How to Cancel Time Magazine Subscription

It’s unlikely that you will be able to cancel Time Magazine subscription in your account dashboard with your login. That could have been the easiest approach to pull off the plug of your Time magazine subscription auto-renewal. There is no regional limitation to cancelling your Time Magazine subscription no matter your country. It’s easier to pull off your subscription on Time Magazin in the UK or Europe.

Therefore, here in this article without wasting your time, we will walk you down the steps to end or terminate or cancel Time Magazine subscription online, on the phone and via Time Magazine live chat.

Time Magazine Refund Policy

Time Magazine has a friendly refund policy. However, Time Magazine only refunds unserved issues. But, in a case where a gift item has been sent you refund will not be remitted or liquidated until you have completed the first term.

For Time Magazine refund policy to work in your favour, you need to know when to move to cancel your subscription. With that being said, proceed below to learn about how to stop Time Magazine subscription in the UK or Europe and other parts of the world.

Time Magazine Inquiry Form

Time Magazine inquiry form helps to quickly reach out to the appropriate department to process auto-renewal cancellation or stop Time Magazine subscription after the free trial.

Therefore, the first approach to cancel a subscription on Time Magazine is to make use of the inquiry form and submit a cancellation letter.

  • Go to “Time Magazine Inquiry Form” link here.
  • Under “Inquiry Type” select “Cancel” from the drop menu.
  • Fill the form to cancel your subscription with your account details.
  • Enter all information associated with your Time Magazine account.
  • In the Inquiry description state the reason why you want to cancel your membership.

Your form to cancel your Magas subscription will undergo a certain process after which it will be unplugged from the subscription database. To avoid conflict during the process, use the primary email address that is associated with your Time Magazine account.

How to Cancel Time Magazine Subscription

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How to Cancel My Time Magazine Subscription in the UK on Phone

Contacting Time Magazine customer care representative over the phone might also help. However, there is more to it. You need to keep all records relating to the request to cancel your subscription.

You need to make a record of the time you called, the name of the representative that attended to you, day of the week, and possibly the time of the day in case your subscription wasn’t cancelled it will be easy for you to fill or request for a refund if another auto-renewal happens in your linked account.

1-877-516-2380 is the Time Magazine automated phone number to call to request for your account cancellation. The service is available 24/7. And the phone number 1-877-632-3189 is Time Magazine live chat contact where you can only talk to an agent between 9:00 am – 10:0 pm during weekdays.

How to Cancel Time Magazine Subscription via Email

Shooting an email to the right Time Magazine department requesting to cancel your account will process it and put a stop to your subscription. But, to make sure that your auto-renewal cancellation didn’t just hang in the air it’s important to do a follow-up.

However, to make sure that you didn’t slip into the next subscription before making a move to cancel the active subscription, you need to submit a request to cancel your Time Magazine subscription before time.

Send am email to using the primary email address that is associated with your Time Magazine account. Set the subject to “Cancel Time Magazine Subscription. And provide all the necessary information in the body of the message and send it.

After a couple of hours or day, a representative will subject you to questioning and reasons why you are quitting Time Magazine membership.

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