How to Convert iPhone to iPod

If you recently upgraded to your new iPhone 6s, you may be wondering what to do with your old iPhone.  Here’s how to convert your old iPhone to iPod Touch.

Your primary instinct may be just selling your old iPhone, but you will be amazed at the type of use you can get from your old iPhone, even if it doesn’t have a phone plan connected to it.  One of the most popular reuse methods is to use your old iPhone as an iPod Touch.

If you’ve always wanted the iPod click wheel on your iPhone, the new app helps bring Apple’s iconic music player back to the era of the modern touch screen.  Rewound is a basic music player app available on the Apple App Store.  It uses downloadable skins to convert the app into one or more iPods and syncs with the Apple Music library.  It even includes haptic feedback that looks like a classic iPod.

Rewound developer, Luis Anslow from Rethought agency, has been working on the app for a year.  The idea is to bring the buttons and nostalgia back to devices like the iPod.  Anslow explains in an interview with The Verge: “You can program the physical appearance of the device.”  “It can become anything.”

Although Anslow does not market Rewound as an app that will convert your iPhone to iPod, this is the primary purpose now.  The way the app was created allowed to be published in the app store, where skins are downloaded simply after installing the app.  It is a smart solution as long as Apple does not pull the app, meaning that others will be able to create additional skins in the future.

How to convert iPhone to iPod
How to convert iPhone to iPod

Here’s How to Convert your iPhone to iPod Touch

It’s not rocket science, but there are some small steps that we have to take before we can use the old iPhone without a cellphone plan.  Fortunately, it’s not nearly as painful as the asking price for that glossy new iPhone that we really want (I mean, we need.)


  • Make sure that the new iPhone is operational, that you have a backup in at least two locations (cloud and local), and that you are harmoniously enjoying the new iPhone before taking any of the actions below.
  • Check out our article on iPhone backup to make sure it is fully packaging

Note that if you are delivering (or even selling) your old iPhone to a friend, charity, or even a family member, you must turn off the iPhone activation lock and reset the device so that none of your private and personal devices exchange information unintentionally.

This procedure erases all data

  • Before wiping the iPhone, turn off Find My iPhone and log out of iCloud. If you do not, your device may remain locked for activation
  • On iPhone, go to Settings> General> Reset. Then click Clear all contents and settings
  • Turn off iPhone activation lock, reset and erase all data

  How to Convert your iPhone to iPod in iOS 10.3 or later:

  1. Tap Settings> Apple Profile (in some versions, tap Settings> Apple ID> iCloud)
  2. Scroll down and click Sign Out
  3. Log out of your Apple ID and iCloud, restart your device and try to sync again.
  4. Enter your Apple ID password, then click Turn Off to deactivate Find My iPhone
  5. Return to settings
  6. Click General> Reset> Clear all content and settings

 How to Convert your iPhone to iPod in iOS 10.2 or earlier:

  1. Tap Settings> iCloud
  2. Scroll down and click sign out, then click Sign out again
  3. Delete and enter your password
  4. Return to settings
  5. Click General> Reset> Clear all content and settings

  Using the iCloud website

  • Log in to the iCloud website with the Apple ID that is currently on the iPhone
  • Go to Find iPhone
  • Click All devices
  • Select the iPhone for which you want to remove iCloud Activation Lock
  • Choose Scan
  • Select Remove from account

iPhone to iPod Touch Step 1: Insert a different SIM card

It will do any card from any previously activated iPhone – it does not need to be active.

Some of our readers suggest that it is best to use a SIM card from the same wireless carrier that was used when the iPhone was active.

If the iPhone is still locked by a mobile carrier, it is often easier to use a SIM card from the same network.  We didn’t notice a difference (mainly because we unlocked our iPhones), but it’s good to know just in case of problems (if so, try a SIM from the same carrier).

If you don’t have a SIM card lying down, ask family/friends, or you can find it on eBay (What do they not have on eBay?)

And don’t worry, just adding a SIM doesn’t mean that you are adding a mobile service plan.  SIM card trays are located either on the iPhone side versus volume control (for current four generations) or the top of the iPhone (for original models – 3G.)  To open the tray, insert a paper clip or SIM eject tool into the slot next to the tray.

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