How to Broadcast Zoom Meeting on Facebook Live

How to broadcast Zoom Meeting on Facebook Live has been explained in details in this article; all you need to do is read to the end to discover all you need to know.

You can broadcast a Zoom webinar or a Facebook live meeting to your Facebook timeline or a group or page that you are the administrator of. This way, your attendees can log in via Zoom, or viewers can view and comment on Facebook Live.

Zoom is a video conferencing tool that has been gaining popularity recently. It’s very easy to use, the picture and sound quality is better than most other similar platforms, and it has some cool features like live streaming on Facebook or YouTube. You were the first to do it and it was a game-changer!

When you invite someone to a Zoom call, they do NOT need to have an account. All you have to do is follow the invitation link you send them. However, for best results, we recommend downloading the app first. You don’t need to create an account to do this. It would only speed up the process.

Your microphone is initially always muted! Don’t forget to activate it before you speak!

If you want, you can also “mute your face” which is also known as “pausing your video”.

Another great option is Split Screen. Clicking on that will allow you to tell your viewers what you want and your video will appear in the corner.

You can also choose how you want it to look for you and other presenters. For example, if you have a panellist, you can toggle between the following options:

  • Gallery view: see the two moderators side by side;
  • Speaker view: you can see who is speaking.

While Zoom tests the limits a video conferencing app can overcome, let’s look at how you can broadcast your Zoom meeting live on Facebook. This article will help understand how to broadcast Zoom Meeting on Facebook Live.

Why use Zoom to live stream? Who should use it?

Just before we move on to how to broadcast Zoom meeting on Facebook live, let us look at why it is necessary.

With Zoom, you can distribute your content on streaming platforms such as YouTube Live or Facebook Live. However, Zoom also lets you stream live streams to all of these platforms using third-party tools like Restream. It’s easy and doesn’t require any special skills on your part. Are you interested? Then stay with us. We’ll show you how. Whether you’re a company looking to keep your team in touch, someone looking to video chat with friends, or a professional looking to host webinars, Zoom is a must-know tool.

There are two reasons the live streaming community is interested in Zoom. The first is that video conferencing software enables features like polling, virtually raising hands, and bringing people together on the screen at the same time. The second reason is the ability to broadcast live with Zoom.

Who would benefit from Zoom? These are usually companies with multiple offices and remote employees. However, due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, more and more people have been forced to adapt to the changes. We believe Zoom would be useful for teachers and life coaches to live stream their lessons, presentations, and webinars. Live streaming lets you interact with your viewers in real-time, which is certainly a huge bonus, to say the least.

How to broadcast Zoom Meeting on Facebook Live

Note: You can only do this on a PC as this feature is not supported on mobile devices. Below is How to broadcast Zoom Meeting on Facebook live.

Open the Zoom web portal in any browser on your PC and log into your Zoom account. After logging in, scroll to the last page of the website. Click on the account in the support area.

How to broadcast Zoom Meeting on Facebook

In the Account section, first, click Settings. When Settings opens, click the In Meeting Advanced option.

How to broadcast Zoom Meeting on Facebook

In advanced settings, scroll down to Allow meetings to be live streaming. Here you need to enable the Facebook and Facebook for Business options by clicking the circle above. If you’re not using Facebook for Business, quit the program. When you have selected the platform, click Save.

How to broadcast Zoom Meeting on Facebook

Then start the Zoom application on your PC. In the application, click the More button located at the bottom right of the screen. In the area that opens, select Live on Facebook or Live on Workplace by Facebook

Zoom will take you straight to Facebook. On Facebook, you must first select where you want to broadcast the live stream from the drop-down menu (Timeline, Group, Event, Timeline for Friends) and then select Next.

How to broadcast Zoom Meeting on Facebook

Wait a few seconds/minutes for Zoom to come online.

How to broadcast Zoom Meeting on Facebook

In the meantime, you will also see a little sign on Facebook to the right that you can share a copy on if you prefer. When you’re done, click Go Live. Your zoom video will then be published.

You will also notice the LIVE sign in the top right corner of the Zoom app.

How to broadcast Zoom Meeting on Facebook

That’s how to broadcast Zoom Meeting on Facebook!

How to stream Zoom Meeting live on YouTube

Note: You can only do this on a PC as this feature is not supported on mobile devices.

As with Facebook, go to Advanced Settings and scroll down to the Allow Meetings Live Streaming option. Activate YouTube here by clicking on the circle above. Then click Save.

How to broadcast Zoom Meeting on Facebook

Next, launch the Zoom app, and just like you did on Facebook, click More. This time, however, choose the Live on YouTube option.

You will now be asked to log in to your YouTube account. Enter your details and click Next.

After authentication, give your meeting a title by entering the text in the assigned field (number 1) and setting the confidentiality of the meeting (number 2). When you’re done, click Go Live.

Wait for the Zoom app notification to let you know that it is now online. Then you are ready!

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