How to Cancel Simplisafe Monitoring Plan

Are you subscribed to the Simplisafe monitoring plan and would like to unsubscribe? If yes, this article will explain how to cancel Simplisafe monitoring plan.

The Simplisafe home security system is one of the most popular home security systems currently available in the market. It is quite popular because the home security system has great features at affordable prices.

It consists of a couple of devices that enables it to perform optimally, some of the devices are the motion sensor, entry sensor, indoor camera, outdoor camera, base station and the rest.

Some of the amazing features of the Simplisafe camera include the ability to control your Simplisafe security system using the Simplisafe mobile app on your smartphone or the Simplisafe software client on your computer. 

The ability to control and change your Simplisafe setting using the app, and getting live video feed on your Simplisafe mobile app directly from your Simplisafe camera, as well as othe great features.

While you get access to all of the benefits mentioned above by just buying and installing the Simplisafe home security system in your home, you can still get access to more advanced features by subscribing to the Simplisafe monitoring plan.

Types of Simplisafe Monitoring Plan

The Simplisafe monitoring plans comes in different options. The plans and some of their benefits are listed below.

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The Simplisafe Self Monitoring Plan

One of the available plans is the self monitoring plan, which costs the sum of $9.99 per month. To use this plan, it is necessary you have the Simplisafe camera installed in your home.

The benefits of this plan include the following:

  • You can manually record videos on your app when viewing a live video stream from the Simplisafe camera.
  • You also have access to your Video recording for approximately 30 days before it automatically deletes.

However, note that while this plan enables more features, than when you do not have any monitoring plan, this self monitoring plan does not include any form of professional monitoring.

The Simplisafe Standard Monitoring Plan

With the standard monitoring plan, you get more enhanced features than the self monitoring plan, including professional monitoring.

The standard monitoring plan costs a total of $17.99 monthly, and some of its features includes:

  • You get notified when there is a water leak in your home.
  • You have 24/7 professional monitoring, and in cases when there is an intruder in your home, your neighborhood police are automatically alerted.
  • You also get alerted when your home’s temperature is at a dangerously high level.
  • There is round the clock fire monitoring, and your neighborhood fire brigade is automatically alerted in case of a fire outbreak.
  • You also have access to a 24/7 medical response team in case of a medical emergency.

The Simplisafe Interactive Monitoring Plan

The interactive monitoring plan is Simplisafe’s most comprehensive professional monitoring plan.

It gives you access to a wider range of enhanced monitoring features for just a token of $27.99 per month.

Some of the features of the interactive monitoring plan include the following:

  • You can use your Simplisafe home security system with Google’s assistant and Amazon Alexa.
  • You have access to a built-in cellular connection.
  • The plan gives your Simplisafe camera unlimited recording.
  • You also have access to all of the features available in the standard monitoring plan.

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How to cancel Simplisafe Monitoring plan

Suppose, for any reason, you are no longer interested in the Simplisafe monitoring plan and will like to cancel Simplisafe monitoring plan. In that case, you can follow the instructions in this section.

The Simpliface monitoring subscription is paid for on a monthly basis and has no hidden fees or penalty if you want to cancel Simplisafe monitoring plan.

However, you can not cancel Simplisafe monitoring plan using the Simplisafe mobile app on your smartphone or the Simplisafe client software on your mobile phone. 

You can only cancel Simplisafe monitoring plan by speaking to the Simplisafe customer care team.

To cancel Simplisafe monitoring plan, follow the steps below:

  • Dial 888-957-4675 to speak to contact the Simplisafe customer support team
  • Request to speak to a representative of the Simplisafe customer support team.
  • Provide any of the information, that is requested of you concerning your account.
  • Then notify them of you intent to cancel Simplisafe monitoring plan.

Follow any instruction that might follow, and your Simplisafe monitoring plan will be cancelled.

How to Activate Simplisafe Monitoring Plan

There are two different ways you can activate the Simplisafe monitoring plan. You can either do it using the Simplisafe app on your mobile phone or through the Simplisafe client on your web browser.

Activate Simplisafe Monitoring Plan on your Mobile App

To activate the Simplisafe monitoring plan using your Simplisafe mobile plan by following the steps below:

  • Log in to your Simplisafe app.
  • Select the Activate menu button showing at the center of your screen.
  • Then follow the prompt showing on your screen to activate your desired Simplisafe monitoring plan.

Re-activate Simplisafe Monitoring plan using your Web browser

Follow the steps listed below to activate the Simplisafe monitoring plan using your web browser.

  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Log in to your account, and follow the instructions showing on your screen to activate your desired SimpliSafe monitoring plan.


This article has explored the various types of Simplisafe monitoring plan currently available. We have also looked at how to activate the Simplisafe monitoring plan and cancel the Simplisafe monitoring plan.

If you encounter any issue or you have further questions, reach out to the Simplisafe customer support team for further assistance and clarification.

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