enough and you can hold it with just one hand, then tap it gently against your palm with the charging port facing downwards. This can also help to knock out excess water.

Although it looks silly it sure works. You can go ahead to repeat this process over and over again. It’s not strange if you see full drops of water flowing out of your charging port after trying this!

Dry your phone with a towel

Once you see drops of water flowing out, quickly grab a towel to dry the entry surface of your phone. However, ensure that there is no water anywhere around your phone.

Remove the SIM card and battery, if applicable

Your SIM card, as small as it is holds unique information that connects it to your mobile network. You can use your phones to receive calls, send text messages and even connect to the internet because of this small card. 

SIM cards are designed with extremely fragile electronics, that can be damaged with just a little drop of water. Remove the SIM card tray first, which can be found along the sides of your phone. You will see a small cut-out and a pin-sized hole, you can use a paper clip to tap through the hole.

Place your phone in a sock and blow cool air into it 

This sounds absurd, right? Just try placing your phone in a sock, keep blowing air into it and once it’s after 3 hours, your phone’s charging port will be completely dry. That’s it! You can start using your phone again.

Finally, in case your phone has a removable battery, you might need to remove it as well. Since most phones, these days don’t have accessible batteries, you may as well skip this step.

This is all you need on how to get water out of your charging port, it’s quite easy and simple. If you can get water out of your port, kindly drop a comment in the section below and let us know which of the fixes worked for you.

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