How To Activate Twitch TV On Samsung Smart TV

Do you want to live stream by activating Twitch on your Samsung smart TV? Then, this article is for you. But, unfortunately, the Twitch App is not an official App on Samsung TV. Watching Twitch TV from the comfort of your room is one thing most people look forward to. We will be glad to show you how to activate Twitch TV on Samsung Smart TV.

In 2019, Samsung stopped the Twitch TV app from their smart TVs. Now, Twitch doesn’t come officially on smart TVs. Samsung was just providing the services unofficially.

Samsung had to terminate the app from their smart TVs with permission gotten from Twitch authority. So, to activate Twitch TV on Samsung smart TV becomes a priority.

Although, you have to consider the fact that Twitch TV doesn’t have app support on most Smart TVs. Just like most multimedia apps, Twitch doesn’t support screen mirroring, therefore this method can’t be used to connect your smartphone to a smart TV. Instead, an app called Tubio will have to be used. You have to download the Tubio app on your Samsung smart TV from your respective app store. Once this app is downloaded, then the whole activation process becomes much easier.

In addition, some smart TVs have their Twitch apps. For your Samsung smart TV and Samsung mobile device, the Samsung Smart View app can be used to mirror Twitch TV from your mobile device to the TV. In case you want to get more practical, you can also connect your computer to your Samsung smart TV.

Live streaming Twitch to your smart TV from your devices is not a straightforward process but will make it easy for you to activate in this article. The Twitch TV app can cast your favorite streamers to your TV.

Twitch TV app does not support all DLNA devices; especially those that accept data from other Wi-Fi-enabled sources. This implies that if you have a device that supports it, like a Google Chromecast or any streaming device then the process is simple. Activate Twitch TV on Samsung smart TV.

How to Install Twitch App On Samsung Smart TV

TV devices from Samsung vary depending on age. The Twitch App uses the IP address downloaded. Below are possible ways to install the Twitch App. Start the application after installation, though it usually takes a while to boot. Follow the steps below:

  • On the remote control, tab the SmartHUB button and select “More Apps”.
  • Find the “IP settings” in the “options” segment.
  • Enter the IP address downloaded, then confirm the operation.
  • Go back to the SmartHub if this process does not work.
  • Long-press on the SmartHub button to confirm if any App is pinned, and navigate to the Option for “IP settings”.
  • Press the “Tools” button on your remote control if the step above doesn’t work.
  • You will find the “Development” or “development” in the “Menu”. Enter the IP address here.

Your Twitch App should be downloaded on your Samsung smart TV, though it’s a bit complicated, follow the steps carefully to install it successfully.

Preparing Samsung TV for Twitch-Streaming 

You need a Samsung Smart TV with SmartHub to achieve the following procedures. If you can start Apps on your TV, note that the instructions may differ depending on your TV brand:

  • Switch on your Samsung smart TV.
  • Tab the menu button on your remote control.
  • Select “SmartHUB” in the “Samsung account” and then tap “Log on”.
  • Enter as user “Develop” and ignore the password field. (If this doesn’t work use the password as “develop”).
  • Now, you can also install apps from unofficial sources.
  • Samsung Smart TV users have to press the small TV icon on the bottom-right corner of the app. This pops up the menu page with all TVs that are connected to the same internet as the phone. Then, choose the TV. Twitch TV activate Samsung smart TV

Different Ways to Activate Twitch TV On Samsung Smart TV

There are several ways to live stream Twitch TV on your Samsung smart TV, Follow the steps below and choose the procedure that works best for you.

  • Buy Android TV Box

This is the easiest way of live streaming Twitch on your Samsung Smart TV. An Android TV Box is a compact device plugged into your TV that allows you to live stream movies, reality shows, and other videos from the internet. It can also be used as a streaming media player for video games or music. All you have to do is:

  • Go to Playstore, search for Twitch.
  • Install and enjoy your favorite stream.

Most of the TV Boxes have the Twitch app on their play store. It is observed that the stream becomes so laggy after a while especially for those who use Mi box. In case you face a lagging problem or can’t find Twitch on the Playstore then use another app called sounds. It is available on Playstore. You will get better playback without lag. Try it and get back to us by sending in your feedback.

  • Screen Mirroring

This method might be suitable for you if you don’t want to spend any money. Screen mirroring simply means sharing your mobile screen with the TV. Most of the Samsung smart  TVs and android phones support this feature.

For different smartphones, screen mirroring may be named differently. Some of the common names are Wireless display, Miracast, Mirror Sharing, Multiscreen, Screencast, Screen Share. Follow the step below:

  • Ensure your TV and smartphone are connected to the same WIFI network.
  • Navigate to the screen mirroring option on your phone. Search for ‘Smart view’ on your Samsung smartphone.
  • Search for available devices to share the screen and tap on the TV.
  • A popup dialogue will be displayed on the TV asking for your authorization to accept screen mirroring.

You have successfully mirrored your smartphone screen to your Samsung TV. Now, navigate to Twitch app on your phone and start playing streams. This way you can watch Twitch on your Samsung Smart TV.

The disadvantage of this method is the quality of videos may be poor as this is not a direct stream. Mirroring iPhone to Samsung smart TV is a bit complex and does not work every time. The solution for this issue is using the method below.

  • Use the Tubio App

As much as streaming Twitch TV to Samsung smart TV is concerned, using the Tubio app is the best method especially for those who are not willing to spend any money on TV Boxes and settle for the quality of the stream. The process is very easy, follow below:

  • Ensure your phone and TV are connected to the same network and your TV is on.
  • Download the Tubio app on Playstore or Appstore.
  • Open the Tubio app and click on the TV icon at the bottom right corner, then select your TV.
  • Go to and select any video to play. It should play the stream on your TV.

This method doesn’t overlook playback quality. You can also watch streams in HD using this method.

In case a “No Signal” text is displayed on your screen even though Twitch is playing. Fix this by simply changing your source on the TV to another HDMI output.

Now you have everything you need to activate Twitch TV on Samsung Smart TV, but the process is almost the same for all smart TVs.

Watching your best streamer on your TV, relaxing on the couch is a great way to have fun and enjoy a game or two.

Go ahead and try one of the methods listed above to start watching Twitch on your Samsung TV. Let us know if any of these methods worked on your Samsung TV or not.

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