How to Extend Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Batter Life

The beauty of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is shattered by its battery life. Note 4 battery life always scared most potential Samsung fans aways. With a 3200mAh battery capacity on Note 4, you need to come to a conclusion that you will always have access to light if you want to enjoy the device.

Suppose Galaxy Note 4 is pre-installed with Android 6.0 Marshmallow we can say that Android 6.0 battery optimization feature will help to extend Note 4 battery life with proper settings. But with Android KitKat upgradable to Android Marshmallow on the recent list of Samsung to get Marshmallow update though, it would have been the best to start with to extend the viable Samsung Note 4 battery life.

So, if you are interested in how to extend Samsung Galaxy Note 4 battery life using Android 6.0 battery optimization feature you need to upgrade from KitKat to Marshmallow and follow the next guideline.

Meanwhile, before taking a look at how to extend your Samsung Battery, let’s first take a look at what Android 6.0 battery optimization means and what the feature does.

Note 4 Battery

Note 4 Battery Life: What is Android 6.0 Batter Optimization

Android 6.0 battery optimization is a new setting that was first introduced into Android features to help preserve and conserve Android battery life which is turned on by default based on the configuration. Battery optimization does not feature by default in the 2014 Note 4 but can be upgraded to Marshmallow to enjoy the battery optimization to help increase and improve Note 4 battery life on the contrary.

Battery Optimization starts its journey with Android Marshmallow and all higher Android versions such as Android Nougat and Android Oreo has Android 6.0 battery optimization feature helps extend and preserves the device battery life.

If you already upgraded your Galaxy Note 4 from Kitkat 4.4.4 to Android Marshmallow you will be able to set a default setting for the feature to help extends your Note 4 battery life.

Note 4 Battery Life: How to Enable Battery Optimization

Before you take a step to carry out this guide I want to believe you have upgraded your Note 4 from Kitkat to Marshmallow otherwise you won’t be able to access the battery optimization feature.

1. Swipe down your Note 4 from home screen and click on settings or click on settings on your app menu

2. Navigate to apps under device 

Note 4 battery

3. Click on the gear icon

4. Under app, permissions click on battery optimization

Note 4 Battery Life

5. Under battery-optimization click on the drop menu to change not optimized for all apps

Note 4 Battery Life

6. Press and hold each app you want to optimize and click optimized and click on done.

Note 4 Battery Life

This exceptional feature will help optimize your apps when you are using them on your Note 4 and helps to conserve your Note 4 battery without using additional Note 4 power saver app.

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