TruthFinder Opt Out Form: Remove YourSelf

If you want to remove yourself from TruthFinder personal information aggregator website you need to find the TruthFinder Opt Out form on Therefore, here in this guide, you will learn how to remove yourself from TruthFinder platform.

One way to protect your privacy online is to mind the platform you share your information with. Some of these platforms sell users information to generate revenue. And some makes users information public which makes it easy for websites like TruthFinder, Spokeo, TruePeopleSearch, BeenVerified, and USPhonebook to store internet users personal information on their server from public records.

What is TruthFinder Opt Out?

TurthFinder Opt Out is a form to remove yourself from TruthFinder aggregator website. With the Opt-Out form, you will be able to find whether your personal information such as name, phone number, home address, office address, relatives, SSN, and other personal information are made available for third-party or not.

And of course, you do not need to fill TruthFinder registration form to make your data available on the platform.

And this leads us to “How did TruthFinder gather information about people and upload it to their platform.TruthFinder Opt Out

How TruthFinder Gather People’s Information

You probably want to hear that TruthFinder gather information from signing up on the platform. But that is far from it.

However, TruthFinder gathers information using public records online such as tracking users information on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other online forms.

That is why you discovered that even after you have deleted your personals from the website it comes back after a few months. This is because each time TruthFinder crawls a public record where your information is present it will be included on website again.

Therefore, to completely remove yourself from TruthFind with the help of the TruthFinder Opt Out request form you also need to make sure that the information is deleted from the original source.

Without deleting the information from where TruthFinder finds it you probably need to visit form page often to find and remove yourself again and again.

TruthFinder Opt Out Form: Remove YourSelf

To remove yourself from TruthFind using the opt-out request form follow the procedures below.

1. Go to TruthFinder Opt Out form page ( on your browser (Mobile or Computer).

2. Enter the information of the record you want to remove. Make sure all information you provided matches your information for an exact match result and tap on the “Search button.”

3. Look at the record that matches your record and tap on “Remove this record” in front of it.

4. To submit the request form to remove yourself from TruthFinder enter an email address to receive the verification link. Gadgetswright recommends using a masked email such as fake email address to receive the email and verify it so that TruthFinder email notifications will be another side distraction.

5. Now, go to the email address and click on the email from TruthFinder customer service care or TruthFinder support and click on the verification link.

That is all. And this brought us to how long does it takes TruthFinder to remove people from the platform after filling the opt-out request form.

How Long Does it Take TruthFinder Opt Out Form to take Effect?

It takes long days when you submit the request during the weekend. On Weekends it might take up to 5 days ore more. But during the working hours, it takes 48 hours to remove your self from TruthFinder after you have submitted the opt-out request form.

And now, we have been able to show to you how to use TruthFinder Opt Out form to remove yourself from the public listing and how long it’d possibly take to get yourself removed after the form has been filled and submitted.

Now, go ahead and remove yourself to maintain your privacy.

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