How to fix AirPods Case not Charging no Light

Are you perplexed and wondering why your AirPods case is not charging your earphones anymore after leaving it for a long time to charge? Relax! This article will guide you on how to fix the AirPods case not charging no light issues before considering visiting the Apple store for repairs. 

You can try troubleshooting these glitches that may be causing your AirPods case not to charge without light all by yourself. If your AirPods case is not charging with or without an orange light as some users often complain, then there’s a problem somewhere.

In some cases, the wireless earbuds won’t charge uniformly, or at times, only the left or right AirPod will not charge while the other bud will work perfectly without any issue. However, some of the users who encounter this charging issue fall victims to fake AirPods.

You can try exchanging the charging pads, charging cables, and maybe the power source if your AirPod case won’t charge. Always check the AirPods charging case status light once it’s been plugged into a power source (it determines the battery level of your AirPods). Cleaning the case’s lightning port regularly can also help fix this charging no light problem or you simply get it serviced by Apple. For more troubleshooting tips, scroll down to the sections below. AirPods Case not Charging no Light

Why is my AirPod charging case not lighting up?

In case your AirPods case is not charging and also not flashing any light, then you need to check out the following to be sure of where the problem is coming from:

  • Ensure to check your connections. 
  • Make sure the lightning to USB cable is firmly connected to the charging case and USB power adapter especially if you have AirPods or AirPods Pro.
  • The power adapter must be accurately plugged into the power outlet. 

If any of the above has not been set in place, then it’s the reason why your AirPods charging case is not lighting up. AirPods Case not Charging no Light

Why does my AirPod case not have a light on the front?

AirPods case usually blinks different colors of light indicating whether it’s charging, low, or fully charged. However, if your charging case won’t show any light at all, then this is a sign that it’s faulty.  

A white blinking light on AirPods indicates that AirPods are ready to connect to your Apple device(s). When you see an amber or green light flashing, then there’s a problem. No light indicates that the battery is dead and needs a recharge immediately. You can as well check your iOS or Android device’s battery percentage.

Is my AirPods Case Charging if the light Isn’t on?

Once you can’t see any light blinking on the case and your AirPods are placed in it, then it means that the case’s battery is totally drained, and need a quick recharge. No light indicates that the battery is dead!AirPods Case not Charging no Light

How do you know if your AirPods are dead?

Well, detecting if your AirPods are dead or not involves an easy step which is as follows:

  • Open your case lid while your AirPods are inside and place your case close to your iOS device.
  •  Wait for a few seconds to check the charging status of your AirPods.
  • The charge status of your AirPods can also be checked with the Batteries widget on your iOS devices.

In case you have the AirPods Pro or AirPods (3rd generation), you can touch the case slightly while it’s still on the charging mat to see if your AirPods Pro or AirPods (3rd gen) are charging (with the proof of amber light blinking) or completely charged (green light).AirPods Case not Charging no Light

How to fix AirPod case that won’t turn on?

If your Airpod case won’t turn on even after connecting it to a power source to charge or you can’t see any light blinking on it, then you need to try the troubleshooting steps below:

  • The first thing you need to do is check if the AirPods batteries are working optimally.  
  • Next thing is to ensure that the charging case battery is in a good condition.
  • Now, check the charging cable and be sure it doesn’t have a cut. 
  • Always check your AirPods for dust and debris that might be interfering with their functionality. 
  • Always check for Software Updates and update to the latest version when necessary. 

Any of the above fixes should the issue of the AirPods case not charging no light. AirPods Case not Charging no Light

How to fix AirPods Case not Charging No Light

AirPods case not charging no light is not a common issue unlike when one or both of the AirPods are having issues. However, it still occurs once in a while. Although it’s very easy to notice once you plug it in and you can’t see any light.

This glitch is mainly related to a software issue, which can be easily fixed by following the steps below:

Try using a different charger

Are you charging your AirPods case via a USB wall adapter? Then, you can try to connect it to a different one before anything else. In case you also have a Mac or PC, you can plug it into 2 other ports to verify if the charger is the issue or not.

If after checking, you realized that both the cable and charger are perfect and working optimally with other devices (i.e., iPhone or other USB devices), then there’s a problem with the case.

