How to Hide Picture on Android Without Apps

You will learn how to hide pictures on Android without apps in this article today. A picture they say, speaks more than words can. However, if you have some pictures that are not to be made public or seen by third-party you can hide them.

There are various ways to hide pictures on Android devices. Whether you are using Samsung, LG, Infinix mobile, Tecno, iPhone 6, Xiaomi, and other smartphone devices.

To hide a picture in an Android phone, such a picture must be in a hidden folder where no one can have access to it. Taking security control of your Android phone is not enough to hide photos on your device.

However, a lot of Android users prefer to hide media on their device using AppLock using a discrete password as the access. This is sound and health, but the moment another person know the password to the AppLock, all the information on the device is no longer hidden.

There are a lot of Android apps to hide files and folder on Android phone using a password different from screen lock password, FingerPrint scanner, and Face lock identification to unlock your device.

Therefore, this article gives a descriptive way to hide pictures on Android gallery without a root access and without the use of a password or AppLock on your Android phone.

Pre-requisite to Hide Pictures on Android

The basic requirements to hide photos in Android gallery are:

  1. File Manager which can be downloaded here if it’s not preloaded into your Android phone
  2. This tutorial

Note: Virtually all File Explorer works for this trick. Few of the common File Explorer to make pictures private on Android devices includes but not limited to:

  • ES File Explorer
  • File Manager
  • ASTRO File Manager

In this tutorial, I will make use of ES File Explorer to perform the trick. Therefore, I expect you to use the explorer and you can even try others to gain more knowledge on the simple ways to hide photos on Android using different File manager.

How to Hide Pictures on Android Gallery

Here is the procedure to hide pictures on most Android devices if NOT all Android devices without apps.

Launch ES File Explorer and click on the folder directory you want to hide your pictures

Tap the Menu option to the upper right and then click on the 3 dots and click new to create a new folder

Hide pictures on Android

Give your folder a name you can easily remember with a period before it [e.g.Hide] and then click  OK to save new folder.

Hide pictures on Android

Click on the Menu option to the top left and click on “show hidden files”

Hide pictures on Android

Note: By default, a folder that begins with a period will remain hidden in your device unless you enable show hidden files so as to enable the new files.

Open the new folder and create a new hidden folder inside of it to prevent it from being scanned when gallery media scanned is performed and name it .nomedia

Hide pictures on Android

Navigate to your photo gallery in your ES File Explorer. Select the pictures you want to hide from your phone gallery and click on move or cut or copy and move it to the hidden folder.

Hide pictures on Android

All the selected pictures will be moved away from the public folder and kept in the folder you created earlier. However, the folder will not be viewable until you enable show hidden files.

Every time you want to hide pictures from your phone gallery just navigate to your file manager, select the pictures and move them to the hidden folder.

For security measure, always disable show hidden files after moving pictures to the folder to hide them so that it will not be scannable directly from phone gallery and it will be hidden as well from your phone file manager.

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