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Amazon Prime Now Has 3X More Movies Than Netflix

According to a new report from ReelGood, an aggregator of streaming services, Netflix may have more subscribers than Amazon Prime, but Prime has more than three times as many films as its archive.

  • Netflix has a total of 3,781 movies.
  • Amazon Prime? 12,828.

Amazon Prime Now Has 3X More Movies Than Netflix

However, this big difference is reduced when watching high-quality films. If you watch high-quality movies (6+ in the IMDB with at least 300 votes), Prime’s advantage drops dramatically: 568 to 424. It makes sense: If you’ve worked hard on Amazon Prime, you’ll find shows on a very budget, including some that seem homemade.

The entire streaming market is currently extremely competitive and not just Amazon and Netflix. HBO Max and Hulu are also important competitors.

In fact, HBO Max is right behind Netflix in high-quality films.

“Given the large number of films currently available on each of these platforms, it’s pretty obvious that Prime Video is winning,” said Maria Santos of Reelgood. “When it comes to high-quality films, Prime is always the winner. For second place, this is a closed call between Netflix and HBO Max with 424 and 421 high-quality films, respectively. Since the start of HBO Max two weeks ago, the service seems to have got off to a good start. “”

However, if you only consider the total amount compared to the cost of the subscription, Prime is ahead of all applicants. In terms of TV shows, here is the ranking:

  • Prime Video: 247 programs per dollar subscription
  • Netflix: 149
  • Hulu: 146
  • Disney +: 34
  • HBO Max: 27
  • Apple TV +: 4

When it comes to films for the dollar, the numbers are even more uneven:

  • Main video: 1,427
  • Netflix: 291
  • HBO Max: 116
  • Disney +: 88
  • Hulu: 85
  • Apple TV +: 1

In this context, Apple TV + doesn’t seem to be a very important competitor, apparently a little more than Apple in retrospect. However, Apple began to purchase more content after initially applying an original content policy only.

What’s the Best Value?

Amazon Prime Now Has 3X More Movies Than Netflix

It’s hard for the crowd to beat Amazon. In terms of quality, Reelgood says Netflix and Prime Video are together. In terms of dollar value, Netflix and Hulu clearly follow Amazon’s offer.

However, what I’m going to say is that not all content in the world is good unless you can find it. Not only does Netflix have some of the best content recommendation engines in the world, but its interface is also probably the best in the game.

Amazon’s Prime Video interface is a bit chunky, Apple TV + suffers from complexity: it mixes content for sale with content that, when activated, can be sent with a range of other services. Disney + has a very simple and clear interface, but again, it doesn’t have as much content to navigate.

In the end, what matters is the content you want and it is difficult to do something wrong. Netflix has nearly 200 million subscribers and Amazon Prime Video has almost 150 million.

Santos recommendation?

If you’re interested in critically acclaimed films, get a Prime Video subscription. And if you’re a fan of popular TV shows (most of which are original), Netflix is ​​your best bet.

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