How to Delete Runescape Account

If you don’t know how to delete Runescape account it could be the longest walk around your Runescape dashboard without a breakthrough since there is no option to delete account on Runescape.

However, if leaving your details on Runescape when you no longer want to keep your account on the isn’t what you are willing to let happen. Here is what you can do to delete your Runescape account.

Most times, it’s impossible to delete your Runescape account with an instant approach. It may take time before you can successfully delete Runescape account permanently.

And because there are loads of emails daily requesting that Runescape account deletion you might have to queue until it gets to your turn.

Therefore, to delete your Runescape account permanent before your next billing you might want to cancel your Runescape subscription first while waiting for your Runescape account to be deleted.

The reason to do this is that if Runescape support response rate is low you will not be charged even after the period you envisage has elapsed.

How to delete Runescape Account

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How to Delete Runescape Account Online

Unfortunately, there is no how-to delete the Runescape game account from users dashboard. The option to disable or delete Jagex game account online isn’t available at the moment.

To delete a  Runescape game account you need to contact Jagex support team and request that you want to delete your account permanently.

How to Delete Runescape Account Contacting Support Team

This is the only possible approach to take down or permanently delete Runescape account.

  • Log in to your email account that is linked to your Runescape account.
  • Use “Delete Runescape Account” as the “Subject.”
  • In the body of the message, request that the support team delete your Runescape account. Also, in the body of the message, state your Runescape username and other details.
  • Send the email to “”
  • Done.

That is all you have to do. A representative will respond to your email request but it depends on when the request is made.

For a quick response from the team, send the message during workdays and during the week. If you send the message during the weekend it might slip into the week after for you to see a reply whether your account has been deleted or not.

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