Complete Breakdown!! – How to Clean a Roomba

Are you looking to figure out how to clean a Roomba vacuum cleaner? Well, cleaning your vacuum cleaner is one of the things you should do regularly.

It may not occur to you if you have not experienced difficulties such as Roomba charging errors or your Roomba not charging or turning on.

But if you’ve faced one or two issues with it, it becomes apparent that delicate components are usually clogged with dust, and this prevents them from making a good connection with other components of the Roomba vacuum.

Not only that but cleaning the Roomba vacuum is necessary to avoid situations in which the Roomba falls off the stairwell. The reason for this is that the sensor is clogged with dirt and cannot sense where to go and where not to go.

All of these issues, and others like them, are caused by a dirty Roomba vacuum, and you don’t want to be stuck with one of them before learning how to clean a Roomba.

If you are here to figure out how to clean a Roomba vacuum, you are in the right place, as I will be breaking down all the nitty-gritty of cleaning your Roomba vacuum.

How to Clean a Roomba

Cleaning your robot vacuum requires you to pull out the different components that could be clogged with dust, such as the filter, sensor, brushes, etc.

In this post, I’ll be touching on the important parts you should focus on and the steps you should take to carefully dismantle the Roomba vacuum correctly.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this all by yourself, you can request the service of a technician. Otherwise, keep reading.

How to Clean a Roomba Bin

How to clean a Roomba bin
Source: iRobot

To keep your Roomba running well, you should clear the bin after each usage.

This isn’t rocket science, but it’s critical since it prevents trash from collecting within the appliance.

After all, if you don’t have any dust in the bin, you’re less likely to cause a mess with dust particles flying around.

If you want to clean the bin, follow the steps below.

  • To remove the bin, press the bin release button on the robot’s rear. A bin icon can be seen on the bin release tab.
  • Now empty the contents of the bin into your garbage can.
  • Open the bin door.
  • Afterwards, grab the edge of the filter and remove it from the bin’s left side.
  • Tap the filter against your trash can to shake out particles. After doing this, the filler should be replaced.
  • It should be noted that filters are not intended to be cleaned or come into contact with liquid.
  • Next, allow the bin to dry after rinsing it with warm water.
  • Check that the container is dry.

NB: Please keep in mind that the trashcan is only meant to be washed by hand. It should not be washed in the dishwasher and should only be cleaned by rinsing it with warm water.

  • After that, simply place the filter back in the bin.
  • Insert the bin into the bin slot and secure it.

How to Clean Roomba Brushes

How to clean a Roomba side brush

The Roomba brush is another component of the Roomba vacuum that needs to be cleaned periodically. It can be changed if you want to, but if you want to keep using it for a while, you should ensure it is cleaned once or twice a week.

Since the Roomba brushes consist of the main brush and the side brush, I will touch briefly on that; however, you can get more information on how to clean both brushes by checking out this article below.

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That being said, let’s delve into how you can do that.

  • Press down on the green tab next to the multi-surface brushes on the right to open the cleaning head module door.
  • Make sure all hair and debris are removed from the square and hex pegs of the multi-surface brushes before removing them from the robot.
  • Clear out any clutter on and around the grey bearings.
  • Place the bearings on the multi-surface brushes.
  • Make sure that the vacuum passage is clear.
  • The multi-surface brush pegs should match the shape of the cleaning head module.

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How to Clean Roomba Charging Docks

How to clean a Roomba

If the dock is clogged with dirt, you may have one or two problems.

What usually happens here is that the electrical connections are clogged with dirt, which inhibits the connection between the Roomba vacuum and the dock, resulting in your Roomba vacuum not charging.

That being said, you mustn’t neglect them when learning how to completely clean a Roomba vacuum cleaner.

Now that you’re aware of everything, here’s how to clean the charging port.

Wipe clean melamine foam over the charging connections and docking sensor window on the home base and robot.

How to Clean the Roomba Sensors

How to clean a Roomba sensor

If you see your Roomba abruptly stopping and starting, one probable cause is that your Roomba’s cliff sensors are coated with dust.

What should you do when presented with this situation? Because if your roommate sensor isn’t working properly, it can start sliding down the stairs, which you don’t want.

Since you now know that the issue stems from the cliff sensors on your Roomba vacuum sweeper, What you need to do is get a towel and thoroughly wipe your clean sensors. You can also use a magic eraser to clean your cliff sensor.

How to Clean Roomba Wheels

How to clean a Roomba wheels
Source: iRobot

Your Roomba vacuum cleaner’s front caster wheels aid in its movement and also in its cleaning of surfaces.

So if there is some resistance in the wheel, this indicates that it has become blocked by dirt or debris.

That being said, hair is a typical cause of machine blockage in most circumstances. As a result, you should clean them every two weeks and replace them once a year.

Here is how to clean the front wheel:

  • Remove the front wheel by pulling it out firmly.
  • Now, clear any debris from the wheel cavity.
  • Spin the wheel by hand.
  • Next, release the wheel from its housing and press hard to remove the axle and free any dirt or hair wrapped around it if rotation is impeded.
  • When done, reinstall all the pieces.
  • Check that the wheel clicks back into place.

How to Clean Roomba Filter

If you have pets, you should clean your iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner filters twice a week. If not, you can do that once a week.

Furthermore, plan on replacing them fully every two months if you want them to keep working optimally, as they are easily prone to clogging.

That being said, here is how to clean a Roomba vacuum filter.

  • The filter should be taken out of the left side of the bin by grasping its side.
  • Shake the filter against the trash can to remove particles.
  • The filter should then be replaced.
  • Finally, insert the bin into the bin slot.

How Often to Clean a Robot Vacuum

Some sections should be cleaned as soon as you finish using your Roomba vacuum, while others can be cleaned once or twice a week.

For example, the wheel does not need to be cleaned after each use unless you notice some type of resistance on it. The brush, on the other hand, should be cleaned once or twice a week.

It is critical to clean the filter after each use.

Other components, such as the sensors, can be cleaned once a week as well.

How to Clean Roomba i3

Depending on the model of Roomba vacuum you are using, the instructions listed above can be used to clean your Roomba i3 series. However, if you feel you are not an electronic person, you can contact your nearest vacuum repairer.


You should have figured out how to clean a Roomba vacuum and what to look out for while doing so by now.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to properly clean yours.

Anyway, if this article has been helpful, feel free to bookmark this site and share it with your friends to get the latest information on how to deal with any challenges you are facing with your electronic devices.

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