Http Injector Download and Configuration

What is Http Injector to you? When you heard the word Http injector what comes to your mind? A VPN right? or Http injector is a professional tool Psiphone alternative then you know what you are searching for. Psiphon pro and Http injector are a similar app to remove restriction using built-in VPN and configuration to access a restricted website or app on your app or on PC.

The way you can install Psiphon on PC you can also download Http injector for PC. But, I’d first suggest you try computer VPN in place of Http injector or Psiphon VPN app for smartphones.

Is Http injector an app? Is Http injector for Android or iPhone? What is the possibility of using Http inject app on a PC running Windows OS, Linux OS, and Mac OS? How do I configure Http injector in all devices?

Here is a post to cover everything that has to do with Http-inject app. How to configure it, how to set up the inbuilt VPN, and how to make it work when Psiphon stopped working.

What is Http Injector?

Http injector is an app for a guru or a professional to change head settings from default to custom in the header. It is named Http-injector because it involves the tweaking of the header settings using Http and injecting a new set of codes to replace the old settings.

So, for you to use the app you need to dive into your header custom settings and override the default configuration with a new set of configurations.

Although, it involves the use of quite a number array of codes in the header settings yet it can easily be configurated and use as a VPN on your device.

Http Injector Play Store Vs APK Pro

You can download the injector from play store and also you can download the APK pro with the same function and interface. While you can download from apps stores like play store and Apple apps store you can also download and install the APK pro version and configure it in a similar way.

Download Http Injector APK Pro

The Http-injector app has an older and new version. The older versions are as great as the new version. Meanwhile, the newest version fixes some bugs and error in the older version. However, it’s advisable to download the latest APK pro version to be configured below and use it to bypass all restriction on your device.

Download the latest APK pro version from below

Http-Injector v3.1.0

Http-Injector v4.1.0

Http-Injector v4.1.1

Http-Injector v4.2.1

Http-Injector v4.2.3

Http-Injector v4.3.0

Http-Injector v4.3.1

How to Configure Http Injector

It’s very complex to configure Http-injector. And this is due to the fact that the settings change always. Once a working configuration is blocked, you’d have to find out for a perfect configuration to start using it again.

This is more like Psiphon but it is more complex compared to Psiphon. However, here is a working cheat at the time of writing this post. Note that if this configuration doesn’t work for you it may be because it has been blocked and it needs to be checked again.

1. [Optional: Skip this step if you already know this] Set up your APN according to your network.
Go to – Settings > Network/Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > New APN
For Globe / TM
Name: Any name (recommended: Globe Default)
APN: (if is not working, try
Note: In the APN try your country APN by trying to change .ng to your country code such as .in for India, .pk for Pakistan, and others.
For Smart / TNT
Name: Any name (recommended: Smart Prepaid)
APN: internet
For Sun Cellular
Name: Any name (recommended: Sun Prepaid)

APN: wap

2. Open HTTP Injector app by evozi.

3. Turn on your Mobile data internet. You must see 3G/4G/H+/LTE in your signal status icon.

4. On the upper right of the HTTP Injector Home tab, tap the file icon and choose ‘Import Config’. You can Create your own EHI Config which is your own config, no congestion which results to higher chance rate to connect successfully or you can use this list of EHI Configs which are commonly congested resulting to lesser chance rate to connect successfully.
Http Injector
5. Check Google DNS.
6. Tap ‘Start’ to run the config on HTTP Injector. Wait for the ‘connected’ notification. (You can view the status on Log tab)
Done! Enjoy free and unlimited internet access.

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