How to Access Google Chrome History

Google Chrome history contains all activities carried out on Chrome browser. Chrome history includes search terms, search URL, visited websites on Chrome, bookmarked URL, and other related information you entered on Chrome browser when you make use of the internet to search for some important information.

The relevant of Chrome search history is to helps you have the knowledge of sites you visited on Chrome and other relevant information you have searched on Chrome. Chrome browser’s algorithm arranges search history based on the date of activities. Say you search for a term in Google using Chrome and close the browser’s tab, Chrome will save the search history in the history section on your browser so that you can access it later. But, the moment you clear the cache of your browser without backup your browser’s history all search history will be cleared and you will have nothing left in your Chrome search history.

Meanwhile, even after clearing your browser’s search history and caches, your Chrome activities remain until you visit the activities page and clear them. So, if you have some search histories you need and you have cleared your browser’s caches just go to your Chrome activity section and search for it.

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The Chrome history is different from Google activity. The search history disappears on chrome when you clear your browser’s cache depending on your chosen option when you want to clear the cache. While all activities on Google is not cleared by clearing the cache of your browser.

This implies that you have a different approach to clear and access Google Chrome history on both smartphone and computer. So, here today, I will share with you how to search for Chrome history on Windows and Mac OS as well as on Android phone, Windows phone, and on iPhone or iOS devices.

How to Access Google Chrome History

This procedure only works for Chrome browser. Other browsers like Mozilla, Opera-mini, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer and other popular browsers follow a different approach.

Google Chrome History on Windows

Google Chrome History

Here is how to access all your search history on Chrome browser provided you have not cleared your browser’s cache.

1. Click on Chrome browser’s icon on your desktop to launch the software program

2. Click on the 3 dots located at the upper right

3. From the pop-up, click on “History” and over your mouse to “History”

4. All your “Chome search history” will appear

Note: For easy way to access search history on Chrome use the shortcut “CTRL + H” simultaneously and all your search history will appear

Google Chrome History on Android & iPhone Devices

It is easy for Android phones to access search history provided you have not cleared your browsers search history and browser’s data.

1.  Open Chrome browser on your smartphone

2. Click on the 3 dots and click on “ Settings” from the drop-down menu

3. Click on “Search Engines” under “Basic Settings”

4. All search history will be found under “recently visited”

Note: If you clear your browser’s cache recently you will not be able to see your search history and all visited URLs will disappear. However, disable clear search history when you want to clear Chrome caches so that all your search histories will remain intact after you clear your browser’s cache.

This technical the easiest way to access search history on Chrome browser. The only reason you will not have access to all your search pages, posts, terms, and other relevant information is if you clear your browser’s cache or history once a while which is normal. All endeavor to backup Google Chrome history before you clear your browser’s cache.

How to Delete All Google Chrome History

If you are not interested in keeping your Google Chrome search history you can delete all your search history and keep your Chrome clean. When you delete all history it helps to keep your Chrome browser clean from old information and make it new. Meanwhile, the new Google Chrome browser’s update makes it very easy to delete all history once.

Delete All Chrome History on PC

To view and delete Chrome history on PC follow the procedure below…

1. Click on the Chrome browser on your desktop to launch the software program

2. Click on the 3 dots to the upper right and click on “More Tools”

3. Hover your mouse to “Clear Browsing Data”  or press “CTRL + Shift + Delete”

4. Hover your mouse pointer to “Advanced” and select “All Time” in the time range

5. Tick “Browsing History” and click on “Clear Data”

Note: Under basic settings, you have all Google activities option. The Google activity kept all your browsing histories, search terms, visited pages, bookmarked site, and other information relating to your browsing history.

The process-shared above can also clear all Chrome history on all device if you logged into Chrome on all your devices. This also does not affect your Chrome activity. When I did try it on my PC and Android phone my Google activity remain intact until I manually cleared it.

How to Delete All Google Chrome History on Android Phones

You can also delete all Chrome browsing data on your Android phone with a simple step; there are two simple ways to delete all search history on Chrome for Android phones. But here is the classic way to do that.

1. Open Chrome for Android on your device

2. Click on the 3 dots and go to Settings > Advanced > Privacy

3. Click on “Clear Browsing Data” beneath the page

4. Select all browsing history from the popup and click on “Clear Button”

This will simply clear all browsing histories on your Android phone. Following a short circuit, you can clear all Chrome browsing history typing “chrome:history” to give a direct access to all your histories and highlight the one to delete or keep for future reference.

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