In case trying a different charger doesn’t fix the AirPods case not charging no light issue, you can proceed to the next troubleshooting step below. AirPods Case not Charging no Light

Change the USB cable you are using

The lightning cables might be faulty, ensure they are properly plugged into your AirPods case.

  • In case the lightning cable is too short or becomes slack, it may need a replacement.
  • Try as much as possible to avoid using extension cords on your AirPods charging case.
  • Ensure that the power adapter is firmly plugged into the outlet. 

If this doesn’t make the AirPods case charge, then you can try to change to another power outlet or port in case you are using a computer.

Check the power outlet

To fix the AirPods case not charging no light issues, your AirPods case can be charged by connecting it to any USB port on your laptop or by plugging the charging cable into an adapter.

However, in case the battery is not charging, try to remove all obstacles inhibiting it as fast as possible. A USB port or wall outlet that has been tested already with a different device is perfect for charging the AirPods.

In a situation where you are not sure, you can test with different power outlets and charging cables.AirPods Case not Charging no Light

Thoroughly clean the AirPods tail and case Charging Port

Check and ensure that your Apple AirPods case is always kept clean and sparkling all the time. If there is dirt inside your wireless charging case, especially around the charging ports, it may hinder the case from charging.

You can make use of a clean dry cloth to remove dust and dirt around the battery’s port and AirPods tail. 

Also, take note to never use any liquid or cleaning substances to clean the AirPods case as can further damage the interior part of the device, instead, you can try blowing it away. Apart from that, you can also clean the case with a toothbrush to make sure a pin has not been blocked by either dust or dirt.

Here’s how to clean AirPods charging port:

  • Make use of a soft-bristled brush.
  • Carefully brush out the dirt.
  • Now, connect the charging cable to the port and check if it begins charging
  • Connect your charging cable and try again this time.

If cleaning the charging case doesn’t fix the AirPods case not charging no light issue, just proceed to the next step below.AirPods Case not Charging no Light

Update AirPods Firmware

AirPods case not charging no light issue may be due to a software problem. If it’s been a while since you paired your AirPods, then you may likely experience this issue. However, I’m glad to let you know that this issue can be fixed with a simple firmware upgrade. Below is how to update AirPods firmware:

  • Remove the AirPods from the case and then insert them back.
  • Cover the case lid and connect the charging cable to the port.
  • Ensure to place the case very close to your iPhone or iPad.
  • Wait for a few seconds to allow your device to check for any pending updates, and finally upgrade your AirPods case.

If your AirPods case is still not charging after the update has been done, you can proceed to the following method below.AirPods Case not Charging no Light

Reset the AirPods case

Resetting your AirPods case involved a straightforward process, follow the steps below:

  • Search for the setup button at the back of the AirPods case.
  • Long-press on the button for about 15 seconds or till you see the light flashes amber and then white.
  • Release the setup button to allow your AirPods case to reset automatically.
  • The AirPods case should have been restored to default by now.
  • You could try again and see if it charges your AirPods case.

In case your case battery is completely drained, you can also try plugging it into the charger for about a minute or two, ensure you open the lid with both AirPods inside and reset it again to see if that works.

Once you reset your AirPods case, the settings on your AirPods also reset. You can always change the settings again later. Usually, resetting the AirPods case completely fixes this issue. However, if this didn’t work for you, check out the next fix below.

Visit the Apple Store

Unfortunately, if none of the fixes above worked out for you, and your AirPod’s case not charging no light issue remains, then you may need to take it to the Apple store and try whatever the professional you meet tells you to do.

These issues are quite more common than most people think, therefore they should have a lasting solution to them or if not, you might be getting a new replacement as long as you are under warranty.AirPods Case not Charging no Light

Get a new AirPod case

In case your AirPods are out of warranty and the repair cost given to you by Apple Store is almost as expensive as getting a new AirPods case, then, it’s best you get a new AirPod case instead.

You can get a new AirPods case separately at $100 or less from any Apple store closest to you. 

Did any of the troubleshooting methods above help you fix the AirPods case not charging no light error? Feel free to drop your comment below and let’s know which one did. You can tell us in the comment section below.


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