How To Slow Down A Reel Video On Instagram

Learn this beautiful trick that will aid you to slow down A Reel Video on Instagram and watch everything you want without missing a moment.

Let’s all accept that everything is better in slow motion—drops of water, bursting bubbles, and even Instagram reels. The new feature added to Instagram allows you to create short videos and share them right in the app.

The reels come with several customizations to make your videos more fun. In this article, we will explain how to slow down your video on reel. If you want to play the video in reverse, check out our article on how to reverse an Instagram Reel.

A slow-motion video is basically a video that plays slower than usual. In this case, however, you will usually notice every frame of the video being played. That is why it is essential to record high definition slow-motion videos. The higher the frame rate, the slower you can slow down the video without noticeable jitters.

Slow-motion is a great way to record fun videos by turning everyday things into something special.

How does slow-motion work on Instagram Reel Video?

Reels allows you to record 15-second videos directly from the Instagram app. The idea behind the slow-motion feature is to give users the ability to spice things up with their reel videos. The best part about the functionality is how it integrates with the audio.

The reels allow you to add music from your vast library. However, the problem with slow motion is that if there is a lot of emphases, the audio will slow down. However, Instagram solved this problem by speeding up the audio while recording.

This way, when the video is slowed down, the audio will revert to its normal speed of 1x.

How to Record Slow Motion Video on Instagram Reel

It is straightforward to record slow-motion videos on Instagram Reels. There are two options for the playback speed when slowing down a video: 0.3x and 0.5x. Play at these speeds to find out which is best for your video.

  • To record slow-motion videos on reels, launch the Instagram app, and swipe right to the camera page. You can also tap the History button in the top left corner.

How To Slow Down A Reel Video On Instagram

  • Now tap ‘Reels’ in the bottom panel beside ‘Story.’

How To Slow Down A Reel Video On Instagram

  • If you are recording slow-motion videos on reels, you will need to adjust the speed before recording the video. To do this, press the “Speed” button on the left. Now choose how much you want to slow down the video.

How To Slow Down A Reel Video On Instagram

How To Slow Down A Reel Video On Instagram

  • If you want to add music, press the audio button in the left pane. Select the song you want to add.

  • Now record your video by pressing the record button. You will find that the song you added plays much faster than usual.

How To Slow Down A Reel Video On Instagram

  • To preview the video, press the arrow button to go to the next page. Here you can see how the video has slowed down, but the sound is still normal.

How To Slow Down A Reel Video On Instagram

How to record only part of a video in slow motion?

You don’t have to record your videotapes all at once. You can save your video in short burst clips. These clips can be stitched together to create a full video. This procedure allows you to record one clip at a slower playback setting and the rest at a normal 1x setting. This will only slow down part of the video while the rest will playback at normal speed.

How to use the Boomerang on Instagram: Play video Forward and Backward.

On January 10th, about five years after the popular Boomerang feature started, Instagram introduced a variety of effects to help you make your stories a little more creative. Usually, the boomerangs web photo is converted into a mini video and played back and forth in a loop. Now you can use Instagram’s new Boomerang, SloMo, Echo, and Duo modes to speed up or slow down your clips.

You will find that after you finish recording your Boomerang, you will have several options for editing your video clip. You can use Slowmo, which will allow you to slow down your Boomerang and capture all your clip details.

You can also use Echo mode, which allows you to create motion blur or double vision so that it looks like there’s a trail of the image behind it as you move.

The other new option is Duo mode, which simultaneously slows and speeds your Boomerang, adding a “textured effect”. And to add even more fun to Boomerang, you now have the option to trim your clip from start to finish, so you most likely won’t have to play the clip hundreds of times because it moved too early or too late.

Using the new modes is almost as easy as shooting a classic boomerang. Just go to your Instagram app and swipe right to access the screen where you can create a story. After that, swipe the bottom of the screen until you’re in boomerang mode (an infinity symbol). After registering your Boomerang, you will see that there is a new infinity symbol in the top right corner of your screen.

Once you click on the icon, the different modes will be displayed like any other filter option. All you have to do is drag and drop each mode to find out which one you prefer.

The modes are in the order Classic, Slowmo, Echo, and Duo. Whichever mode you choose, the option to trim clips will remain visible at the bottom of the screen.

Once you’ve chosen the mode you want, you can add text, gifs, or designs like you would in an Instagram story. You can then post your fun new Boomerang as usual by clicking the “Your Story” icon in the lower-left of the screen.

If you’re someone who publishes boomerangs all the time (we know they’re great fun) but wants to tweak your content, these modes might be just what you need to spice up your stories and keep people busy.

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