Google Hangouts Microphone not working- Fix Now

Open Google Hangouts this morning to start a phone or video call with your family, friends, or colleagues. Unfortunately, the caller cannot hear you. This is because your Google Hangouts microphone has stopped working.

Don’t be frustrated. You can fix this and enjoy the call on Google Hangouts again. In this article, we’ll take you to step by step through the step-by-step guide to fix the issue that the microphone is not working on your Google Hangouts system on Windows. Read on and fix the problem on your computer.

Google Hangouts microphone not working

Whether it’s a job for personal reasons, the ability to send messages to others and make calls can be beneficial. However, most tools of this type typically involve a long login process and a client that needs to be installed.

However, this is not the case with Google Hangouts, a communication tool created by Google and accessible as a web service. Unfortunately, this tool doesn’t work very well, as a handful of users said they had audio issues during a call.

Before trying the methods, there are a few things to check

Google Hangouts microphone not working

Before trying the following solutions, please check these various points as this may cause your microphone to not work accidentally.

  • First, make sure your microphone is correctly connected to your computer. If it is a USB microphone, is it connected to the correct cable?
  • Second, is your microphone muted?
  • Finally, turn on the microphone in the Hangouts call window? If you see your microphone icon is drawn with a red line, it means it is disabled. Turn it on.

If you are sure that your microphone is connected correctly to your computer and is turned on properly, but your microphone is still not working, try the following methods.

How to fix Google Hangouts Microphone Not Working

Since Google Hangouts is very popular, we decided to write an article about it so that you can finally really enjoy voice calls.

Restart your computer

Sometimes a simple restart can solve many computer problems. If you find that your microphone is no longer working in Hangouts, you can also try the simple restart.

  • 1) Restart your computer via the start menu.
  • 2) Call the person back on Hangouts to see if they can hear you.

Update your microphone and all other related drivers

Your malfunctioning microphone can most likely be caused by an old, damaged, or missing driver. If your microphone is connected with a USB cable, the driver for the USB controller also affects the function of your microphone. This is how you can update your microphone driver and related drivers such as USB drivers and sound card drivers to fix the problem.

To update the driver for your device, you can download the latest driver from the manufacturer’s website and install the new driver on your computer. If you’re not sure how to manually play with the drivers, let Driver Easy help you automatically.

Driver Easy automatically recognizes your system and finds the right drivers. The drivers provided by Driver Easy come from the manufacturer’s official website, so you can fully trust them.

  • 1) Download and install Driver Easy.
  • 2) Run the Driver Easy on your system and click on the Scan Now button. Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect problems with the drivers.

Google Hangouts microphone not working

  • 3) If you are trying the free version, click Update next to a highlighted driver to automatically download and install the correct version of that driver.
  • If you’re using the Pro version, click Update All to automatically download and install the correct version of any missing or outdated drivers on your system (and get full support and a 30-day money-back guarantee).

Google Hangouts microphone not working

  • 4) Restart your computer and call Hangouts again to see if they can hear you.

Close other programs that may be using your Microphone

If other programs are running on your computer while in Google Hangouts, other programs may be using your microphone. As a result, your microphone won’t work in Hangouts. So stop any other programs that may be using your microphone and see if the person can hear it in Hangouts.

What if you can’t hear others speaking?

If you can’t hear the other person calling on Hangouts, ask them to fix the problem by following the instructions above. The problem is with them if you can’t hear others speaking.

Frequently asked questions: Learn more about Google Hangouts.

What browsers can Google Hangouts run?

Google Hangouts works best in Google Chrome, but it can also be used in Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge, albeit with somewhat limited functionality.

Are Google Hangouts available on other platforms?

Yes, Google Hangouts can also be used as an Android app for your smartphone.

How do I get contact on Google Hangouts?

The easiest way to add someone to your Google Hangouts contact list is to add them as a friend using their Gmail account.

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